Top 10 Most Expensive Ferrari Cars in The World 2018

Enzo Ferrari is the founder of this Italian car manufacturing company. Basically they are sports car manufacturers and its founder had no interest in making road cars. But in 1929 they manufactured their first road car named Scuderia Ferrari. If we go through the history of this organisation they have a constant name in racing since they were formed in 1939.

As Brand Finance claims, Ferrari is world’s most powerful brand. The 1962 model Ferrari 250 GTO became the most expensive car in 2012 may. 1969 is the year when Fiat Spa acquired 50 percent of Ferrari and they were able to expand its stakes to somewhat 90 percent. Keep reading to know about the top ten most expensive Ferrari cars in the world in 2018.

10. Ferrari 375MM Coupe Scaglietti (Price $4.8 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

If you closely observe this car its body is designed like sea waves. It has a long stretched bonnet with a small dickey. This model of Ferrari has an elegant and royal look. Not it has a royal look it also poses a brave and royal engine. It is powered by a 4.5 litre V12 engine. It shoots up to 100km/ph from rest in just 7 seconds. The highest speed of this car is 280km/ph. It generates a power of 330bhp and a torque of 435Nm. This vehicle is a royal power house.

9. Ferrari 410 Superamerica Series 2 Coupe (Price $5.1 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars 2019

This car from Ferrari has a bad boy look but it posses great engine and a racing car’s power. Its interiors are magnificent with quite good spacing it’s a sedan you would desire to poses. If you observe its engine it would disappoint you. 5.2 seconds that is the exact time that this car takes to shoot itself to 100kph from rest. It happens so because of its powerful 4lite V12 engine. The top speed of this car is 260kph. It creates a power of 360bhp and a torque of 422Nm. The engine of this vehicle weighs just 1200kg.

8. Ferrari 400 Superamerica Passo Corto Cabriolet (Price $6.3 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

Convertible rooftop cars are a favourite of youngsters. This car is exactly what youngsters love. Long journey are enjoyable and comfortable in this car. According to weather the travellers can change the roof and enjoy their ride. Not only it has a good beauty, it is also equipped with a powerful engine. The car takes just 5.3 seconds to pick up 100kph from rest which happens because of its 4litre v12 engine. Top speed of the vehicle is 265kph. It emits a torque of 326Nm and a power of 340bhp.Its engine weighs 1280kg. The interiors are spacious and comfortable hence it is worth its cost.

7. Ferrari 500 Mondial (Price $7 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

Mondial is a 2 seated racing car that can be driven on rad. Its looks interiors and engine tells us that it has been created to give us the feeling of tracks on road. Focused headlights and roofless system gives a comfortable enjoyable night drive. Mondial is equipped with a 2litre R4 engine which is of 1984cc. From rest it can go up to 100 in just 9 seconds. The top speed of the car is 236kph. It generates a power of 170bhp and a torque of 125Nm. The engine is too light it just weighs 800kg. Its features show that it is worth its cost.

6. Ferrari 330 P4 (Price $9 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars 2019

Ferrari 340 P4 is made for tracks it has powerful body and engine. It has a look of a jet that gives an impression that once started it’s tough to be stopped. The car is also provided with Stepney wheels. The vehicles give the feel of tracks on road. Its engine is quite impressive. It is equipped with a 4litre V12 engine of 3967cc. It can pick up, to 100kph in just 5 seconds. Its top speed is 338kph. It creates a power of 450bhp and a torque of 331Nm. The engine just weighs 875kg.

5. Ferrari 250 GT SWB California (Price $15 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

Ferrari 250 GT as its name suggests it is an elegant vehicle for a joy ride. It has long bonnets and dickey with a small traveller cabin. It has 3liter V12 engine in it that generates a power of 281bhp and a torque of 275Nm. In just 8 seconds it can pick up 100kph from rest. The highest speed of the vehicle is 240kph. If you are planning for a long joyful ride then this is the car that you should try at least once.

4. Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa (Price $16.4 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

Ferrari 250 Testa Rossa has an ant like body with a powerful engine which suggests that this car is meant for both track and road. It is equipped with a V12, 3litre engine. The highest speed of this vehicle is 259kph. From rest to 100 it just takes 6 seconds. It creates a power of 300bhp and a torque of 302Nm. It’s worth more than its price.

3 Ferrari 365 P Berlinetta Tre Posti Speciale (Price $23.5 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

This is one of fastest Ferrari car in the list of Most expensive Ferrari cars. This car in its first look itself shows that it is a hybrid version of a racing car as well as an on road royal car. It is equipped with Stepney tyres and a powerful engine. It has leather covered interiors for comfortable riding. A 4.4litre V12 engine is fitted in this car which generates a power of 380bhp and a torque of 279Nm. It surely is worth its price. It is one of the best vehicles of Ferrari.

2. Ferrari 250MM Scaglietti Spider (Price $28 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

The second most expensive car from Ferrari what makes it so you will get to know when you read its features? An optional co passenger seat make the car look small. But the roofless car has power packed engine. It is driven by a 3.5litre V12 engine that creates a power of 320bhp and a torque of 235Nm. If you don’t ride this vehicle even once then you’re the person who will be at loss.

1. Ferrari 250 GTO (Price $52 Million)

Most Expensive Ferrari Cars

The most expensive car from Ferrari yes you read it absolutely correct. This car comes in two colours black and red the hybrid car has a tough exterior body and a powerful engine. It is equipped with a 3litre V12 engine that generates 302bhp of power and 294Nm of torque. It’s worth its price as it has a lot to its credit.

Ferrari has a great name in sport cars or powerful fast car production. When they entered into luxurious rod based cars it was another hit and appreciation to this company. Ferrari vehicles are a dream car for many all over the world. This is the reason why these cars are the top expensive Ferrari cars in 2018.

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