Top 10 Best Selling Cheapest Cars in The World

Cars have become a vital part of human life. We use them every day for transport purposes and not just human transport but goods as well. Cars are more economical, efficient, and flexible compared to trains, planes, motorcycle and other means of transport. Anybody who is really out to spend minimally in order to purchase a car should calculate beyond the procurement value.

In our order of top 10 cheapest automotive models, we combine a formula that merges the expenditures incurred, which include the insurance, fuel utility and the financing value. Stunningly, anybody can acquire a car at a mere price of $15,000 according to the 2018 cheapest cars shortlist. The models possess efficient fuel saving while they are fun to ride on too. Consequently, these are the 10 best selling and cheapest cars in the world in 2018.

10. Chevrolet Sonic LS Sedan

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost 15,595

Sonic LS Sedan doubles as a gorgeous automotive which is easy to operate. It is designed to be energetic since it is empowered with two designs of engines inclusive of an ordinary 1.7 liter four stroke and an additional 1.3- liter turbo which is optional. The combination generates a 136 horsepower which drives this dual automated car in both the manual and automatic five-speed in both manual and automatic options. The package is priced at $15,595 which any ordinary individual can acquire. Unique features include its 7.5- inch touchscreen device that operates information, the Wi-Fi connectivity, and it’s overall aesthetic beauty.

9. Ford S Sedan 2018

Best Cheapest Cars 2019

Cost $15,675

Manufacturers from India, Europe, Mexico, Taiwan, Argentina South Africa and China through the approximate eight generations from 1974 have been producing the Ford S Sedan. The car is comprised of 1.7-liter twin-independent variable-cam shaft timing technology, (TI VCT). One to four engine and the combination works to a horsepower that amounts to 140. The car operates on manual 5-speed transmission delivery. This awesome package is affordable at just $15,675. The exclusivity of this car is that it can utilize unleaded gasoline which make it an environment-friendly car.

8. Toyota Yaris

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $14,895

Toyota Yaris is a full highly developed device car. By 2000, it had already been successfully launched, and since then to date, it has been listed among the cheapest cars. Among its features include a 1.39-1.49 liter cylinder smart engine that turns 7000 revolutions in a minute. This is equivalent to a horsepower amounting to 105. The car has a dual transmission including the manual and automatic transmissions. The car is affordable at a mere $15,700 price. Other distinct features include trip computers, a DVD player, blue tooth phone connectivity, remote controlled keyless entry and an electronic steadiness.

7. Smart Fortwo 2017

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $14,650

Smart Fortwo was first produced in the late 90’s, and it was fully introduced by 1999. It is a typical two seated which makes it most preferred for couples residing within city environs. Demand has made its manufacture rate to soar beyond 1.82 million units. It is packaged with 3 turbo enabled cylinder engine making a 90 horsepower as well as a regular six-speed automatic enabled car. It is priced at only $14,600. Its size and design brings the best aesthetic for couples.

6. Hyundai Accent GIS

Best Cheapest Cars 2019

Cost $14,475

Produced by the Hyundai Company, Hyundai Accent GI S Sedan is one of the worldwide popular selling cars with top sales being recorded in Africa and the Far East. Probably this is due to the distinctive sale brands that the company adopts in various countries like Hyundai Verna in South Korea or the Australian Hyundai Excel. Armed with a commanding four-stroke cylinder engine, it has a 1.7-liter cylinder that produces a 139 horsepower. Its 15-inch steel wheel comes with covers. This model is priced at a mere $14,475. It is both an automatic and manually operated car, kudos to its dual purpose. Consequently, it has enhanced safety features, unique exterior features, and exclusive interior features.

5. Nissan Versa Note S

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $ 14,230

The multi-tasked Japanese produced Nissan Versa Note S has been in production since it was first launched before 2005. The car is packaged with fully installed devices inclusive that provide luxury in the four seat and spaced car. It is operated on a manual 6-speed transition with a 1.8 liter and four stroke engine. It generates up to 110 horsepower. The car is valued at affordable $14,230. The car is equipped with 5.2 color display and a rearview monitor, alongside other nice features. This is one amongst the top 10 cheapest cars in the world in 2018.

4. KIA Rio LX 2018

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $ 14,165

A car produced by the South Korean KIA company from 2001 the vehicle is now in its fourth batch of production as from 2018. Kia Rio LX has a 4 inline engine accommodating up to 1.7-liter capacity that produces 139 horsepower. It contains enhanced element of GDI (Gasoline Direct Inject) which is updated to match the markets demands. At a fair pricing of $14165, the car is packaged with enhanced satellite radio system as well as advanced brakes which cater for the 4 wheel disks.

3. Mitsubishi Mirage 2018

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost 13,700

Mitsubishi Mirage is a car variety that is produced by the Mitsubishi manufacturers based in Japan. In terms of fuel consumption it has an excellent mileage, making it an environment-friendly car. Armed with an engine comprised of a 3 cylinder with a liter capacity of 1.3, it makes it possible to be operated in a manual four-speed transmission. It goes for only $13,700, an efficient price which rewards with its extrinsic aesthetic appeal as well as conducive air conditioning.

2. Chevrolet Spark 2018

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $ 12,660

The Korean General Motors have produces the Chevrolet Spark. The car makes 85 horsepower from a mere 1.3 liter in a 4 cylinder engine. It’s manual transmission stands at four-speed, and its price is a mere $12,660. According to reviews from city residents, it ranks as the most efficient fuel saver, yet it covers long destinations. The car is best suited for narrow streets and this recommendation, just adds to some of its wonders.

1. Nissan Versa Sedan 2018

Best Cheapest Cars

Cost $ 12,815

Nissan manufacturer in Japan produces the Versa Sedan. This car has the up to date modifications which make it a good car. Additionally, it contains a 1.7-liter cylinder which makes 110 horsepower. Regarding transmission, it is packaged with a five-speed transmission which operates on manual. At the fair cost of $12,815, it is not only an excellent vehicle, but it ranks as the cheapest vehicle in the world as at 2018. Besides, it is modified with the most updated appliances that enable users to use the cheapest machine to access enhanced services.

So, these are the top 10 cheapest cars in the world in 2018. This shortlist has discussed about amazing car models that are not only efficient and reliable, they are also astonishing and economic. They offer a range of variety that clients and those who fancy vehicles with ordinary incomes can get to buy and enjoy their rides.


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  1. Most of these vehicles are not available in India though.. The companies mentioned in the list have their high class models but not these cheap cars.

  2. Nissan offers some budget cars which have high performance and efficiency.
    They can be bought by a comman man too. It’ll not be difficult to maintain such cars by Nissan.
    They offer good comfort and spacious with other good features.

  3. Chevrolet spark is very affordable and gives a good driving experience.
    It is efficient, well designed, comfortable and cheap.

  4. Nissan made cars in the list are most efficient, with good performance and are under the budget. They are fuel efficient and have low maintenance cost. Nissan’s engines are really good and is built to Last long efficiently

  5. Thank God. The list didn’t mention India’s Tata Nano for God sake. That is such a horrible make by a reputed brand like Tata.
    All the cars in the list, though cheap, give very good performance. Unlike Nano, they have good body, engine, build and handling and performance.

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