Top 10 Most Important Family Members And Why They Are Important?

Family is definitely the foundation of society and everything else. It is the family that has suffered a breakdown in recent decades, and maybe this reality is something that we all do need to change. Because, to be honest, family should always be the focal point and the one thing that does matter the most more than anything. It is one of the strongest of all influences that kids do have in their lives and for the rest of their lives. Who are some of the top ten most important family members and why? Please read on to learn more about them.

List of Top 10 Most Important Family Members

10. Friends

friends, Top 10 Most Important Family Members

Friends are an emotional support and presence like no other. A person can never do without enough friends in his or her life. When you have good and close friends, it’s almost like you do have, a second family in them. They are there to care for you and about you. You can find friends sometimes more than you can find your own family at times. The truth is what it is. Some friends are closer than others are. The ones who are very close are the ones that will be with you for life and always.

9. Godparent or Godparents


A godparent or godparents are far more than just someone who sponsors you for your baptism. He or she or he and she is like having a very special set of extra parents or aunts and uncles on hand. Why is that? Because, just like your parents, or aunts and uncles do. A godparent or godparents do love you a whole lot and care about you just as much. They remember your birthday, Easter, Christmas, and other important events just like parents and others close to you do. They love you for you, and just because, you are you. Plain and simple.

8. Brother


A brother is a fellow sibling that can be many things to you. Brothers don’t get the recognition that they do deserve sometimes. Why that is? I’m not sure. However, one thing is for sure is this, a brother is indeed someone special and then some in his very own way. Brothers are there to care. They stand by you, through thick and thin, no matter what. You will have fighting with them. Nonetheless, once the fighting ends, the love and closeness is definitely back on. A brother gives you someone to look up to, other than your father, and that is because he is an important and influential man in your life without being dad.

7. Sister


A sister is a very special someone and sibling in your life. She is a person to fight with at times. She is also a person to cry with in the good times and bad. Some sisters are close, while others are far apart. However, both are joyed it seems, by just once loving heart. A sister is someone who understands you better than you do or anyone else can. She is there to care in good times and bad. Simple as that.

6. Uncle


Uncles are just like aunts. They can be many things to children. He is someone who can make you laugh and feel good about you. He is also someone special that you can talk to. You can look up to him too. What is great about an uncle is everything and that is because he takes in interest in you. He is also someone who is there to care and take responsibility for you in the very same manner that he would his own kids. An uncle helps out his or her siblings’ kids to grow up with a solid role model and develop learning that parents and grandparents cannot give the

5. Aunt


An aunt can be many things to nieces and nephews. She is far more than just the sister of your own father or mother. She is someone who is there to care for you and does as much as she is able to do so. Aunts are loving people. They love very much in the same way as would a mother to their sister or brother’s offspring. They can also be godmothers to these very same nieces and nephews. What does make aunts special is this. If they choose to spoil their nieces or nephews, they will do this, and do it in the best way possible. They tend to spoil nieces and nephews as they would their own kids. They also will parent them in the very same manner if given the opportunity to do it.

4. Grandfather


A grandfather is many things to his grandkid or grandkids. In some ways, he can be like a second father, but in a lot of other ways he is so much more. What is this much more? The answer is clear. He is someone who is there to care for you and will give you all the support that he can give you emotionally and in every other way. He is also someone who will give you a little money, if you do need it, or a little more of his time here and there to show you how to do something that no one else can do. Grandfather, just like grandmother, loves you with a love that only grandparents can know for their own children’s children.

3. Grandmother


Grandmother is sort of like a second mother in a lot of ways. However, what a grandmother does is to spoil their grandchildren a great deal in ways that they never did get to spoil their own children when they weren’t children and were adults. Grandmother is someone who knows the definition of unconditional love and then some. She is the one who teaches you special things. These special things can be all about things she learned while being a youngster or to give you advice that is sweet and nice. She is also someone who helps to instill good moral values and lessons in your life from A to Z. Grandma may be older, yes, but she is special you see.

2. Father


Another very strong bond for children is with their father. A father is the man of the house. He is the protector and provider. He is many manly and wonderful things all rolled up into a great parent. He can be nurturing, supportive, caring, and loving. However, just like mother, on the flipside he is also one who disciplines, teaches, and is there to care for his children. His love, just like a mom’s love, is something that is reliable and always there no matter what. Dad is dad. He may be a stern disciplinarian or an old softy in the heart. However, no matter who he is in his heart, he is father through and through just for you.

1. Mother


One of the strongest, as well as, the most bonding of all relationships definitely has to be with one’s mother. From the cradle to the grave, children are linked to their moms, and that is for one reason. It’s a natural connection that starts when a baby is born and continues on for life. Mothers are strong, nurturing, and there to care for the very first moment that their child is placed in their arms and to their breast. A mother is a fierce protector and in their corner champion for sons and daughters. Each mother is individual in parenting a child, which is very true, but the one thing they are the very same is this. It is how they devote themselves to their child or children. The love clearly does show itself in a mother who loves her kids. Simple as that.

These above are the Top 10 Most Important Family Members. Family is something that counts and should always count. However, in today’s world, many are losing sight of this fact and that isn’t so good. We need our families and our families need use. It is a truth that cannot be denied.

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