Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Women

China is a well-known country worldwide for producing quality action films and television dramas. It has gained much honour and reputation worldwide. Ladies from this country are beautiful, talented, hardworking and passionate on what they are doing. In our list, we are going to venture mostly on most beautiful Chinese women in 2018. Study them in the list below.

10. Liu Yifei

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Liu Yifei is one of most beautiful women worldwide. She is ranked in this position because of her social character and attractive physical features. Yifei was born on 25th August 1987, China. Liu is a Chinese successful actress but has origin from United States of America. Most of her films are aired worldwide and in popular television station in China. This amazing and lady of class has a curvy body and long hair. You will admire her hair that is always well maintained.

9. Chi Ling Lin

Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2019

Chi Ling Lin is another Chinese woman who is very beautiful and successful in her career. She hails from Taiwan in China and is a determined Model and actress. Lin began her career by appearing in local television shows and advertising department. This used to happen in Hong Kong, which is capital city of China. Chi has been featured in this article in ninth position. She is extremely well looking. Her hair is extremely long and elegant. Most of her fans flock in to see her perform in live concerts and red walk on red carpets.

8. Gao Yuanyuan

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Research that was conducted by Wikipedia news shows that Gao amongst beautiful women ranked worldwide. This amazing woman hails from china just like others actresses mentioned above. Appearing in this list indicates to us that she is good looking and elegant. Young ladies in China admire her character on stage. Some have even made a decision of joining modelling and acting industry when they grow up. Yuayuan has many social media followers and receives several positive reviews concerning her body shape.

7. Fan Bingbing

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Fan Bingbing was born on 16th December, 1981, China. She holds a record of topping in Forbes China Celebrity 100. This competition happened frequently and Fan was never left out of competition. Her acting career has gained her several winning and nomination awards. Fan is successful and beautiful. I have come to understand one secret with this lady. Bingbing is determined, successful, passionate and hard working. Fan is currently well known in china and entire world. You will be amazed to see her on stage. She is just fantastic and this helps us to understand why Fan has many awards and nominations.

6. Zhang Jingchu

Most Beautiful Chinese Women 2019

Zhang Jingchu is in position six in this article of most beautiful Chinese women 2018. She is also among successful Chinese actresses. Many people worldwide love her films. Due to her commitment, Zhang has received several nomination and winning awards. Apart from this, Jingchu is highly respected. Some of her films include seven swords, John Rabe, night, Fog, Rush Hour 3, Protégé, ventures and Switch. These films have contributed a lot to her success and reputation in entire Chinese Film industry. Examples of awards and nominations include Hundred Flowers awards, Hong Kong, Golden Rooster and Cairo film festivals, which were conducted internationally.

5. Zhou Xun

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Zhou Xun was born on 18th October, 1974. She is well known in china and has several fans from different parts of this universe. Zhou began acting at a young age after realising her potential in film industries. Xun got inspired by other Chinese actresses that had grown in acting career. Her appearance in this list of most beautiful Chinese woman is as a result of her beautiful looks. Zhou has an amazing body that leaves every man astonished. Apart from acting, Xun has other hidden projects in china, Paris and United States of America.

4. Zhao Wei

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

You cannot miss to identify Zhao Wei on stage because of her beauty. This great woman from China is a talented actress, Pop singer and filmmaker. She has been featured in many television shows and local dramas. Some of these dramas and television shows include Red cliff, Painted skin, and resurrection. All of these are said to be Blockbuster movies. They tend to capture attention of many people and entertain them. In other words, Wei Zhao is beautiful and one of most successful Chinese actresses.

3. Zhang Yupi

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

This is another well known Chinese actress appearing in this list. She was born on 8th August, 1986. This amazing lady is highly respected by many people. Her roles in several movies and television dramas are clear evidences that Yuqi is talented and passionate in acting career. On stage, you will always admire her great character and acting skills. Yuqi has a stunning figure that is portrayed in cotton and fitting dresses. She makes an amazing looks on red carpet leaves many people astonished and admiring.

2. Xu Jinglei

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

On second position of this article, we have Xu Jinglei. She was born on 16th April, 1974. Xu is very beautiful and has a great body shape. Apart from her physical appearance Jingle is successful and has grown extremely high in her film-acting career. This is observed from several awards and nominations given to her. They include Golden rooster awards, Huabiao film awards and hundred flowers. Films achieved all these awards such as I love you, My father and I, Spring subway and eternal moments.

1. Zhang Ziyi

Most Beautiful Chinese Women

Zhangi Ziyi is the most beautiful of all Chinese celebrities studied in this list. This amazing woman has appeared in several Chinese films and local television shows and dramas. She began acting at a young age of 12 years. Her parents discovered acting talent in Ziyi.

These are the most beautiful Chinese women 2018 ranked in this article. They are successful people and they have achieved a lot in most cases. If you happen to have any other if concerning them, upload them here and help me improve my article.

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