Ten Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World

When you walk down the street you see all kinds of different sized people. Well some people overeat or they just can not help how they are. People have medical issues that make them the way they are. These are just ten of the places that deal with obesity. We all love the fast food. It comes in handy when you have worked all day and can not get home in time to cook or you just do not feel like it. Kids are overweight and adults do not help with this problem. They can not tell their kids no because they eat the same way. It is unhealthy and can kill someone. One day you will be fine and the next you will see that your weight is causing you to become lazy or tired and you just do not want to do anything but sleep and eat. Lying around does not help. The healthy foods you need are to high to pay for so why even try right? Well one day you will open your eyes and see it is time to change or you will be in your grave before too long.

10. United States

United States Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In 2017

When you go to any fast food place they always asked medium or large never ask if you want it small. Some places even super size it. Lawsuits have happened because of people gaining weight but it is only your fault. Say no to the greasy foods and stop taking the easy way out. Fix something that is yummy and healthy at the same time. The rate for obese people here is thirty one point eight percent. That is just crazy for a place that has so many different choices.

9. Mexico

Mexico Top 10 Most Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In 2017

Only one percent above the US because well the food is good and everything is fried most of the time. You have the rice and the meats but where is all the greens and the good stuff. It is a serious issue that needs to be changed or they will all lose their lives to the weight crushing their bodies and making them not able to walk. Watch what you are sticking in your mouth before you even do it. Before this place would eat healthy of course that changed over the years because of all the sugars and the fatty foods. The soda is the main problem here. Mainly coke is what you have to drink. A tax has been put on soda but this will not change to much because people love the acidic soda too much to give it up.

8. Qatar

Qatar Top 10 Most Popular Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In 2018

Just point one percent over thirty three percent for the bigger people here is hurting them in so many ways. Making more money made them eat less healthy. One of the richest countries in the world but yet they would rather eat the nasty junk food than to eat something that can help their bodies. Children are become diabetic and hurting because of the foods that are given to them. Start paying attention to the kids and help them. Just because they have the junk food does not mean that they need it. The growth of the country may be one factor that made this place go downhill.

7. South Africa

South Africa Top 10 Famous Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In 2018

Thirty three point five percent of this place is obese. Why you ask? Because it is so hard to get the healthy foods. They are so undernourished that the foods just do not grow. So they are forced to eat the things that hurt them more than anything. It could change if they find a way to get the healthy foods but in order to do this they need to be able to grow it better and not constantly deal with the bad food. The rates have quadrupled in the last few decades and it use to be so low but number seven on a top ten list is not really that great.

6. United Arab Emirates

United Arab Emirates Top 10 Most Famous Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In 2019

Fast food came when the oil came. Making it so much easier to spend money on food that is already cook rather than waste time cooking. The rate of thirty three point seven is not good at all even though there are higher numbers. Six percent more of the female’s face obesity rather than the men. People say it is the history of the place but if they would change just a small amount of what went in they would see a huge change. If someone would show them what could happen to them and their bodies maybe they would change up the diet so they can eat better but they are undereducated.

5. Jordan

Jordan Top 10 Countries With Highest Obesity Rate In The World In

In this country there is more woman that men that are overweight. They have made a connection of obesity and marriage, stating that when you marry there is a restricted lifestyle that has come with that honor as well as unemployment. Also getting married early is suppose to cause the weight gain too and then they have taken factors like smoking and the person’s wealth into consideration of that being more reasons. This is why Jordan has been placed on the list.

4. Egypt


The main problems in this area is caused because of rapid industrialization and the rate of fat people in the cities are two times the amount as the ones that live in rural areas. There is way too much cheap food like fast food that of course we all know does nothing good for the body. All the eating of that junk and then not exercising correctly, it results in the fat rolls. They have the absolute highest diabetes rates around the world and the teens drink a lot of sodas which causes weight gain as well.

3. Belize

Located in Central America, this country normally stays low but there fat rate is way up high. This place is just a little bit south of Mexico and they speak English here. But that does not mean anything since the obesity is still a major problem. Mexico was already talked about but just to drop a little more information on you about Venezuela, Trinidad, and Tobago. They too have tremendous issues with people becoming obese.

2. Saudi Arabia

Saudi Arabia

It was less than ten years ago that Forbes magazine said that Saudi Arabia did not come anywhere near obesity rates being high but somehow since then the complement changed and now they are number two on the list. The numbers are high, 70 percent, and like most of the others on the list, diabetes rate are rising right along with that fat group rating. Health insurance plans will not cover anything that has to do with weight. The country themselves pay for all of that.

1. Kuwait


In the country is it a common occurrence that people love going out to eat at a fast food restaurant. Because of how much food is being eaten here every single day it has given another American idea a chance to be introduced. The stomach stapling has now gotten to the people in Kuwait and now about five thousand people every year are having the procedure done on themselves. The reason weight is the big issue in this place is because of all the oils and American food that has been put in the country.

Every year there are millions of people that die from being overweight. If you do not want to end up like that then changing your diet and adding just a walk a couple time a week will help out so much versus stuffing the faces with cheeseburgers and french fries. Obviously none of that stuff is good for the body so aside from it being great tasting, why else would you want to ingest it. I am sure that you want to live a long and happy life so cut back on all the grease and give a healthy lifestyle a new try.

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