Top 10 Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Medicine is a very wide profession, and it is no secret that doctors are one of the best paid professionals, in the country and the world in general. General practitioners and primary care givers earn less than specialised medics and surgeons, with pay varying with location and speciality. With advancement in research and technology widening in the field of medicine, so does the need for specialists. This is the primary reason some specialities pay way better than others. Surgeons and specialised doctors earn 6 figure salaries, and they earn every penny of it. Here are the top 10 highest paying medical specialities as of 2018.


Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Trauma and emergency physicians probably have the hardest work. They work with limited information and results must be life-saving. They might be the difference between a patient’s odds of survival. They diagnose under time-pressure and unforgiving situations. They undertake the initial assessment before the victim makes it to hospital. They even go to an extent of performing resuscitations if the situation reaches that level. Emergency physicians save lives every day.

9. GENERAL SURGEON – $317,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities 2019

General surgeons perform surgeries and treat patients with complications around the abdominal area. These include the stomach, colon, esophagus, and the digestive system in general. A wide array of diseases can affect the stomach or abdominal area and general surgeons work round the clock to assist in treatment. Follow up after surgery is always called upon and that is why general surgeons demand high pay.

8. DERMATOLOGIST – $339,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Dermatologists take care of the skin. They diagnose, treat and prevent ailments that specifically affect the skin. Conditions such as skin cancer, melanomas and contact dermatitis they also deal with minor conditions such as acne, dandruff, moles and allergic and non-allergic diseases and disorders. Dermatologists also conduct surgical and cosmetic operations as per patient requirements. Dermatologists are however very different from cosmetic surgeons.

7. UROLOGIST – $344,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Urologists take care of the reproductive system of both male and female. Majority of the diseases they treat affect the genitourinary tract and body organs. Even though they also deal with the female reproductive system, majority of these diseases affect the males primarily. These diseases are known to affect the urethra, prostrate, kidney and the urinary bladder. In women, the diseases urologists treat affect the urinary system.

6. RADIOLOGIST – $351,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities 2019

Diagnosis and treatment of diseases that require radiological methods are handled by radiologists. They use radiological images to detect, diagnose and treat these ailments affecting various parts of the human body. Radiological methods they use include ultrasound, magnetic resonance, and nuclear radiology and interventional procedures. Other methods include computed tomography. Over the past decade, advancement in research and technology has contributed to the increased demand of radiologists.

5. PLASTIC SURGEON -$354,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Plastic surgeons basically restore the normal functioning of affected parts of the body. Plastic surgeons specific areas of specialisation include congenital deformities, severe burns, trauma and tissue reconstructive procedures. They correct physical deformations and degenerations on any part of the body that can be restored to normal functioning by plastic surgery. They also use plastic surgery to correct damages caused by cancer. Plastic surgeons offer hope of restoration to normal functioning or look of patients’ affected body parts.


Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Anesthesiologists basically take care of surgery patients before, during and after the session on the table. They are responsible for the life of patients when they ‘’go under’’. They provide detailed information about the patients’ chances of revival after surgery and provide safe dosage for anesthesia according to the patient’s state of health. They manage the post-operative pain and standard recuperative procedures. They also take care of blood transfusion patients, cancer patients and are always called upon before emergency surgery.


Highest Paid Medical Specialities

This is one of the best paying medical specialities for one good reason. With increased concern about diseases that affect the digestive system, and a surge in lifestyle diseases, the need for Gastroenterologists is increasing day by day. They treat all illnesses of the digestive system, provide preventive information and measures and prescribe medicine for the same. While you can find a gastroenterology department in most hospitals, these professionals prefer to work in their own private clinics.

2. CARDIOLOGIST – $376,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Cardiologists are the heart people. They treat all heart-related complications and diseases. There exist two categories of this specialty, invasive and non-invasive cardiology. The former involves diagnostic cardiovascular treatment and the latter focuses on heart failure, coronary artery diseases and congenital heart conditions. This is one of the best paying jobs not only in medicine but as a profession, because it requires high levels of proficiency. It is a complicated area in medicine so only the best candidates make it through to fully fledged cardiologists.

1. ORTHOPEDIST – $421,000

Highest Paid Medical Specialities

Orthopedists are bone and spine doctors. They focus on and manage the body’s musculoskeletal system. They deal with joints, tendons, ligaments, nerves and muscles, not to mention the complex spinal cord. They also work with most specialists on a consultative capacity. The speciality requires years and years of training and experience before achieving expertise. Orthopedists take home huge compensations because they are involved in most types of surgeries, most of which they take part at recuperation stage or at a consultative capacity.

These above are the top 10 highest paying medical specialities in 2018. These salaries are yearly wages, and data is sourced from annual reports by consulting firm Merritt Hawkins & Associates. Cardiologists and orthopedists are the best paying professions currently, but require long hours of training. General surgeons and emergency practitioners also make the list but are nor far away from top spot.

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