Top 10 Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Hollywood is said to be the most popular and thrilling entertainment industry across the world. Along with that it is also evident that the actors from the Hollywood industry are globally renowned and have huge fan base. It is known to everyone that the movies being produced in Hollywood involves great finance and this is the main reason the highest paid Hollywood actors in this entertainment industry earns huge money throughout the years. It is also true that most of the directors in search of great actors from the industry and the popularity of an actor entirely depend on the performance of the star given in a particular film.

Most of the actors from Hollywood industry deliver their best in each of the movies they are associated with and then only become the most successful or the highest paid actors. Readers interested in this segment will get a list of top 10 highest paid Hollywood actors in 2018.

10. Mark Wahlberg ($32 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Tenth highest paid Hollywood actors position has been awarded to the most popular American model turned actor turned producer Mark Wahlberg. He is known to be one of the best known and talented and one of the most handsome Hollywood actors. Wahlberg has worked in some superhit movies which has garned huge fame among the audiences like “The Italian Job”, “Rock Star”, The Departed”, etc. Not only that this actor has successfully bagged several awards and has been nominated for number of times in his career. This Hollywood actor is having estimated earnings of $32 million.

9. Will Smith ($32 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2019

The next actor Will Smith who has made him ninth position in highest paid Hollywood actors industry. Smith is also well-known for his raps and he has also made his identity as a songwriter and producer in the industry. It is said that Smith is one of the most humorous and richest actors in Hollywood. He has worked in some outstanding movies and those will be cherished by his fans for long .According to the latest report Will Smith has net earnings of $32 million.

8. Christian Bale ($35million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

The eight spot has been captured by the most talented actor of Hollywood industry Christian Bale. Bale has acquired his position in highest paid Hollywood actors in world 2018 because of his outstanding performance in “Batman Trilogy” as Bruce Wayne. This was the most popular and highly appreciated performance which ears him huge stardom across the world. Latest reports claims that he is having estimated earnings of $35 million.

7. Ben Affleck ($35 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Ben Affleck is the name which can be used as synonym of awards because he has been awarded with numerous awards in which Golden Globe Award, BAFTA Award for Best Director, Academy Award, etc are noted ones. He got Best Director award for his movie “Argo”.

6. Liam Neeson ($36 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors 2019

Liam Neeson is one of the big names in the highest paid Hollywood actors industry and it has been justified with number of Oscar award he has won throughout his career. He has also given voice over in many movies and his biggest achievements are- Neeson has been ranked top 100 sexiest stars in the Hollywood industry and top 100 movies stars of all time.

5. Chris Hemsworth ($37million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Most popular hottest male actors in the world, Chris Hemsworth is an Australian model turned actor has gained global popularity from Superhero movies “Thor”. Other ventures in some great movies which made him capture 5th position in the list of world’s highest-paid Hollywood actors 2018 are “The Avengers”, “Red Dawn”, “Heart of the Sea” etc.

4. Leonardo Dicaprio ($39 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

It is said that Dicaprio is the face of Hollywood because of his great acting skills in front of camera along with tremendous fan following. He definitely deserves a place in top 10 leading highest paid Hollywood actors in 2018. Dicaprio has been nominated for Oscar five times in his career along with other awards and the journey is still going on. His most popular and cherished movies are “Titanic”, “Wolf of Wall Street” and “Inception”, etc.

3. Bradley Cooper ($46 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Bradley Cooper is best known as the comedy franchise of Hollywood because of his outstanding acting in “The Hangover trilogy”. Cooper has also been declared as the sexiest man alive on earth. Apart from that there is a list of some popular Hollywood movies, awards, TV series, nominations, etc behind him.

2. Dwayne Johnson ($52 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Dwayne Johnson doesn’t require any special introduction. Better known as “The Rock” is actually a professional wrestler and he has also won numbers of awards in his wrestling career. Considering his career in Hollywood industry then it is said that he is one of the most popular actors in the industry which makes him concrete 2nd position in highest paid Hollywood actors in world 2018. The list of movies is quite long for him in which most of them were highly appreciated by the audience.

1. Robert Downey Jr. ($75 million)

Highest Paid Hollywood Actors

Robert Downey Jr., one of the most successful actors in Hollywood across the world, is considered to be the king of box office. Almost all his movies bang the theaters across the globe. Downey also gained huge appreciation from his superhero character as Iron Man. Reports say that Downey is not only the highest paid Hollywood actors, he is also one of highest paid actors in the world with earnings of $75 million.

Highest paid Hollywood actors have huge fan following and this is because of their great performances they give in their movies. It is also true that Hollywood is one of the richest entertainment industries across the world and thus the actors from thus industry are the highest paid Hollywood actors in the world 2018.


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