Top 10 Best Japanese Actress

Japan is a well known country among many people as land of the rising sun. It is one of states with beautiful women. These ladies are from different professional careers and have grown to be successful. They have contributed a lot to success in film industry of Japan. Their performances are always outstanding among other ladies from different states. Let us check on the list below. It contains top 10 best Japanese actress in 2018.

10. Rie Miyazawa

Best Japanese Actress

This is a very famous former fashion model and actress from Japan. She was born on 6th April, 1973 and has been playing part in glamour modelling. Her fiancée used to be Sumo Wrestler Tahanohana before their break up. Rie is a talented lady in acting and released her first debut album at a very tender age of 11 years old. So far, she has appeared in several televisions shows and films. Miyazawa has also done live stage performance and had many people waiting as audience for her.

9. Kurara Chibana

Best Japanese Actress 2019

Kurara Chibana is also a beautiful model and actress. This beauty queen is best known in Japan for her acting career. Kurara hit heads of many magazines for being winning first runner up in Miss Universe pageant in 2006. Only her beauty could allow such competitions to happen in her life. Apart from modelling and acting, Chibana is also best in feature reporting and this made her to fly to several countries and continents in search of needed news. Kurara is a very beautiful Japanese woman and celebrity.

8. Mao Inoue

Best Japanese Actress

Mao Inoure is taking 8th position in this article of best Japanese actresses. She is well known for having numerous winning and nomination awards. This can only be achieved when a person commits herself in doing her career. Mao was born on 9th January, 1987. She realised her talent in acting at only 5 years and began appearing in many drama series. Loure made her first debut album in 1999. Many people love most of her films and this has been a great success for entire Japan film industry. Some of her famous film include Rebirth (2005) and miracle in the pacific (2011).

7. Reon Kadena

Best Japanese Actress

Reon Kadena was born on 19th February, 1986 and is a well known Japanese actress and one of best performing model. This famous lady has made several appearances and films that are currently featured in many video houses of Japan. Most of her successful activities happened in 2004. You will definitely love her beauty and more especially smile. Kadena has appeared in films such as the marking of Dark Fantasy (2006), the pinkie (2014), Ichijiku No Mori (2014) and God’s left Hand and Devil’s right hand (2006).

6. Masami Nagasawa

Best Japanese Actress 2019

Masami Nagasawa is another well known Japanese actress who was born on 3rd June, 1987. Her popularity and success came as a result of making appearance in a popular film known as Gunjo. This famous film is based on an interesting novel that was written by Ayako Miyagi. Taking part in live performance in local dramas is just part of her success. She has worked diligently to gain fame and success at large. This is a talented Japanese woman that I know is one d most desired by many young stars that dream of becoming actors and actresses in future.

5. Keiko Kitagawa

Best Japanese Actress

She was born on 22nd August, 1986, in Japan and is a well known former model and actress. Her first role in acting career is witnessed in films such as Sailor mars and pretty Guardian sailor Moon. Kitagawa’s talents in acting are highly desired by most fans. One of Keito’s first roles is in a film called Mamiya Kyodai. Kitagawa used to be a committed model but decided t quit one career in order to support that other one. Modeling was left aside and concentrated mostly acting hence ranked as one best actresses of Japan.

4. Yukie Nakama

Best Japanese Actress

Yukie Nakama is a successful Japanese actress and singer. She used to be a well performing idol but left to put more concentration in one career that is acting. Yukie comes from a family of five children. She started her career by taking part in singing and gravure idol. In 2006, Yukie released to market first single debut album known as moonlight to daybreak. Many Japanese film fans love some of her successful films and television local dramas. They include Martian successor Nadesico (1998), ring (2000) and Gokuseni the movie (2009). Several copies of these films are sold in Japan and surrounding countries.

3. Miyako Miyazaki

Best Japanese Actress

Miyako Miyazaki has always been on top in most articles, lists and competitions. She is a well known Japanese model based on fashion. Miyako was born on 25th February, 1978 and her name is known by Japanese film lovers. She gained a lot of popularity and fame after winning miss universe pageant and received a lot of reputation in entire Japan. Power rangers jungle fury is one of most aired series in television and has always taken part in it.

2. Nozomi Sasaki

Best Japanese Actress

Nozomi Sazaki is among best actresses of Japan and is ranked in second position of this article. She was born on 8th February, 1988 and has remained to be famous and successful ever since she started appearing in local television shows and films. Apart from just acting, Sazaki is a well known author and has written more than five books sold in Japan.

1. Maria Ozawa

Best Japanese Actress

Maria is best and most beautiful of all Japanese actresses studied in this list. She was born on 8th January 1986 and discovered her career in acting and modelling. Ozawa is very learned and is capable to read in both English and Japanese language. Her character is unique and said to have learned 48 different styles of sex styles. This amazing woman is highly respected worldwide and more so in Japan.

These above are the top 10 best Japanese actress in 2018. This article has conveniently equipped you with correct information about beautiful and best actresses of Japan. Most of them are successful and hence featured in most competitions. Japanese actresses are highly talented and well known among many Japanese film lovers

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