Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Walls in The World

A wall is a structure that defines an area, carrying a load, or provides shelter or security. Some of these walls are made by humans using their advanced technology to protect their country and their resources. To attain the amazing recognition, the walls must be there for ages to reveal much about history of places. Some of these ancient structures became major tourist attractions, the country benefiting from it. Below list are the most amazing and longest walls in the world you can visit for educational purposes or social interests.

List of Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Walls in The World in 2017

10. Hadrian’s Wall, England


This wall stretches across the north of England from the Irish Sea to the north sea about 73 miles, built by the Romans to protect their colony from the tribes of Scotland. It was named after Roman Emperor Hadrian after visiting the site in the year 122 AD; the construction took six to complete. The remaining part of this remaining wall is one of the best tourist attractions in England. There is a national path that follows the whole length of the wall. It is named as UNESCO’S world heritage site.

9. The Great Wall of China

the Great Wall of China, Top 10 Most Amazing And Longest Walls in The World 2017

It is one of the seven wonders in the world, being built 2300 years ago to protect China at the Northern part from the attacks of nomadic tribes of north. It was constructed under the China Emperor, Qin Shi Huang stretching 8,851.8 kilometers. Through comprehensive archaeological survey concluded that the entire Great Wall an ancient world heritage site of China. The condition of the wall ranges from excellent to ruined, while some portion near tourist centers have been preserved and renovated.

8. The Western Wall, Israel


Herod the great at Jerusalem in Israel constructed this wall by 19 BC. Also known as the Wailing Wall is a popular monument of Jewish religion. It has become a place of pilgrimage for Jews being the closest permitted accessible site to the holiest place in Judaism lying on the Temple Mount. Wall is venerated as the sole remnant of the Holy Temple, making it the holiest place for Jewish people, the most visited site in Jerusalem and one of the most visited attractions in Israel.

7. Walls of Babylon, Iraq


This walls and the gate were made of blue glazed tiles with alternating rows of bas-relief aurochs and dragons. This wall was constructed in 575 BC surrounding the city of Mesopotamia, the modern Iraq. The ruins were started to be reconstructed and restored by Saddam Hussein. This wall is one of the Seven Wonders of the World due to its grandeur and architecture. It is about 85 kilometers.

6. Berlin Wall, Germany


This wall was constructed during the cold war in Berlin 1961 when the war was at its peak in Germany. It was destroyed but during the Soviet Union, was reconstructed back in 1989. This wall was built be East Germany to stop the East Berliners to escape to the west. Its remains can still be found today in Berlin and are one of the biggest tourist attractions. The Israel argues it is a protective wall for the civilians from Palestinian terrorism or the Vietnam veterans’ memorial wall.

5. Aurelian Walls, Italy


This protective wall covers 20 kilometers, 20 feet in height and 10 meter width. This wall encloses the Seven Hills of Rome, constructed in 3rd century by the emperors Aurelias and Probos. The wall consist; of 383 towers, 7020 crenellations, 18 gates and 2066 windows. This wall has been renovated time after time, thus remaining in good condition still today.

4. Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall


This memorial wall was designed by Maya Lin constructed with two black granite engraved with 58,256 names of each soldier. It is a national war memorial in Washington. D.C is a tribute to those people who died during Vietnam War. It is also a centerpiece intended to transcend political controversy, in remembrance of the soldier who gave their lives. This memorial wall consists of three separate parts; the Three Servicemen Memorial, the Vietnam Women Memorial and the Vietnam Veterans Memorial wall. The first part was completed in 1982 and is maintained by U.S. National Park Service.

3. Phoenician Marine Wall, Lebanon


Constructed with hard sand stones, stretching 200 meters and 1.5 meters thickness and it’s the oldest and most beautiful walls in the world. This wall is located in coastal city of Batroun in Lebanon. This marine wall was built for defending tidal waves and invaders. Many parts of this ancient wall still remains today as tourist attraction. Besides being spoiled by rubbish from nearby construction, the sight is really impressing, rocky and moonlike.

2. Great Zimbabwe Walls, Zimbabwe


These defensive walls are located in the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe. They are very old walls surrounding the most of the country’s part. It was the capital of the Kingdom of Zimbabwe during the country’s Late Iron Age. The construction of this wall started 11th century up to 15th century, believed to be built by early Lemba. Inside the enclosure of Great Zimbabwe, there is the conical tower. The ruins at Great Zimbabwe are some of the oldest and largest structures located in Southern Africa, and are the second oldest after nearby Mapungubwe in South Africa.

1. Xian City Walls, China


Xian is a great historical and protective wall in China, stretches 6 square miles, 50 feet thickness and four massive walls. Constructed in 1300, took four years to complete making Xian city impenetrable. The land was the home of popular terracotta warriors. Tourists walk through top of the wall to get the entire view of ancient Chinese city. It was built under the rule of the Hongwu Emperor Zhu Yuanzhang as a military defense system. Since March 1961, it has been listed State Administration of culture heritage of the People’s Republican China

Walls have been built as a means of protection from harsh nature, dangerous animals and enemies or to mark borders since the civilization times. They are also built to serve as memorials while others stand as beautiful pieces of art and the country earning revenue from tourists improving its economical value. The above is list of the amazing and longest walls in the world 2017.

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