Top 10 Highest Paid Sportsmen in The World

Sports is one of the greatest entertainment for people across the world. There are many sportsmen who got into sports at a very young age as their parents thought they would enjoy and develop a hobby. With time, some of the most dedicated and luckiest of all the athletes ended up continuing their favourite sport after school. Such players have established themselves professionally be it basketball, football, golf or tennis.

These sportsmen because of their god gifted skills, extreme talent and sheer dedication continue to be on top and in return get rewarded with best of everything. We bring you the list of top 10 highest paid sportsmen in the world in 2018.

(10) Kobe Bryant (Annual Pay- $50 million) Source: Basketball

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Kobe Bryant is ranked third in the all-time lead scorer in NBA after he declared his retirement after the 2015-16 season.He is also one of the richest basketball players in the world. On his financial well being, no one can end up stopping Bryant as he goes on banking $680 million in endorsements and salary in ten years of his career. For last six year, Kobe received the highest salary in the NBA and earned more than $25 million from LA Lakers during last season. This five-time champion has also taken big leap from endorsement deals to upcoming businesses.

(9) Jordan Spieth (Annual Pay- $52.8 million) Source: Golf

Highest Paid Sportsmen 2019

Jordan is one of the youngest sportsperson to make it to the list of top 10 highest paid player in the world. He is also one of the highest-paid golfers in the world. In last one year the bonus of ten million for winning FedX cup. The 22-year-old also enjoys endorsement deals with big names like AT&T, Rolex, Net Jets and Coca-Cola.

(8) Phil Mickelson (Annual Pay- $52.9 million) Source – Golf

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Phil Mickelson is a five-time winner of major golf championships. He was recently given a name “relief defendant”. He has been earning the whopping amount of $50 million through major en-dorsements from sponsors such as Barclays, KPMG, Rolex, Callaway, ExonMobil and Amgen.

(7) Cam Newton ( Annual Pay -$53.1 million ) Source- American football

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Durin 2015, Cam became the fresh new face of NFL when he took away Most Valuable Player award with 48 votes out of 50. He signed a contract of $103.8 million with Panthers in June 2015 for next five years. the contract also included the signing bonus of $22.5 million and the optional bonus of $7.5 million. With so much money flowing inside the door, he is surely happy with this move.

(6) Novak Djokovic ( Annual Pay – $55.8 million) Source: Tennis

Highest Paid Sportsmen

This year in the French Open, Novak completed his career Grand Slam to become the first tennis player to win over 100 million dollars in prize money. He is currently the world number one and richest tennis player in the world. In last five and a half years, he has banked $82 million along with 12 Slam titles and 11 Grand Slam hits and with his current form he still have a long way to keep it coming

(5) Kevin Durant (Annual Pay – $56.2 million) Source: Basketball

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Kevin Durant is a four-time scoring champion and his career points of 27.4 average per game is currently the best among the active players and third in all time. In addition, his Nike deal for seven years at $14 million every year also accounts for the majority of his earning off the NBA court.

(4) Roger Federer (Annual Pay -$67.8 million) Source: Tennis

Highest Paid Sportsmen 2019

Roger Federer is known as the greatest and most consistent tennis player of all time. With a record-breaking 16-year streak of major Grand Slam appearance and 17th Grand Slam title, he still stays at the top of the league even after pulling out of the major title of French Open due to the back problem. However, it has little effect on his earnings as he is still making the whopping amount of $60 millions from appearance fees and big brand endorsements.

(3) LeBron James (Annual Pay – $77.2 million) Source: Basketball

Highest Paid Sportsmen

LeBron James is a king of the basketball court with six straight NBA finals creating history with no player accomplishing that in last 50 years. By the end of 2015, Nike had signed LeBron James for the very first-lifetime contract in company’s 45 years of history. He also has current endorsements with many companies including Microsoft, McDonalds, Coca-Cola, Samsung, Baskin Robbins, Beats by Dre, Samsung, Dunkin-Donuts and many more.

(2) Lionel Messi (Annual Pay – $81.4 million) Source: Football

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Most expensive football player and the winner of current Ballon d’Or and five times FIFA player of the year, Lionel Messi is a name worth remembering and putting your money on. He is the first player to complete 300 goals in La Liga cup. Messi’s contract with the club is added with loads of bonuses which makes him one of the highly paid player. One of the main sponsor brand Adidas had been capitalizing on the superstar with Messi-icon line of apparel and shoes.

(1) Cristiano Ronaldo (Annual Pay – $88 million Source: Football

Highest Paid Sportsmen

Cristiano Ronaldo has broken the 50 goal mark record with straight six seasons in a row for his club Real Madrid. He is currently club’s leading all-time scorer and also the top scorer in UEFA Champi-ons Cup. He is also three times winner of Ballon d’Or and FIFA best player award. His contract of $50 million salary per year and added bonus still runs till 2018. Cristiano Ronaldo is planet’s most popular sportsman and one of the highest-paid football players with more than 200 million followers on social media also helps him to be the highest paid sportsman in the world. With this, he becomes the first footballer to top the list of high-est paid sportsmen in the world.

Apart from the annual salary of the above-mentioned players, their net worth consist of many other business projects, sponsorships etc that comes completely off the game. It is very evident that the players who have consistently proven to be the best out of all have survived and have received the fruit of their hard work. The list comprises of players from various domains of sports like golf, basketball, tennis and football.

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