Top 10 Most Popular Jobs in Philippines

The Republic of Philippines or The Philippines is an island country situated in Southeast Asia; it is a sovereign country that is ruled by a centralised government. There are 7,641 islands in the Philippines, and it is located by the Pacific Ring Of Fire, close to the equator. The climatic conditions are continental here, and it has a population of 102,664,000 and total GDP of about $369.188 billion.

The Philippines is a well-economised country with available job opportunities, and it employs people from all around the globe. It has many IT companies, government teaching institution, human resource development management, tourism and much more. Let’s check the list of top 10 most popular jobs in Philippines in 2018.

10. Medical Technologist ( Pay Scale:PHP 106,299 – PHP 298,023)

Most Popular Jobs in Philippines

A Medical Technologist working in Philippine keeps the knowledge of the various kind of medicine being prescribed by the doctor and safely deliver them to the patient. A Medical Technologist holds the correct understanding of health and medicine so is appointed in every clinic and pathology centers or pharmaceutical companies.

9. Call Center Agents ( Pay Scale: PHP 103,630 – PHP 308,963)

Nowadays in Philippine, there is an elevation of Call Centers that hire as many people as they can. They just need some basic criteria excellent speaking skills in English, and if another language is known that is a credit point and little Education (Graduation). The Call Centers have grown at such a rate that they keep the countries economy afloat! So if someone is in search of jobs Call Centers is the destination.

8. Customer Service Assistant (Pay Scale: PHP 111,750 – PHP 321,154)

In Philippine, many IT companies hire Customer Service, Assistant; it is referred as an ideal job. Here the person should have better communication skills and much of patience as they need to deal with a variety of customers all around the world. Their job is to sit in the back office and sell a range of products being marketed by the company.

7. Technical Support Staff (Pay Scale: PHP 147,346 – PHP 495,012)

In Philippine, the Bussiness Process Outsourcing Industry does a significant role as it hires Technical Support Staff that deals with different kind of technical problems. If anyone does have the right knowledge to support technical issues he or she can apply for this post. To become a part of Technical Support Staff the person should have proper knowledge on Electronic, Communication and Computer Science educations, therefore, engineers are appointed for this post.

6. Teacher or Professor (Pay Scale: PHP 245,655 – PHP409,394)

The school in Philippine is also a significant segment of the country. Therefore, every governmental and non-governmental institutions appoint teachers and professors so if people with required qualification can apply for their jobs around Philippine. The Teacher or Professor are played a remarkable role in a country’s education system as they make their students base on that basis the student can get success in future hence the teaching body take tests for this kind of positions.

5. Receptionists (Pay Scale: PHP 600,000)

Most Popular Jobs in Philippines 2019

Philippine has got many historical and tourist spots and therefore tourist around the world gets attracted towards its beauty. Hence tourism and hotel management play a significant role in which the receptionist are the welcome face for the tourist so they should know how to deal with various kinds of tourists and people coming from around the globe. Working as a receptionist in a reputed hotel, the person should be aware the basics of hotel management.

4. Account Executive (Pay Scale: PHP 132,278 – PHP 687,325)

After IT companies and Call Centers, the Sales is the division that serves Philippines economy; there is a lot of money here. Many Multinational Companies in the Philippines appoints Account Executives who keep perfect knowledge about sales and marketing and is accustomed to the commercial markets.

3. Civil Engineers (Pay Scale: PHP140,589 – PHP 705,386)

Engineering and Technology has a very significant contribution to the overall countries development. Hence the government is concerned with the development of countries infrastructure (buildings, bridges, school, hospital, etc.) There are many assignments for civil engineers in Philippines as it is a developing country so engineers are required for it and they get a good pay structure for their work.

2.Human Resources Manager (HR) (Pay Scale: PHP 188,204 – PHP 1,063,729)

Human Resource management or HR management is a body that deals with the growth or maximization of employee performance in a particular company or service. Philippines has got many MNC’s(Multinational Companies) that appoints HR managers with a higher paying scale and proper qualification(managing skills).

1. Maritime Officers (Pay Scale: PHP 2,058,894 – PHP 62,025,654)

Most Popular Jobs in Philippines

Philippine is a coastal country hence Maritime services serves a lot to state growth and economy development.There Merchant Navy officers, engineers, Deck manager are hired with good salary.

So these are the top 10 most popular jobs in Philippines in 2018, where everyone can apply according to criteria provided, the employee should have sound knowledge, working skill dignity, and discipline towards his function without all these he or she may not succeed.

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