Top 10 Richest Terrorist Groups of The World

“How can you have a war on terrorism when war itself is terrorism?” ― HOWARD ZINN
The post-war world has seen a significant rise in the practice of terrorism as world’s biggest threat to the humanity. Terrorism is often defined as -: “the unofficial or unauthorised use of violence & intimidation in the pursuit of a political aim.” Intimidation is thus a primary goal of terrorism.

Terrorism if judged from a political aspect, is a subversive and violent method of posting terror attacks on the contemporary society who defy them. These are done with the objective of attaining severe political aims. Creating panic attacks and spreading fear psychosis are the two most important objectives of terrorism.

Money is deeply entwined with terrorism. Terror organizations, business groups, illegal practices are the main hubs which work as the primary fundraisers for the terrorist groups. Quick cash is thus the easiest mean for their existence. Therefore, it is quite clear that more the power the more is the monetary influence. With the inactiveness in its work, a terror group gradually starts to perish. In recent times few terror groups have shaken the world, and it is very astonishing to notice their annual turnovers. The top 10 richest terrorist organizations are:

List of World’s Top 10 Richest Terrorist Groups in 2018

10. BOKO HARAM (Net Worth: $25 MILLION)

BOKO HARAM Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

It is an Islamic extremist group operating from northeastern Nigeria and is also active in Chad, niger, North Cameroon.Their main financial help is received through kidnapping and collecting a huge amount of ransom from the victims. Apart from these bank robberies and drug trafficking are also executed. Since the total monetary transaction takes place through courier services it becomes impossible to track the illegal activity. Donation from Islamist fanatics is also witnessed.

9. REAL I.R.A (Net Worth: $50 MILLION)

REAL IRA Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

Irish Republican Army is a paramilitary force which aims at the unification of the Ireland. In recent years it has gained more power than the Irish national army. Its main bounties come from illegal fuel operations and smuggling.

8. AL-SHABAB (Net Worth: $70 MILLION)

AL-SHABAB Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

A jihadi terrorist group from east Afghanistan. In 2012 it pleaded allegiance to a larger terrorist group known as the Al-Qaeda. Bounties are received mainly through the exchange of information. In 2015 Kenyan Government endowed a value worth 20 million Kenyan shillings.

7. LASHKAR-E-TAIBA (Net Worth: $100 MILLION)

LASHKAR-E-TAIBA Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

The largest, popular and the most active terrorist group from South Asia operating mainly from Pakistan. It is noted that Pakistan is the main resource supplier behind this organization. The earthquake provided by Great Britain to Pakistan was channeled into the pockets of the LeT. Also, Pakistan and Kashmir business groups provide donations. Again donations are collected from the celebration of martyrdom programs,which is a very shrewd way to instigate the nationalist nerves of the sympathizers to extract money.

6. AL-QAEDA (Net Worth: $150 MILLION)

AL-QAEDA Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

A militant Sunni Islamist fundamentalist group. It is a multi-national organization which came into existence from 1988. It is identified as a terrorist group by the United Nations Security Council, North Atlantic Treaty Organisation, European Union. This group heavily rely on the businesspeople, charities by fundamentalist houses namely international Islamic religion organization, international benevolence foundation, munafiq foundation. Not only this Southeast Asia, Europe, and Africa are deep pocket donors.

5.TALIBAN (Net Worth: $400 MILLION)

TALIBAN Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

An Islamic fundamentalist organisation is operating from Afghanistan. This insurgency is thoroughly criticised by the Muslims throughout the world. 50% of their finances are done by heavyweight companies and denying them money means the execution of heinous crimes. 6% is supplied by the imported tax. Apart from these, the profit received from drug smuggling is spent n the ammunitions, fuels. The cultivation of poppy is an another way to extract money. Illegal deforestation is done extensively to perform illegal timber plantation.

4.HEZBOLLAH (Net Worth: $500 MILLION)

HEZBOLLAH Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

This group is a devout follower of the Shia sect of Islam. This is a militant group based in Lebanon which is growing significantly. The main reason behind their secured financial condition is that most of the activists either belong to business families or African diamond explorers. They have got their investment portfolios. Many Muslim fundamentalists donate a lump some amount of cash to this group. Even countries like Iran and Syria provide monetary aid. Drug and cigarette smuggling are done to raise funds.

3.FARC (Net Worth: $600 Million)

FARC TOP Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

Fuego’s Armdas Revolutionaries de Colombia-Ejercito del Pueblo is a guerrilla movement operating from Colombia since 1964. This was started by Marxist-Leninist peasant force. Their main political agenda is to achieve success in agrarianism and anti-imperialism. Cash is funded through kidnapping and ransom, illegal mining, extortion, illegal drug smuggling, bank robberies, drug cultivation. They have also succeeded in imposing a tax on the products of the area under their control.

2. HAMAS (Net Worth: $1 Billion)

HAMAS Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

Palestinian Sunni Islamic fundamentalist organisation with a social service wing named Dawah. In 2011 a survey showed an estimation of US$70 MILLION annual turnover. Mainly funded by internal Palestine(85%). Jordan, Qatar, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, Britain, Germany, US are the deep pocket donors. Charitable works by the sympathizers are also a source of their income.drug smuggling, credit card fraud cases, multimedia copyright infringement are the ways of their income.

1. ISIS (Net Worth: $2 Billion)

ISIS Richest Terrorist Groups 2016-2017

The Islamic state of Iraq and the Levant are also known as the Islamic state of Iraq and Syria. It is a Salafi-jihadist militant group believing in the Wahhabi doctrine of Sunni Muslims. This group is subjected to worldwide criticism by the Muslims for associating it with Islam and declaring caliphate. It is recorded that they won gold, silver, copper mines for supporting their needs.they even strip off the insulating cover of the wires to obtain the copper wiring. From these copper coins are made based on the design of the Umayyad caliphate of the 7th century.

The sad part of terrorism is that it was not built in a day. Rather tremendous infliction of deprivation, racism, apartheid policy gave birth to these threatening organisations from their repressed Taliban complex. Many superaltern nations to establish their power exploited those subaltern nations. Further terrorist groups often moved by a certain ideology try to create their so-called social reform which in turn takes the shape of an unsocial demonic force. Moreover, there is an instigation from various governments also. Thus it is a natural tendency of the powerful to hoodwink the powerless and in this way it is becoming tough to reach to a solution.

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