Top 10 Reasons For Divorce

In today’s world the divorce is in a person’s vocabulary almost every day. The problem is that most people do not want to put in the effort it take to get past hurdles that every marriage is going to face, especially if the couple was very young when they wed. In the olden days, divorce was not believed in so you were expected to get married only one time and no matter what make it work. Listed below are ten of the main reasons for divorce happens in today’s world.

List of Top 10 Reasons For Divorce

10. Differences In personal And Career Goals


When you and your partner have interests in the same things that helps tremendously versus when you both have nothing in common but are trying to stay in a marriage even though neither one of you fit together at all. If you do not find an interest that you both have that is common between you then growing apart will happen to you both and divorce will be a talk that you both end up discussing.

9. Communication Gap

communication gap, Top 10 Reasons For Divorce 2017

Lack of communication is a big factor to couples that gotten a divorce. If you can not discuss things freely and actually listen to each other and understand what the person is meaning then there really is no point in you wasting your time getting married. Communication is key to all relationships. Women are emotional and sensitive most of the time so they perceive things a lot differently and a man will hold all his emotions inside and he clams up without speaking about how he feels. Learn how to talk things out calmly and like adults should and you will be on the road to success in your marriage.

8. Finances

finances, Top 10 Reasons For Divorce 2017

Divorces are not caused because of lack of being financially stable, it is caused by the spouses not agreeing on how the money should be spent or what it should be spent on. The worse scenario is when one of you are a money save while the other enjoys throwing money around like it is candy. Over a course of time the arguments are going to grow bigger and sometimes they just can not be resolved so to remove yourselves from the situation a divorce is the solution to most.

7. Losing Self In The Role Playing


When a husband and wife begin having babies they end up transitioning from being just a couple by themselves to parents of a little human being. Over time the parents lose track of what role they are in and how to switch from one role to the other so they end up growing apart. Be sure to take time for yourselves as a couple even when you start having kids. Hire a babysitter and have a date night between the two of you. Have one of your friends or a family member help out by watching the child so you and your spouse can get some alone time to remember what the reasonings are that you fell in love in the first place.

6. Lack Of Equality


When two people get married, being equals should be one of the top priorities. When inequality happens, one partner may become disconnected and draw back from the other. They are going to feel inferior to the other as well. Once the feeling is placed in the partner’s head there is no way to remove it unless you get lucky and a conversation between the two of you settles the score and sets the record straight. It does not matter if the inequality has to do with a financial status or if it has to do with the responsibilities of home chores, all kinds of things like this will definitely cause a problem in the marriage.

5. Marrying To Young


If you are young and you rush to get married know it probably will not last. You think you are in love. Keep thinking they are the only one for you. Yes your grandparents or you parents got married young. Do not go by what they are like in their married. Everyone’s marriage is different. Yes read a book with a couple that stayed together till they died this is not promised to you. Anything could happen in the time you get married to the next day. People change over time and getting married at a young age can really mess up the love you two have.

4. Abuse


Be it be physical or verbal they both hurt. The fact that they make you feel so low about yourself is one thing but hurting you in anyways physically then that is a huge problem. When they start leaving marks on you and you can no longer hide them people will ask. Get out while you are still ahead. Verbal abuse can turn into physical do not let it get that far. Get help before it is so bad there is no help. Words hurt just like fists. Hearing that you are fat or ugly may be simple but it will stay in your head that you are not good enough. Having the marks and pains on your body lets you know that without help you could end up in the hospital or worse dead. Get help now. Talk to someone you know can help you not just a friend but someone who has a degree behind them.

3. Unrealistic Expectations


If you feel like they are not doing their best and they say they are give up. If it is constant that they stop trying then why fight for something that stays the same. If you want him to get a job then put your foot down. If he wants you to keep the house clean then do it. If you two do not stick to what should be done the marriage is just going to fall apart anyways. No fondation will stay together with sand you have to have a solid solution. Hes not making enough money? He can not get a raise if the boss tells him bno. Stop expecting so much when it will not help the problem. Slow down and look at life if you wanted a rich guy you should have went and found one who owned his own business.

2. Too Much Arguing


Tired of the same old same old? Tired of fighting over stupid things that will never change? Well once you throw your hands up that is you giving up. You will fight sometimes no doubt about it. If you and the other person can not come to an agreement then the fight is going to keep happening no matter what. Either figure it out, ignore it or, or move on because nothing is going to change what is going on. If you can not find a solution then divorce and call its quiets before something worse happens and you say something you will regret for the rest of your life.

1. Infidelity


If you have ever found out that you husband has cheated on you before the marriage or after you are going to be heart broken. Some people can move past this but if you can not then you will see that divorce is the answer. The fact that they had to go find someone else to talk to or to sleep with makes you think you are not good enough. This happens with men and women. The reason that cheat is never understood because why find something else when you have someone willing everyday to be with you. Most of the time they do it because they get bored or you are not giving them what they want. This is not reason to cheat talk it out and figure out what you can do to make it better for both of you. If kids are involved it is so much hard to explain what is going on. Always talk to each other before seeking out another person to talk to. If you are hiding something you do not want found it is cheating.

These are just a few things that can cause someone to go file divorce. There are so many more reason out there that maybe you do not realize what is best for you. If you see that you are having any trouble in any of the things listed on this page then get help. Maybe talking to someone can stop a divorce from happening. If it is physical seek help fast because this is no fun. People are so different than others that one can be getting divorce because of verbal abuse and you are still with your spouse that beats you. Find help and get out before it is to bad. Do not get divorced because you fight over a small piece of food. That is stupid. When they say arguing it means about serious things that can ruin how you think of something. Be careful and know this is what you want before jumping out and doing it.

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