Top 10 Hottest Japanese Actors

Actors are the heartthrob to many young people who follow the steps of their favourite actors. Japan is famous for J-pop and anime and manga series. People all across the world follow these actors and it is interesting to see the favourite stars get worldwide fame. The secret of their success and fame is not only the performance but also the overall personality and sexiness that attracts many. So, let’s heck the list of top 10 hottest Japanese actors in 2018.

10. Takahiro Nishijima

Hottest Japanese Actors

Takahiro Nishijima is also known as Nissy. He is an actor, main singer and dance member of one of the popular Japanese pop band Attack All Around since September 2005. In his early days, he was a stage performer for Ami Suzuki’s live shows and PVs. His hobbies include dancing, fishing and acting. He is also a well-known guitarist and quite popular among girls for his amazing vocals and acting in Love Exposure and Signal.

9. Teppei Koike

Hottest Japanese Actors 2019

Teppei Koike is a Japanese actor, singer and songwriter. He got his first name from his father’s favourite anime manga series “Ore wa Teppei”. He is also a member of duo Watt with partner Eiji Wentz. He started his acting career with drama series Tentai Kansoku. He got really famous with drama Gokusen 2. He also receives many awards for acting skills and got nominated for the Best Supporting Actor in the Drama Academy Award, for his role in Iryu. Currently, he is focusing on his singing and quite popular among the Japanese people

8. Takuya Kimura

Hottest Japanese Actors

Japanese actor and singer Takuya Kimura is also a band member for the Japanese Idol SMAP. Some of the high-rated television series of Japan had Takuya Kimura present his sharp acting skills. He is one of the well-known singers, entertainer and actor in Asia. For his debut movie Shoot, he received “Ishihara Yujiro New Artist Award”. He is one of the most popular celebrities in Japan for last 14 years. Some of his notable work includes Hero, SMAP×SMAP and Love Generation.

7. Hideaki Takizawa

Hottest Japanese Actors

Hideaki is one of the well-known actor cum singer of Japan acting industry. Along with his acting career, he is also a band member for J-pop Tackey & Tsubasa. At 20, he started the group with Avex Trax. record label. He rose to fame as a serious actor from Japanese dramas; Strawberry on the Shortcake and Majo no Jōken.

6. Takeru Satoh

Hottest Japanese Actors

Takeru Satoh is known for his lead role in Kamen Rider Den-O series as Ryotaro Nogami. It is often said that DenO series became popular because of Takeru’s comic timings. He also has a blog where he talks about loneliness and stress sometimes and how the life of tv stars takes a toll on their mental health. His hobbies are b-boying and playing with his cats. He has also taken home some of the awards for the Best Actor for Asian Film Awards, Japan Action Awards 2015 and International Drama Festival in Tokyo.

5. Mamoru Miyano

Hottest Japanese Actors 2019

Mamoru Miyano is a singer, voice actor, actor. His some of best roles are from movies Ouran High School Host Club, Death Note, Vampire Knight and Soul Eater. In 20028, he won Best Voice Actor for Death Note as Light Yagami. The Same year he got Seiyu Awards for Best Lead Actor for Mobile Suit Gundam. He continues to give the voice for movies like Ultraman X: Here It Comes! Our Ultraman. He has also released four albums till date and most of his singles were ranked among top 20 on Oricon Weekly Albums chart.

4. Mamoru Miyano

Hottest Japanese Actors

Jun Matsumoto also knows with a nickname MatsuJun started acting in 1996 for a stage production Stand By Me. He began his career in the entertainment field at the age of 12 with Johnny & Associates. He is among the few know talents who got through without auditioning. He is a member of boy band Arashi. Throughout his acting career, he has worked in many stage shows, dramas and movies and some to be named are Girl In The Sunny Place, Lucky Seven and Shitsuren Chocolatier for which he also received Best Actor award. He is also the first Japanese actor to make it to the Marie Claire magazine and the only male to grace the cover in 24 years of magazine’s history. Now we know why he is the one of the sexiest and the most popular actor in Japan.

3. Kenichi Matsuyama

Hottest Japanese Actors

Kenichi got his name because his father thought he had a passion for discovering. He is well known for his role as L in Death Note film series. For his amazing acting in Norwegian Wood, he received the Best Actor award for 2010 Nikkan Sports Film Award. His acting career started in the year 2002 with the episode of Gokusen. He has received many compliments for his looks and often called as a Japanese version of Johnny Depp. His most notable projects are Death Note, Death Note2, My Back Page, Gantz, Norwegian Wood. Kenichi is not only famous in Japan but all across the globe for well-known character L in Death Note.

2. Yamashita Tomohisa

Hottest Japanese Actors

To start his career in media, Yama joined talent agency Johnny & Associates as a young trainee in the year 1996 and after two years debuted in Shonentachi. He made a solo debut in 2006 with the song Date señorita. He is a former band member of boy band News. He is famously known as Yamapi in Japan and has worked in several movies, tv shows and drama series. In 2016, he became part of Terra Formars television drama series which is yet to be released in English. Yamashita is a popular figure in Japan and with constant work and talent, he surely is the hottest and most popular actor in Japan.

1. Jin Akanishi

Hottest Japanese Actors

Jin is a Japanese singer, songwriter, musician, voice actor and actor and also the former radio host. He is a multi-talented artist who is a former member and lead vocalist of boy band KAT-TUN. Since the beginning of the group in 2006, the band received 14 consecutive No.1 slot on Oricon charts. He has also acted in many movies like Bandage and 47 Ronin and much Japanese drama Yukan Club, Gokusen 2 and Anego. Jin Akanishi also made his Hollywood debut in 2013 in 47 Ronin with Keanu Reeves as a lead actor. Throughout his career, he knew his music skills and acting skills and that has also resulted in many awards like Music of the Year and Most Popular Artist in Asia.

These actors are stylish and work really hard to achieve the perfect look. Even though these actors are famous and most successful in Japan, most of them are very down to earth and that also adds to their hotness.


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  1. Oops I forgot sota fukushi and masahiro higashide are popular, hot and stylish too. Also the guys from EXILE and 3JSB. And FYI, teppei and wentz disband in 2016, also Akanishi Jin? Who? Yamapi? Who? These 2 are no longer popular in japan.. Please do some research. Thanks. It’s 2018

  2. Your list is so 2010 lol. The popular actors as of NOW are shun oguri, masaharu fukuyama, takuya kimura, eita, tatsuya fukiwara, junichi okada, masaki okada, takeru sato, kento yamazaki, masaki suda, issei takahashi, tamaki hiroshi, abe hiroshi, ikuta tome, sho sakurai, kenichi matsuyama, masataka kubota, kentaro sakaguchi, satoshi tsumabuki, gou ayano, takumi saito, takayuki yamada, nakai masahiro, gen hoshino, kenta kiritani

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