Top 10 Cheapest Drift Cars in The World

Drift cars require an affordable price-tag, aftermarket tuning options, superb balancing, perfect weigh distribution and a light weight. Toyota has been known to be popular with drifters, for their parts availability, fuel economy and flexible tuning options. The Mustang is also a popular model, but not as popular as Mazda. Mazda is as close to a perfect drift car as is Toyota. Nissan seems to be the underdog, having to earn respect, probably also having to prove critics wrong. The following are the cheapest car models for drifting in 2018 while these vehicles are out of production, they are still on the road and you will not have to look past a couple of reputable classic car dealers to find one.

10. Datsun 510

Cheapest Drift Cars

The Datsun 510 has probably been the most popular car with drifters. With amazing traction balance and control, these cars are just amazing to watch while drifting. You have probably come across them if you are a fan of Top Gear or have played any racing video game. They are also friendly for amateurs. Although somewhat hard to find, these cars are timeless and will forever remain in the memories of anyone close enough to drifting locomotive objects.

9. Chevrolet Chevette

Cheapest Drift Cars 2019

The Chevrolet Chevette built its reputation from 1979-1981. It was very popular in America, and being the best-selling vehicle at that time, you can understand how it became so popular with drift action. While it was a great addition to the drifting family, Chevrolet put an unbeatable price tag to the car. Its amazing balance and ability to be stable at top speed added to its popularity and statisitically it was way above its predecessors and competition.

8. Ford Mustang Fox Body

Cheapest Drift Cars

The Mustang Box Body was very popular between 1979 and 1993. Drifters want availability and affordability, combined with ease of customizing, and the Mustang provided just that. It did not disappoint when it came to gaining enough speed for drifting. The availability of its parts and flexibility on tires added to its popularity. Given the Mustang is a fairly heavy vehicle, professionals steered away from them, and rookies found the perfect car heavy enough for learning. The vehicle’s off-road experience is also impressive.

7. Mazda RX-7

Cheapest Drift Cars

The Mazda RX-7 has featured in almost every racing film out there. Its lightweight body and very powerful under-the-hood features make it a very desirable car to cut corners with. Additional balance and a strong wide chassis added to confidence on the wheel. The only downside is that you will probably have to look for the parts a bit harder, but its resale value and aftermarket tuning options makes the trouble worthwhile. It gained popularity both in the US and Japan, although these were the second generation models.

6. Mazda MX-5 Miata

Cheapest Drift Cars 2019

Offering balance and overall superb weight distribution for the perfect drift, the Mazda MX-5 Miata’s name is synonymous with drifters all over the world. Popular with beginners and those looking to go professional with the trade, it is the perfect car to safely tune for its flexibility and compatibility in parts. The car is abundantly available and a quick internet search will yield results. The MX-5 model was in production for very long and inventory still exists for drifting purposes.

5. Nissan 240SX

Cheapest Drift Cars

The Nissan 240SX offers aftermarket tuning and carries with it a price-tag that is incomparable to any other Nissan model. Its handling ability is superb , balance and traction are close to perfect and the parts are very easy to find. Nissan has been known to produce amazing drift cars but none comes close to the affordability the Nissan 240SX provides. The S12 and S13 are not as popular as the SX probably due to the pricing they carry, even though the chassis is the same.

4. Toyota Corolla AE86

Cheapest Drift Cars

The archetypal drift car of the 80’s the Corolla AE86 is legendary. This model offer unbeatable fuel economy, perfect balance, flexible aftermarket tuning options and a general comfortable feel. The Corolla models were popular with advanced drifters, professionals often going for them. Somewhat affordable, these models did not disappoint. It is not that hard to find an AE86 these days, and with Toyota being famous for its compatible and available parts, you should not have a problem rebuilding one if need be.

3. Toyota Cressida

Cheapest Drift Cars

The Toyota Cressida was considered a mid-size luxury car, not the utmost desirable equipment for drifting events. The Cressida is that good. Even though fuel economy will not favor drifters, it will pay for itself in parts availability and affordability. The wide wheelbase takes the vehicle to a desired height perfect for maintaining a long drift. It is great for learning new techniques and will not disappoint you when wanting to do aftermarket tuning.

2. Toyota Supra

Cheapest Drift Cars

You will probably remember the Supra in the videogame Need For Speed Most Wanted. With amazing balancing and tuning options, the Supra is a dream drift car. It is also fast and great to handle at high speed. While the Supra can be a bit pricy to acquire initially, the savings will come when you want to tune it. You will spend less compared to other car options for parts and modifications for drifting.

1. Volvo 340

Cheapest Drift Cars

Safety vehicle the Volvo 340 was, and probably still is one of the most affordable drift cars out there. Its resilience, affordability and parts availability raised its profile among drifters to a point of being a favorite. While you will need a few modifications for it to be ready for drift, under the hood it is finely tuned. The car stood the test of time, never disappointing and still remaining relevant among drift masters to date.

While it is very hard to put a price-tag on these iconic drift kings, these cars do not go beyond the $3,000 mark and they remain the best top 10 options especially if you are looking to begin. Most of them will probably require tuning to make them track ready, but the parts are always available. Toyota is known to make their parts affordable, available and timeless.

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