Top 10 Hottest Korean Girls

 ‘Beauty is skin deep’. True. But there is also a humorous counter that goes, who ever said that, has to be ugly. Yes, it is the personality that keeps you attracted to a person once you get to know them but for the first sight appearances do count. Not one story that begins with love at first sight ever has an unattractive female on its cover. Even the men have to have a certain appeal at a physical level. Keeping that in mind, here is a compilation of the top 10 most beautiful Korean girls.

Even considering the fact that most women from Korea are inherently beautiful with their flawless skin, raven hair and cute little facial features, the women mentioned below have overdone themselves on that scale. Read on to find out about the top 10 most beautiful and hottest Korean girls in 2018.

10. Kim Jin-Sol

Hottest Korean Girls

Kim Jin-Sol is Miss Seoul and was crowned miss Korea this year. The stunner, though not able to compete in Miss Universe this year because Korea lost the franchise, will be competing in Miss International or Miss Earth. Even though some might not consider her to have a beautiful face, she has a stunning body and a captivating attitude.

9. Eugene Kim (March 3, 1981)

Hottest Korean Girls 2019

Eugene Kim, born Kim Yoo-jin, is best known for her professional name, Eugene. She is a presenter, actress and a singer. She was a part of Korean pop girl gang S.E.S and has also released solo albums. She has starred in movies like ‘Unstoppable Marriage’, ‘One Mom and three Dads’, and TV series ‘Kim of Baking’.

8. Lee Si Young (April 17, 1982)

Hottest Korean Girls

Lee Si-young, born as Lee Eun-rae is an actress and an amateur boxer- the only boxer to have made the list which has mostly actresses and models. She has appeared in ‘The kingdom of the Winds’, ‘Boys over Flowers’, ‘Loving you a thousand times’.

7. Park min-Young (March 4, 1986)

Hottest Korean Girls

Park Mi-Young, also known as Rachel Park is best known for her roles in series aired on television like ‘Healer’, ‘Sungkyunkwan Scandal’, ‘Glory Jane’, ‘City Hunter’, ‘Remember-War of the Son’. She was also seen acting in the movie ‘The Cat’ and has appeared in numerous music videos.

6. Kim Hyuna (June 6, 1992)

Hottest Korean Girls 2019

Kim Hyuna, better known by her stage mononym Hyuna is a Singer, Songwriter, rapper, dancer and a model. She is a part of Korean girl gang 4minute and specializes in K-pop, dance-pop, hip hop. She also became notable in her solo career with her debut ‘Change’. She is also renowned for her appearance in Psy’s Gangnam Style video. She is also signed in a model for brands like Toyota Corolla, G by Guess and many more.

5. Lee Honey (March 2, 1983)

Hottest Korean Girls

Lee Ha-nui, also known (better) as Honey Lee is a model, gayageum player, a classical musician and an actress from South Korea. She had won the title of Miss Korea in 2006 and was third runner up in the Miss Universe pageant of 2007. She has her own Lee Ha-nui’s Vegan Recipe in vegan TV show. She is also signed in as model for brands like Vogue, DAKS and Tommy Hilfiger Korea.

4. Kim Tae-Hee (March 29, 1980)

Hottest Korean Girls

Kim Tae-Hee started her career as a small time model for television commercials and print ads before appearing in a small role in 2001 melodrama ‘Last Present’ and followed it up with the short film ‘Living in New Town’ and sitcom ‘Let’s Go’. She rose in popularity once she was cast in the ‘Stairway to Heaven’. She now works as a model for Paris Baguette, Samsung, LG, Olympus, Toyota and many many others.

3. Park Shin Hye (18 February, 1990)

Hottest Korean Girls

Park Shin-Hye is a model, actress and singer all at the same time, from South Korea. She first appeared on screen in the Korean drama ‘Stairway to Heaven’ in 2003. She quickly raised the rungs of success by acting in Korean-Japanese series ‘Tree of Heaven’ and having the lead role in the widely acclaimed television series ‘You’re Beautiful’ in 2009. Forbes lists her among ’40 most powerful celebrities in Korea’.

2. Kim Yu Mi (April 26, 1990)

Hottest Korean Girls

Kim Yu-mi, also known in western media circles as Yumi Kim, was Miss Korea 2012, she was also crowned Miss Universe Korea in 2013, and went on to represent her country in the Miss Universe pageant. She has acted in the television series ‘Cantabile Tomorrow’ and ‘My dearest lady’.

1. Song Hye-Kyo (November 22, 1981)

Hottest Korean Girls

At #1 is Song Hye-kyu, one of the eldest and undoubtedly the most beautiful woman in this list. She started out as a model for her School uniform company from which she got a role in the television drama ‘First Love’. She kept acting in small roles until the television series ‘Autumn in My Heart’. The last film she was seen in was ‘The Crossing, Part 2’ which released in 2015. She has been signed in with brands like Olay, LG as a commercial model.

There are of course countless other beautiful Korean women out in 2018. But the list of top 10 most beautiful Korean girls only comprises of the popular figures.

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