Top 10 Most Beautiful Motorcycles in The World

It is always exciting to ride a new motorcycle, and those that come with capable performance, neat features and a good price are always welcome. As a biker, nothing can be better than having a motorcycle which delivers on all fronts and can make you a talking point among friends and the opposite sex. 2018 has some interesting offerings that you will love to get a glance at.

These are being loved and lapped up by bikers across the globe, and one look at the features and capabilities of each of these will help you to understand the reason. Take a peek into the top 10 most beautiful motorcycles in 2018, consisting of some of the best lean and mean machines in the two wheeler segment.

10. Suzuki SV650

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

There are not many bikes that are loved as much as this one. Of all its new offerings, it is this one from Suzuki that comes near to recreating the glory of the original 1999 model. It has a cleaner appearance than the latest version of the SFV650 and has a more retro look. Smoothness in every driving experience is the perfect combination found with this bike. The frame and the engine is the same as that of the SFV. It has about 75 hp, and it has lower weight and over 140 components changed. It has a base price of about $7,900.

9. Indian Scout Sixty

Most Beautiful Motorcycles 2019

The comeback of the Scout has been a reason for the major success for Polaris. This brand has innovated unique qualities to match with its performances. It offers a power of 100 hp. The completely new Scout Sixty has a smaller motor with about 1,000 cc displacement capacity and a 5-speed transmission. It has a base price of $8,999.

8. Ducati Scrambler Sixty2

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

The name is itself a brand when we are talking about Ducati. This one is really drool-worthy and looks just like the dirt-track bikes of yore, coupled with a street fighter appearance. This is an Italian brand offering, which makes it costly. But the cost is often unnoticed with the best performance acquired from it. It arrives with an air-cooled, small Twin engine with 41 hp power and 399cc displacement capacity. Its 31-inch high seat makes it perfect for shorter or new riders. It has a base price of $7,995.

7. Kawasaki Z800

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

A mid-sized street fighter, it is being expected to rival the award-winning FZ-09, which was introduced by Yamaha last year. A jaw-dropping performer on the streets, this brand has found strong and certified buyers vouching for its qualities. It is a new offering and is expected to come in special editions and with subtle changes pretty soon. It has a base price of $8,399, and has been priced reasonably.

6. Triumph Bonneville Street Twin

Most Beautiful Motorcycles 2019

You will love this bike with a slightly retro appearance, better chassis and stronger engine. It has a Twin 900cc engine which can offer torque of 59 pounds per feet, and it is paired with a 5-speed transmission gearbox. Few of its best features are found as a traction control system and a USB charging port located beneath its seat.

5. Yamaha SR-400

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

When it came in the ‘70s, the original Yamaha SR-40 became a hit. The re-introduced version rekindles the reasons why bikers fell in love with the original model. It comes this time with a fuel injected single cylinder power mill with 400cc displacement capacity. This is one of the most intelligent bikes for commuting, due to its low height seat and narrow design. The entire experience offered by this motorcycle gives a vintage kick, which will be well-liked by lovers of nostalgia. It has a base price of $5,990, which makes this bike a great deal with reliable performance and antique features.

4. KTM Duke 390

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

Coming with a powerful 373cc power mill, this attractive bike boasts of a responsive chassis. Inventing unique features of this model was one of the mysteries of the bike-world. This is a powerful, light and fun bike, and looks similar to the off-road, muscular offerings from KTM. Its curb weight is slightly over 300 pounds, and it is available at a cost of $4,990.

3. Star Bolt C-Spec

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

At 542 pounds, this is still heavy in size. Its original version, released in 2014, was seen as an affordable rival to the iconic Sportster from Harley. Very fast, it became a top selling model from its maker. The new version has a unique retro feel and a style that is more athletic. It comes with the same V-twin engine with 942cc displacement. The cornering clearance is improved due to the ride height, which is a little taller this time. You will love the style and like the fact that you can ride it very easily. It has a base price of $8,690.

2. Honda CBR300R

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

People simply loved the first version of the CBR250R, and the new one is a decent replacement for the old one. Although there was generous amount of efforts used to make it resemble the previous version but it still has its own qualities. It is lower in weight at 357 pounds and the dynamics is agile as well. This is a low-cost bike which comes with ABS and other interesting features. It comes in various body paint options such as blue, heritage red and white. It has a base price of $4,719.

1. Harley-Davidson Softail Slim

Most Beautiful Motorcycles

This is definitely coming on top of this list. The Softail has one of the sleekest and lowest platforms from Harley, one of the prestigious makers of “big” bikes. The bike is a 700-pound affair, and offers over 100 pounds per feet torque. It is slightly stripped down version of the model Slim S from Harley. It is offered at a base price of $14,899.

These are the top 10 most beautiful motorcycles in 2018, which have got the attention of bikers with their amazing looks, powerful features, promise of capable performance and affordable cost. These are some of the most fantastic 2-wheelers that money can buy, and you will love to have these. Choose from any of these bikes and hit the road with a vengeance!

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