Top 10 Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

China is a populous nation in East Asia, Beijing being the capital city. Chinese women are very strong and active in lifestyles. They are very beautiful with healthy hair and sexy figure body. It is believed maybe to their use of their natural medicines, their skin remains young and very smooth despite any age. Female celebrities have dominated the entertainment industry due to their many achievements, hotness and beauty. Below list will feature the top 10 most beautiful Chinese female celebrities in 2018.

10. Zhang Ziyi

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

She is ranked as one of the most beautiful women around the world. She was born in the year 1979, best actress and recognized in China as the best actress international. She is the hottest and sexiest incomparable actress, known through her major role in Memoirs of Geisha. Some of movies are widely watched all over the world, the likes of; House of Flying Daggers, Rush Hour 2, The Horsemen and The Grandmaster among many more. She has been featured in various international brands like Visa and Omega watches, Maybelline and in many magazines.

9. Lin Chi-ling

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities 2019

She is the best and most beautiful Chinese female Celebrities 2018, born in the year 1974 is a Taiwanese actress who started gaining popularity in modeling. She got a controversial fame due to her resemblance with pornographic Chinese actresses. She is rated among the most beautiful and popular in Hong Kong Icons and was awarded by Asia stars. Besides being an actress, she is a television personnel featuring in many series and doing commercial and domestic advertisements.

8. Liu Yi Fei

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

At the age of fifteen, she joined the Performance Institute of Beijing Film Academy and graduated in the year 2006. She owns an American citizenship as she a big star locally and international. Her success is on its peak now, with tight schedule due to numerous projects on movies and televisions series. She has featured in; White Vengeance, Forbidden Kingdom along Jackie Chan, Love in Disguise and Assassins.

7. Gaile Lok

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

She is the topmost famous beautiful Chinese female celebrities, a Macau-born model and actress. She launched a movie that was a romantic comedy film that was when she started to raise to fame. Gaile has been gracing many magazines covers and one time the Hong Kong Actor Guild protested over irresponsibility after her intimate photographs with her boyfriend Leon Lai were published. She was born in 22 August 1980 and studied in United States.

6. Li Bingbing

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities 2019

This beautiful actress was born in the year 1980, being an alma mater of Central Academy Drama that is located in Beijing. She has an outstanding overture and super hot smile winning the hearts of many. She is also television personnel, possessing a remarkable and charming voice. Through television series, she gained a lot of popularity and she has pocketed many awards including Best Actress and The Most Popular Actress.

5. Shu Qi

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

She is one of China’s most popular and successful celebrities, winning many awards including the Golden Horse Awards for best actress. Lin Li-hui is her real name she is a Taiwanese actress and model born in the year 1976 in Xindian District, Taiwan. Her first successful series she featured was The Transporter, winning the Best Actress awards for filming many notable films like; The Foliage, The Eye 2, Seoul Raiders and many more. She has been an active advertiser and a spokesperson for Shiatzy Chen, also ambassador for many notable brands in Asia.

4. Zhao Wei

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

She is a famous pop singer and celebrity of china, amazingly beautiful and considered as Four Dan Actresses, meaning she can bring a movie to a blockbuster hit by only showing up. She is very kind hearted but also bright, she has been of great help to less fortunate children and disabled people. The probable reason for her beautiful and sexy figure could have been that she is a vegetarian. She was born in March 12, 1976 in Wuhu, China. She is a film director, a pop singer and Chinese-speaking regions attaining to be the wealthiest working actress.

3. Du Juan

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

This beautiful Chinese actress and a fashion model is known for her intelligence and courage as she is a popular spokesperson for big and notable people like Roberto Cavalli, YSL, GAP and Louis Vuitton. She is a former ballet dancer and had been the cover girl for Vogue China and Vogue Paris for more than ten times. She has been rated among the most and best beautiful film actress.

2. Gao Yuanyuan

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

Gao is a talented, beautiful and rated as the sexiest Chinese female ever. She is slim and tall, pretty face and sexy body. She started appearing in small commercial advertisement and a local director noted her, and advised her on acting. Her fame rose rapidly and became famous at a very short time. She was born October 5th 1979 in Fengtai District, China. She has featured in The Demi-Gods and Semi Devils, Love without Regrets and Dragon Saber.

1. Fan Bingbing

Most Beautiful Chinese Female Celebrities

Topping this list of the best and most beautiful Chinese female celebrities, is Fan being rated among the most beautiful, popular and respected actress. She is the fashion Icon in China’s biggest newspaper, and has been among the top ten Forbes China Celebrity in 100 list. Many address her as the queen of beauty who is sexy in her lifestyle pocketing the awards of the sexiest Chinese actresses. Fan was born back in 1981 beginning her career in 1998, started rising in fame after she filmed My Fair Princess. Besides being a successful actress, she is a producer and a pop singer.

China is the most successful countries in the world, and in the field of entertainment has not been left aside. The Chinese women have been dominating the world with their sexy, beautiful and ageless skins especially in Hollywood. The above list consists of the best most beautiful Chinese female celebrities in 2018.

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