Top 10 Hottest Bikini Bodies in The World

It is evident that beauty attracts! In this regard it would be crucial to mention that in today’s glamorous industry there are number of celebs and they are in great demand for their outstanding and sexy bodies. It is also true that most of the people admire to see their favourite celebs in bikini. Coming to bikinis, it is one of the sexiest dresses available in which the models look more hot and sexy.

Models in hot and tight bikini are highly preferable for the youngsters as they admire them because of their sexy postures. It is also considered as a means of fun and entertainment for them. Evidently, it is found that every year numbers of models are coming up in this industry to be successful bikini models but the fact is very few of them sustain in this industry. In this post the readers will be identify top 10 hottest bikini bodies in the world in 2018. The names mentioned below have created a sensation in the fashion and glamorous industry.

10. Lucy Hale

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Lucy Hale is known for her exotic beauty and she is also a hot diva. She is so busy that she hardly gets time to workout in gym but still she is having sexiest bikini bodies which make her bust throughout the year. Lucy looks more sexy and wild in tight outfit.

9. Christina Milian

Hottest Bikini Bodies 2019

Christina Milian is a real example in favor of age hardly matters to beauty. She is a mother of cute baby daughter and Milan remains always busy because of her tight hosting schedule. She also remains quite busy in her house because of her born baby. Milan always focus on her workouts and regular diet which gives hottest bikini body.

8. Nicole Richie

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Nicole Richie is another mother having two kids and she is one of the hottest female celebrities in Hollywood. There was a time when she struggled a lot against fats stored in her sexy body but still she became successful and now has a perfect bikini body.

7. Jennifer Lawrence

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Jennifer Lawrence is a synonym of hot, bold and sexy. Lawrence is considered as one of the hottest and sexiest woman in the world. She is always focused on her body as having a perfect sexy body was her dream for ever. Jennifer looks sexier and hot when she is in tight bikinis and the tight attire also enhances her beauty.

6. Miranda Kerr

Hottest Bikini Bodies 2019

Miranda Kerr is known for her hot body and she also has the competence to teach rest of the models in the industry that how to be fit and fine. She is not only an extremely talented and beautiful sexiest model but also a super active woman. She also been inspiration to many upcoming models.

5. Gwen Stefani

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Gwen Stefani is one of the most gorgeous models and she is also talented actress. She is best known for her abs which is desired by any woman in glamorous industry. She always possess fresh and sexy look which resembles with a blossoming flower in spring. She looks great when she is in short and tight bikinis.

4. Olivia Munn

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Olivia Munn is best known for fit body and gorgeous beauty. She is also a highly skilled actress. In order to maintain her body fit and fine she always maintain a dance session of 45 minutes on daily basis and it is considered as the secret of her extremely sexy body. She looks hot and sizzling in any bikini whether it is short, tight or strapless.

3. Kate Beckinsale

Hottest Bikini Bodies

There some celebrities who are best known for their kicking butt and Kate Beckinsale is one of them having a sexy butt. This model come actress follows a fitness regime and makes sure her bikini body enhances more.In a recent interview given by her she stated that she owes the credit of her slim and sexy body to yoga and nutritional diet.

2. Kim Kardashian

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Kim Kardashian, an American actress come model is truly an example of having curves preferred by all men. This is the main reason she is considered an ideal for all women displaying perfect bikini body with curves. It is evident that most of the models are interested in butt implants but Kim Kardashian has the real one. Kim looks extremely bold and sexy in tight bikinis.

1. Kate Upton

Hottest Bikini Bodies

Kate Upton rules the list of top 10 sexiest bikini bodies and she is also a talented actress come model. Kate is also renowned for her sexy curvy body which is a dream of every man. She looks great and stunning in bikinis but she looks extremely hot and bold in swimming costumes.

So, these were the top 10 hottest bikini bodies for 2018 but one thing is must to note that the models in the list have done a real hard work. It is also evident that they are not here because of their sexy bodies but they also have great talent and skills in their respective fields. There are also an inspiration to number of upcoming models desire to join this industry.

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