Top 10 Highest Paid Engineering Jobs in The World

Engineering and technology jobs were not considered as the coolest jobs earlier but there is no doubt that they are highest paying jobs in the world. In today’s time, we are enjoying the revolution in the field of technology resulting in the requirement of more and more engineers in future. Engineering career demands specialisation in specific stream and students who are focused from an early age often achieve their dream jobs which not only is of their interest but also secure them hefty paychecks for a better future.

Engineers have to brainstorm and work really hard throughout their life to get the position of their choice. Due to tough competition in today’s time, professionals are leaving no stone unturned to get the field of their interest which pays them really good. List of top 10 highest paying engineering jobs in the world in 2018.

(10) Software Engineers: Annual Salary: $99,530

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Information Technology)

The job of a software engineer is to design, develop, write and implements software programming. Apart from the bachelor’s degree and few years of experience, all the top IT firms aim to get more strength of software engineers to fulfil the demand. In addition to the good pay, yearly bonus, attractive pay hike and lucrative offers for the across the borders projects also encourage students to opt for a good software professional position in the company.

(9) Nuclear Engineers: Annual Salary: $ 100,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs 2019

Major: (Nuclear Engineering)

Nuclear energy is very complex with high potential for both positive and negative effect. There are engineers who design, monitor, test and operate the nuclear plants and they further drive the project by which the entire fuel is transported and also stored in the nuclear plant for thousand years. High detailed skills and experience result into moderate effect on high pay for this job.

(8) Marine Engineers: Annual Salary: $110,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Marine Engineering)

Marine engineers test ship equipment, vital parts such as engines etc to understand the environmental effects, operational competence and measures to repair any technical problems. These professionals often work in collaboration with other engineering staff, naval architects and technicians to accomplish the task. They may also design and complete the installation of machinery on the ship and also with associated equipment.

(7) Hardware Engineers: Annual Salary: $115,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Computer Engineering)

The job of a hardware engineer deals with the development of efficient computer hardware system. They design and also plan the manufacturing of computer chips, circuit boards, printers, PCs, and modems. Now you can understand how these engineers benefit from different employment options. The need for growing technology is increasing day by day and in coming time there will be high demands of qualified computer engineers to propose and manufacture more of such products. A computer hardware engineer receives a good salary in return of all the new product inventions that making our lives more convenient.

(6) Material Engineers: Annual Salary: $120,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs 2019

Major: (Material Engineering)

The field of material engineering is very vast and covers almost all the fields. They deal with the new inventions, creation of smart objects such as building bulletproof jacket. The material engineers require to think deeper to create something better and smarter from the existing material like steel and plastic to conjure and create a material that is not served before. It is one of the most fascinating and potential job with subspecialties such as analysing performance, suggesting improvements to boost the cost-efficiency and overall productivity.

(5). Chemical Engineers: Annual Salary: $122,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Chemical Engineering)

A chemical engineer uses practical knowledge and academic study to develop new substances and improve the characteristics of existing chemical products. Due to this, such professionals also find options for employment in various industries. These engineers are hired by environmental companies, industrial companies, control agencies, labs, factories and universities leading to better pay options with all the industries.

(4) Electrical Engineers : Annual Salary: $125,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Electrical Engineering)

The role of an electrical engineer is to design, install, and maintain large-scale electrical equipment for the use in power generation or manufacturing units. They also design the electrical units for aircraft and automobiles. Electrical engineers work in different sectors including telecommunications, manufacturing, research-and-development, and the federal government.

(3). Drilling Engineer : $145,000 Annual Salary:

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Mining Engineering)

The mining engineering job is very challenging as most of their time is spent in designing mines. They have to work very closely with workers and ensure their safety and the efficiency of the projects at the same time. Due to many challenges in their job profile, they are offered lucrative salaries with the best professionals taking home up to $130,000 excluding additional perks and bonus. Mining engineers also have to take into consideration the potential health hazards and address them adequately.

(2) Aerospace Engineering Directors: Annual Salary: $149,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Aerospace Engineering)

The next highest paid professionals with an engineering degree are aerospace engineers. The job of aerospace engineers is really interesting as they hold the responsibility of designing satellites, aircraft and missiles. These professionals also work with the new invention and technologies. They check the manufacturing process and technical feasibility of the certain project in aerospace engineering. With so many interesting roles and in-depth work, they surely deserve the highest salaries.

(1) Petroleum Engineer : Annual Salary: $179,000

Highest Paid Engineering Jobs

Major: (Petroleum Engineering)

Petroleum Engineers are the best-paying engineers in the world topping the list of highest paid professionals with engineering degrees. These engineers get lucrative offers from overseas projects. Experience is one of the major factors to determine the amount received by petroleum engineers. Their job is very responsible where they design and check the overall production method to extract natural gas and petroleum. Most of the engineers world with top oil companies but some also work as researchers for academic institutions.

To conclude, with growing demands for engineers in energy resources, aerospace and mining in coming years. The students with science and maths with good problem-solving skills and good academics can secure an amazing well-paying career in the field of engineering. This is certain that engineering major secure themselves some of the high paying jobs in the world.

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