Top 10 Most Expensive Horse Breeds in The World

“Every Rider has that one special horse that changes everything about him” these are mans most loved pets and will always be every girls fairytale dream to have a own horse with whom she can talk to and burst out all her worries and thoughts and when time comes flee away with her love on the same horse. These are not animals these are man’s best friend and have repute when it comes to supporting their owners.

Horses have been tamed from thousands of years by humans and this has changed to a lifelong friendship between the two which will last forever. There are many poems poets have written to explain this magnificent creation of God. Let’s check the list of the world’s Top 10 most expensive horse breeds in 2018.

10. Shetland Pony (Price – $2000)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

One of the most expensive horse breeds in the world with a long hairy tail and hair on head like a naughty boy’s hair after playing. These are mainly given as a gift to the teen horse riders who are just stepping into horse riding. These horses are maximum 4ft in height which is very suitable for young riders. Shetlands come in almost all colours some of the most prominent ones are piebald, skewbald black, bay chestnut, palomino , roan, dun, grey, silver dapple and cremello.

9. Appaloosa (Price – $3000)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

The mostly used horse racing breeds by Jockeys in the world due to its very strong and muscular legs. This horse really has capacity to run on the racecourse. There is a proverb that says “You can lead a horse to water but can never make it drink it” these horses survive easily even in very less food.

The maintenance cost of these horses is much less compared to other famous racing breeds of horses. Just strength is not enough for a horse so these horses are very well known by its lovers as a very powerful running breed.

8. Clydesdale (Price – $5,000)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

A breed that was developed by crossing Flemish stallions crossed with local mares. Clydesdale gets its name from the place where it originated from that is Clydesdale which is in Scotland. This horse is recognised by the white hair on its legs due to its origin.

These horses are said to be very lovable and kind towards its owners. Used in many movies all around the world as the queens best friends these horses are worth $5000 each the cost may increase with the quality of horse as well. These are still a part of the British Household cavalry.

7. Mustang (Price- $10,250)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Mainly found around the west part of the North American Region this breed of horse is one of the wildest horses when it comes to performance on the racecourse. Initially during the time of kings this was one of the most ruthless horses used on battlefields. A breed well known for its intelligence and stability although this horse is now a wild breed also called globally as roaming wild horse and are very hard to tame but once tamed man’s best friend.

6. American Quarter Horse (Price – $14,500)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds 2019

This horse runs at an awesome speed of 55mph and is found in every beach you go as a horse that gives tourists ride. This horse is also used for pulling carriages and also as a Barrel racing events. These horses are very good in jumping distances and are known for the response it gives to its riders. This is the most common breed of horse in the world that has approximately more than $3 million horses all around the world. Brown, White and black are most common colours of this breed.

5. Paint Horse (Price – $23,500)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

These horses are very similar to the western horses in terms on nature and physical attributes. This horse gets its name from the very weird spots which look like huge pain patches on its body. These horses originated in the United States in 1945.

Some of the weird colour patterns on the body of this horse are namely Tobiano, Overo, Frame, Sabino, Splashed white, Tovero and Chrome. Mainly used now as a hunting horse by the hunters and some also used in the bull fighting events to shoo off bulls due to its fearless attitude.

4. Friesian (Price – $25,000)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Well known for its intelligence the Friesian horses are one of the most expensive horses of all times. These have been used as most loved pets of many famous kings in the world. Specially known as a war horse these are strong giant horses super fast.

Black is the most common colour of this breed of horses although other colours are also there. Another important feature of these horses is the thick mane behind the neck and huge size which can fit in any amount of armour easily. There has not been even one single historical drama without a Friesian.

3. Morgan (Price – $55,000)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

This horse is basically an American breed which is well known for its power, strength and stability both on and off the race course. This breed gets its name from the name of the owner Justin Morgan who actually was instrumental in producing this breed of horse. Initially used as a carriage horse Morgan was one of the most loved horses of the 18th century both by the kings and nobles whose carriages these mighty horses would pull. Very soon the worth and power of this horse was recognised and it just did not remain just a carriage pulling horse but became a Racing horse and won many races.

2. Thoroughbred (Price – $89,259)

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

Thoroughbred is the most famous horse breed used in racing due to its abilities. There can never be a horse race without a Thoroughbred running in it. They can maintain their speeds for long distances and they never give up. These horses are short tempered and are not easily tameable. These horses are mainly bread so that they can race developed in between 1700 AD to 1800 AD these horses are still the most favourite choice for any racer who wants to win lots of money.

1. Arabian Horse (Price – $1,00,000 )

Most Expensive Horse Breeds

There is no terrain too tough for the world’s most expensive and strongest breed of horses the Arabian Horses. These horses are born perfect and worth the high cost they are sold in. These are only bred in Arabia and have an unmatched capability while running.

Used as race horse, carriage pulling horse, shepherd horse, war horse, desert horse and mountain climbing horse this breed is the master of all breeds in the world. They have a stunning manly look and the oldest known horse in the world. The king of Arabia is also a nick name given to this horse.

The looks of these 10 breeds of horses is mesmerising, these are the top 10 most expensive horse breeds ever in the world. These animals are born to win rather born winners with multiple uses for a man. A horse is never useless until it takes its last breath.

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