Top 10 Highest Paid PBA Players

Basketball is an interesting game and Philippine basketball association has made it more interesting with its ultimate matches between the clubs formed of international players. The games are really interesting and so are the players in this particular aspect. There are so many players who are successful as well as popular and well paid in this association. These players with their due respect have created some level of difference to the entire basketball phenomenon.

So all that you got to know is top 10 highest paid PBA players who are on the leading list and always active. With ultimate fan following people actually go crazy behind these highest paid PBA players. Apart from the top list also get to know a little about these players in order to follow them. So keep following for the interesting stuff. List of Top 10 Highest Paid PBA Players in 2018.

10. Cliff Hodge

Highest Paid PBA Players

Cliff Hodge plays for Meralco Bolts in the Philippine basketball association. He is a popular and famous American basketball player and got a high level of recognition in the PBA. His greatest achievement is winning gold in the South East Asian games in Thailand and is one of the highest paid PBA players.

9. Brian Heruela

Highest Paid PBA Players 2019

Brian Heruela is right now playing for the Blackwater Elite of Basketball association which is a team of Blackwater only. He is a great basketball player and really made it big in his team. His skills and tactics are amazing in the game and that is exactly what he has got popular and made to the list of highest paid PBA players.

8. Terrence Romeo

Highest Paid PBA Players

He is a point guard as well as a shooting guard in the court of basketball. He is one of the handsome basketball players in the world and he has got a huge fan following in social media networking websites like Instagram and Facebook. Another notable and very interesting aspect of Terrence Romeo is his spiky hair which differentiates him completely on the field. He is surely one of the highest paid PBA players.

7. Jayson Castro

Highest Paid PBA Players

Currently he is a player of talk and text Tropangtexters in the Philippine Basketball Association. His name is quite renowned and famous in all the games of his team and always stays in the highest paid PBA players list. Known for the monicker he really has an amazing and blinding speed. Fan following is his cup of tea with so many fans cheering out his name loud during the matches in PBA.

6. Stanley Pringle

Highest Paid PBA Players 2019

Pringle plays for the GLO in the PBA. What is really good about Pringle is, he is unpredictable in the court and often is the game changer. He has achieved a lot since he has started playing for the Philippine Basketball Association and has created a big difference in his team as well. Pringle is followed by a lot of fans as well and has an amazing personality that made him one amongst the highest paid PBA players.

5. Arwind Santos

Highest Paid PBA Players

The best known fact about Santos is he has made a record of scoring 9-9 doubles which surely is a great thing for him and provides a kick start in his career. He has made it in the list of highest paid PBA players and he has also got recognition after showing his skills in the court. He has a very simple and easy to understand personality which is why he is amazing.

4. Asi Taulava

Highest Paid PBA Players

Taulava in spite of being 42 years old has successfully made in the number four of list of highest paid PBA players. He plays for the team NLEX. What he is famous for is his tough striking skill which is always a point of strategy for all the opponent team and members playing against him.

3. Calvin Abueva

Highest Paid PBA Players

Calvin has put much of hard work to reach to this position. But still he is working harder to make it bigger and that is the exact spirit he has been keeping alive since a long period of time. He has scored a double digit score in the three games that he has played out of the total of four games.

2. Greg Slaughter

Highest Paid PBA Players

Greg, a very popular player of PBA is really working very hard to make it to the number 1 as being the best is all he has been targeting. He is a player with real guts in the court and it is true that no player can stand against him if he is in the true form in the court.

1. June Mar Fajardo

Highest Paid PBA Players

Yes, it is true, your favourite player Fajardo is in top position among the players of the Philippines Basketball Association. He has been the best basketball player for 3 consecutive seasons and no other player was able to take his position. He is considered the best player by the fans too and that is why he is the highest paid PBA players.

Certainly their achievements and contributions in the world of sports are worth mentioning. With all their passion and true spirit, these top 10 highest paid PBA players of the world are great examples for generations to come.

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