Top 10 Hottest Female Japanese Models

Japanese They might not write using the alphabet, they might be very technologically savvy, they might even be the shortest women around, but without a doubt, Japanese women are beautiful and sexy as well. We picked out the sizzling hot of them all, daring enough to make the runway. These are not adult models, they rarely bare it all; they just leave it the rest to imagination. So, sit back, relax and take a look at the best ‘’Chakuero chicks’’ have to offer. Let’s check the list of top 10 hottest female Japanese models in 2018.

10. Masami Nagasawa

Hottest Female Japanese Models

Famous actress, musician and model Masami Nagasawa is famed for her striking beauty and elegance every time she presents herself to the public domain. This 26 year old accomplished actress has featured in high profile international movies, a total of 18. She is not stopping any time soon. She featured in the movie Godzilla: Final Wars amongst other high profile Japanese movies. She took her modeling career international, having featured in magazine articles the world over.

9. Yukie Nakama

Hottest Female Japanese Models 2019

Yukie Nakama is a famous singer in Japan, and a major celebrity in the country. She does not look like a 34 year old, but she is one ravishing woman. She is a veteran in the industry, well known for her subtle personality that has won the hearts of millions of her fans. If they do not come for the beauty, be sure they will come for the talent. She is a natural actor and model, probably the reason why directors and producers cannot get enough of her.

8. Kurara Chibana

Hottest Female Japanese Models

32 year old Japanese beauty and fashion icon Kurara Chibana is a fashion icon and famous celebrity in Japan. Her love for fashion was evident since she was young, and her high quality work has gained huge accolades in the country. Her big break came when she profiled in Miss Universe Japan 2006, and has not looked back since. She finished runners up in the beauty pageant.

7. Nozomi Sasaki

Hottest Female Japanese Models

Naomi Sazaki is one of the most successful Japanese models, having taken her career international. She has had tremendous success stories dating back to when she was young. She has acting, modelling, and TV in her portfolio, and aside from quitting modelling, she still showcases her other talents as a media personality.

6. Mao Inoue

Hottest Female Japanese Models 2019

Looking at her, you would think she is a high school freshman. Well, she is not 15, she is very accomplished I might add. She is a successful model and a charming singer with a number of awesome albums to her name. The award winning singer, songwriter and actress finished her undergraduate education in Meiji University back in 2009. She has since gone ahead to make money in front of the camera, and it will come as a no surprise if she hits the road running to the international scene.

5. Keiko Kitagawa

Hottest Female Japanese Models

She is a fashion model, singer and actress. She is one amongst the top 10 hottest female Japanese models in 2018. This does not go to say enough about the multi-talented Keiko Kitagawa. She shies away from controversy, remaining one of the few low profiled but highly successful celebrities in Japan. This however did not stop her from gracing the cover of several Japanese magazines including Seventeen Magazine. She has since retired from modelling.

4. Reon Kadena

Hottest Female Japanese Models

She is cute, talented and just outright wonderful. Reon Kadena is a down-to –earth Japanese woman, well known for her feature in Kuso , a Japanese show. Her deep oceanic eyes drive her fans crazy, and she does not need make up to back up her beauty. She has been a fashion marvel for so many years, and the fashion world truly appreciates her beauty and talent.

3. Rie Miyazawa

Hottest Female Japanese Models

Rie Miyazawa is one of the most successful models in Japan. She is an inspiration to budding models in the country, and her photos are just a marvel to look at. She is a hot bikini model and has been known to feature in very steamy videos and movies. She might have hit the 40 years’ mark, but believe me when I tell you, she does not look anything 30, leave alone 40.

2. Miyako Miyazaki

Hottest Female Japanese Models

She might be 36, but she sure packs a whole lot of beauty this woman. She is former Miss Universe Japan, and now practices her trade in the silver screen. Having started her modeling career at the age of 18, she is one sexy vixen, having featured in various local and international magazine covers. She is also a brand ambassador and is regarded as a true fashion icon in the world of Japanese fashion. She has signed with several Japanese fashion houses and is a household name in the Japanese industry.

1. Maria Ozawa

Hottest Female Japanese Models

The hottest and sexiest Japanese model in this year’s list is Maria Ozawa. You will never get bored looking at this woman. She has featured in several awesome videos, including R-rated films. If you are a fan of AV idols, then you are in for a ride. She has featured in several movies and adult films but make no mistake, she is one hot woman, and no short of talent. She loves the camera and is not shy to show skin. So, next time you are in the mood for steamy Japanese hotties, make sure to look her up. She will be worthwhile.

So, These above are the top 10 hottest female Japanese models in 2018. Japanese models are starting to make a mark in the fashion industry. Research shows Japanese movies are starting to earn accolades in Hollywood, and the models are to thank for that. It is a no brainer that japan is a fast rising economy, and very soon their hard work and determination will start to show. Be sure their fashion industry will not be left behind.

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