Ten Most Hottest South American Women Right Now

South America is home to so many natural resources like the Amazon Forest, Angel Falls; the highest uninterrupted waterfall fall and Atacama Desert. These are some of the natural resources they can brag of. When it comes to women they have some of the world most beautiful women especially in the entertainment and modelling industry. South America actresses and models are so beautiful.

All these women have earned a place that is reputable in these two sectors of entertainment and modeling. Check out below the list of the top 10 hottest South American women in 2017.

10. Aubrey Plaza

Aubrey Plaza

When you watch Aubrey in the movies she has been featured in, you will not only find her very attractive but also very funny. She is a comedian and an actress. Her career in acting started when she was an intern. The origin of her name is the song Aubrey sang by Bread. She has studied in New York University Tisch School of Art. She has played a role in the movie Safety Not Guaranteed. She is very beautiful and she is also a member of the Los Angeles basketball team.

9. Luli Fernandez

Luli Fernandez

She is one of the most dedicated South American models of all times. Her country of origin is Argentina. She has a perfect body that has led to her getting to work with several brands to make their products known to the people. She has worked with guys like Fernando Gaga a Real Madrid star and Mick Jaggar who is a rock star. She is what you would describe as beauty with brains, because of how she has dedicated all her effort to her work.

8. Monserrat Bustamante

Monserrat Bustamante

She is a Chile citizen. She is among the few hot women who have established themselves in the industry. She is a model, a singer and a songwriter. She has been in the industry for several year since in the year 2006. In her modelling career, she has worked with several fashion designers and fashion companies which has led to her fame all over. Her curvy and sexy body is the reason why she always get praises for a job well done in modelling.

7. Ana Paula AraUjo

Ana Paula AraUjo Top Most Popular Hottest South American Women in 2018

She is a Brazilian beauty who has not failed to surprise the world with her amazing beauty. Brazilian women are very beautiful and sexy. She is an amazing model who has worked with several companies like Sport Illustrated Swimsuit edition which led to her popularity when she was featured in 2007. She has also worked with Joanne Gair and Liz Claiborne some of the big names in the South America modelling industry. Her chocolate body complexion is what makes her look hot.

6. Keri Hilson

Keri Hilson

She is one of the best when it comes to music. She is a record producer, singer, song writer and actress who has been good in whatever she focuses on doing. In music, she has worked with several labels like Timberland’s records. Some of the themes on her song are about intimacy, women and love. As an actress, she was featured in the movie Think like a Man which was an award winning movie. She has won several awards. She is very beautiful and has succeeded in catching the attention of everyone when she is on the screen.

5. Paula Garces

Paula Garces

She is a Colombian beauty. Though she never lived in the South Americas, she still traces her origin there since she was born there. She moved to New York when she was still young. Her beauty is beyond compare. She is an outstanding model and actress who has played in several hit movies and series. Some of these series movies include: Defying Gravity and Guiding Light. She is very hot and you will agree with me when I saw, she is a treasure that was found early in the Colombian map.

4. Janet Jackson

Janet Jackson

She is not that young, she is only 46 years and still looks pretty hot like when she was still in her early twenties. She is an RnB and Pop Singer and movie actress. She is very talented especially in her acting career of acting television series that are sexually provocative and socially conscious in terms of the theme. She looks hot on screen and off the screen.

3. Shakira


She is one of the few personalities in the entertainment industry that you would not be waiting for someone to explain to you who they are. She is one of the most famous singers, models and female celebrities. Her country of origin is Colombia. She is known all over the world especially due to her English album. We all know that South American are Latin speaking countries, but Shakira decided to defy the odds and do an English album which was a major hit in the industry.

2. Nikki Griffin

Nikki Griffin

Though she is an American Actress, she was born in Mississippi on the 16th of April in 1978. She studied films related courses in the University in Los Angeles. She is not only an actress but has also worked as a special effects makeup artist but not so much on the professional aspect of this art. Her first movie was Dawson Creek in 2000 and since then she has been featured in several movies. She is very hot and beautiful.

1. Aline Nakashima

Aline Nakashima Top Most Famous Hottest South American Women in 2017

She is the hottest woman from the South Americas. Her country of origin is Brazil. Brazil is the hotbed for beautiful models and actresses. She is also one of the most talented women who have a charming personality. She is recognized for working with several fashion designer and Brazilian brands. She is very hot whenever she gets on the stage to give the world a chance to see what a beauty she is. She is the hottest on our listing today.

Finally as I conclude, as evidenced above these are the top ten hottest South American women. All these women you will find them both attractive and talented in the different areas of specialty they are in. most of these women are either models or actresses, so you will find them in films or fashion sector.

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