Top 10 Best Japanese Actors

Japan is described as an island Nation that is located in Pacific Ocean. There are several other cities in that place but Japan is most famous of them all. This famous country is best known for producing quality action films. Their films and television shows always capture attention of many people. In our case, we are featuring on best actors of Japan. You will find out that most of them are successful despite fact that they are young. Let us study the list below of top 10 best Japanese actors in 2018.

10. Osamu Mukai

Best Japanese Actors

He was born on 7th February, 1982, Japan. Osamu realized his acting career when he was only a little boy and decided to go ahead with pursuing life dream. Mukai is owner of engineering course from Mejji University where he worked extremely hard and attained best grades in University education. Many people for his admirable talents that have been featured in most movies love this amazing star from Japan and television shows. In 2004, Mukai was awarded a best poster award as best actor of that particular time.

9. Shota Matsuda

Best Japanese Actors 2019

Shota Matsuda is another fantastic actor from Japan who has votes of many young female for his cute physical looks. He hails from Tokyo, in Japan and was born on 10th September, 1985. Part of this man’s family is based on Korea. Shota lost his beloved father when he was four years old only. He therefore decided to pursue his dreams by his own. Many people enjoy watching love roles that are played by him. In 2006, Matsuda released his first film known. That film created a big highway for him to successes in acting career.

8. Hiro Mizushima

Best Japanese Actors

Hiro Mizushima takes 8th position of this article. This great actor, creative director, writer and film producer from Japan has quality features and talents and has many fans. Hiro was born on 13th April 1984. Japanese are fully aware of this popular star especially after taking part in favorite television dramas of Japan. One of drama shows is Gokusen (2006) where he took a role of Hiro Misawa in second season. Hiro was invited to take part in several but bigger roles and used them to create his own legacy. Mizushima has remained among best actors hence featured in this list.

7. Kento Yamazaki

Best Japanese Actors

Kento Yamazaki is very cute and one of best actors in Japan. This great star holds a record of being youngest and best Japanese actors. Kento was born in 1994 on 7th of September and started his career by first signing in one Japanese talent agency. It is in this Stardust promotion where his talent grew than expected. His first debut album was released in 2010 at a tender age. Kento was also featured in a television drama known as Leregnomin Ba Kento (2010).

6. Toma Ikuta

Best Japanese Actors 2019

This article could have been completely unsatisfying without featuring this young star from Japan known as Toma Ikuta. He is 32 years old and was born on 7th October, 1984. Toma started his career by playing different roles in films such as Ouoboros, Maou, Honey and clover and Hanazakari no Kimitachi. Several copies of these films have been sold to many people in Japan and other foreign countries. This market demand indicates that Toma is a talented and desired person. Ikuta has also made to be in many television series such as stand by me, my friend Hitler and Madame de Sade, Kamome and Westside story.

5. Haruma Miura

Best Japanese Actors

Haruma Mira is among best actors of Japan and has been ranked in 5th position for his amazing roles. This young man is popular and successful in his career. He was born on 5th April, 1995. Miura joined a successful group of actors known as J-pop and that is where he discovered his talent in acting. In 1997, Haruma made a role in a drama called NHK and kept a record of youngest successful actor in Japan. That was a highway for his to act in several other dramas.

4. Takeru Satoh

Best Japanese Actors

He was born on 21st March, 1989 at a place known as Iwatsuki-ku, Saitama, in Japan. Takeru discovered his acting talent in 2006 and while still pursuing his O’levels education. Satoh has been a successful star in Rookies and TBS dramas. This is observed especially after taking a role in a successful drama known as Princess D. in 2008. Takeru has also played several other roles apart from that of 2008. As young as he is, many other young people who desire doing acting have regarded him as role model.

3. Jun Matsumoto

Best Japanese Actors

Many Japanese film lovers popularly know him by his nickname Matsu Jun. this amazing young star from Japan was born on 30th August, 1983. Jun Matsumbo is also an Idol, radio Host, actor and successful singer. When on stage, Matsumbo Rocks everything out by delivering out his talent. Due to his hard work, passion, talent and determination, Jun has been awarded with many winning and nomination awards hence featured I third position of this list. Some of his roles are observed in Wilderness, Byakuya No Onna and east of Eden.

2. Tomohisa Yamashita

Best Japanese Actors

Tomohisa is a well known actor, Japanese idol, television anchor and singer. He was born on 9th April, 1985, in Funabashi, China. In 2004, Yamashita pursued his university education in Horikoshi Gakuen. He graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts course and is featured among best actors of Japan. Tomohisa holds second position.

1. Shun Oguri

Best Japanese Actors

Shuni Oguri is the best actor in Japan hence ranked in first position of this article. He is a director, voice actor and actor. Oguri was born on 26th December, 1982 and realised his acting career some few years later. Shun has appeared in so many films and television dramas portraying different roles. He has been rewarded with many nomination and winning awards for his great talent in acting.

These above are the top 10 best Japanese actors in 2018. You are now fully equipped with correct information about actors of Japan. Most of them are young though they have worked diligently towards meeting their goals. This is a great reputation for Japan. Japan actors are talented, determined and handsome. This is according to comments in their web pages left behind by their fans.

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