Top 10 Highest Paid Guitarists in The World

The world of music has constantly introduced some phenomenal artists into the world. All those artists have extraordinary qualities in moving, singing and playing instruments. All the musical instruments played such as pianos, guitars, drums and violins to give audience background music behind the musicians.

Guitar is considered as one of the most popular musical instruments in the world and a guitarist plays an important role in any of the band or musical composition. Guitarists earn higher amount as they gain more experience. There are many well-known guitarists in the world who have been earning wealth and fame through the sound of their guitars but here is the list of only ten highest paid guitarists in 2018.

10. Tom Petty:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Tom Petty is a famous Rock guitarist who is known for his soul rock style with low pitch guitar play. He is also famous for his vocals and console playing. He has lasted almost 40 years and his concerts still continue to be sold our tours. Currently, he has the total assets of $75 million and among the richest guitarist in the world.

9. Angus Young:

Highest Paid Guitarists 2019

Angus Young is a well-known Australian highest paid musician and is the lead guitarist of famous rock band ACDC. He is also the songwriter and co – organizer of the band. His music career began in 1970 and in 1973 the band released its first collection. He currently sits on the total asset worth $150 million. He is known for his dynamic performance on the stage with active moves.

8. David Howell Evans

Highest Paid Guitarists

David Howell Evans is an Irish guitarist and musician who was brought up in England. He is celebrated with the stage name as The Edge. He is known to play post-punk, rock, and also option rock. He gained much popularity from the famous rock band U2. Apart from playing the guitar, he has been engaged in many charity works. His total asset is $200 million

7. Dave Matthews:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Dave Matthews is an American musician, songwriter and a gifted guitarist. He focused on songwriting and also performed with his Dave Matthews Band from 1991 to 2003. In addition to his music career, he holds expertise in acting as well. In 1997, he won two Grammy awards for Best Vocal Performance for the song So Much To Say and another in 2004 for Gravedigger. His total asset at present is $250 million.

6. Eric Clapton:

Highest Paid Guitarists 2019

Eric Clapton is a famous English blues and rock guitarist, songwriter and a singer. His music career started with a band named Yardbirds in the early 1960s. Eric Clapton received nearly 18 Grammy awards till date and British Award for his outstanding contributions to the field of music. In 2009, he was ranked number fifth among top guitarist in the world. Total assets of Eric Clapton currently sits at more than 250+ million. He is one of the pioneer in the music industry with many rewards and recognition under his name. There is no doubt that he needed to be on this list of highest paid guitarists.

5. Dave Grohl:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Dave Grohl is a lead singer and one of the guitarist and also the founding member of the band Foo Fighters. He is a famous American vocalist, rock musician and guitarist. Along with guitars, he can also play different instruments and is a band member of “Them Crooked Vultures” rock band. Before Foo Fighter, he was best known for being the drummer for the band Nirvana. He is also estimated to be the third wealthiest drummer in the world. At present, he holds the total assets of $260 million making him onto the list.

4. Bruce Springsteen:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Bruce Springsteen is a highly acclaimed American singer, musician, and humanitarian. Among his famous albums, Born To Run and Born in the USA sold over 64 million in the United States and 120 million worldwide. This made him one of best selling music artist in the world. His work gathered him almost 20 Grammy awards, one Academy award and 2 Golden Globes award. He was also inducted into Hall Of fame (Rock and Roll) and Hall of fame ( Songwriter) in 1999. His total assets are calculated around $300 million.

3. Toby Keith:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Tobey Keith is an American country singer, entrepreneur and a guitarist. Some of his famous hits include Blue Moon, Boomtowns and Dream walking. Currently, he holds the total assets of $320 million. He is well celebrated for his innovative music composition. In total, he has seventeen studio released albums, four compilation albums and two Christmas released an album.

2. Keith Richards:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Keith Richards is a famous English singer, guitarist, songwriter and founding member of the most famous band “The Rolling Stone” .The band is acclaimed for guitar rhythm and lead. He is one of the highly acclaimed and richest guitarist of all time. His is currently having a net asset of $340 million. From 1960 till date, he is one of the most celebrated music composer and artists of all the time.

1. Jimmy Buffett:

Highest Paid Guitarists

Jimmy Buffett is a well know American guitarist, musician, author and businessman. He is very popular for his live acts and the hit single “Margaritaville”. Sixty-nine year old is the most capable guitarist holding the first spot for the highest-paid guitarist in the world. Currently, he is on his tour with Coral Reefer Band and it was reported that he grossed over $1 million at one night concert. Currently, he holds total asset of $400 million.

The above names are the most gifted and most richest guitarists of today’s time. The creativity and imagination of music and playing guitar have brought many laurels to these talented musicians. This has also helped them in creating an immense fan base. Guitarists have many options to earn from live band performances, background music. They spend most amount of their time in practising and performing or creating their own music. Sheer talent or music degree are the two ways of entering the music industry. While many started young to achieve the success where they are today, many learnt with time and practice.

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