Top 10 Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in History

As God created man, He gave him the order to subdue the earth. The man started making innovations so as to help themselves in the course of living. Humanity has an amazing invention that to some extent very outrageous. At some point, all human beings make mistakes and the mistakes at times turns to be very enormous.

The man has created many things, and there are some of them that have turned against the human. Globally, some memorable manmade disasters have happened. They were very catastrophic to the extent of living very many dead while others were injured. Below is a list of the top 10 most memorable human-made disasters in the history. They are:

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in History

10. The Great Smog

The Great Smog

The great smog was a great disaster that was caused by human beings in London. This disaster is dated back in the year 1952 when one was trying to use coal to warm the home of residents. Coal can be an air pollutant when employed in large quantities, and this was the case in London. Due to the burning of the coal, it leads to air pollution that caused very harmful industrial gasses. Due to the gasses that were being emitted, it affected the respiratory system of the residents. Many hailed from the air that had been polluted. It had taken time before the mistake was kept in place. The residents suffered from the tract related problem as well. It is a disaster that is still in the mind of the citizens never to be forgotten.

9. Fidenae Amphitheatre Collapse

Fidenae Amphitheatre Collapse Top 10 Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History

The collapsing of the amphitheater is dated back in the 27 AD. There was a local business who laid the foundation of one of the stadium since he wanted to have a celebration of the Gladiatorial game after the ban was lifted. During the process of the construction, the materials that were used were not of the substandard. It is because it was done in a hurry to fulfill the time span that was given. When one of the events was ongoing, the venue collapsed, and there were very many who lost their lives. There was approximate of over twenty thousand people who died on that day.

8. Church of the Company Fire

Church of the Company Fire Most Famous Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2020

The church company fire happened during one of the celebrations in the church. The fire was ignited by one of the lamps that were being used in the church. The fire caught one of the long drapes, and the fire started spreading all over the place. It is said that there was an onlooker who tried to extinguish the fire, but the flames kept on intensifying. The fire blazed hard, and the wooden roof caught fire which could not be put off at any point. Since there were very many individuals, the biggest number burnt down while only a few people escaped. There were more than 3,000 individuals who lost their lives in the disaster.

7. Chongqing Bombing

Chongqing Bombing Top 10 Famous Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2020

The Chinese city was avoiding the bombardment by the Japanese army. There were very many persons in the place were trying to escape in the bomb shelter they were found inside. Unfortunately, it did not stop until past three hours. The more the people stayed in the shelter, the more they could suffocate. They stayed for a very long time, and people started suffocating. Nearly all the people that were in the shelter died. There is an estimate of more than 25,000 who lost their lives in that particular incident.

6. Tenerife Airport Disaster

Tenerife Airport Disaster Popular Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2020

In 1977, the most memorable airport disaster happened in Tenerife. The airport system saw that there was a big bomb that went off at Gran Canaria airport and the entire plane that on board were all directed to land at Tenerife airport. There were very many planes that landed at the airport and the fog in the place was too much. The place became dense, and nothing more could be done to stop the aircraft from landing. There was too much fog in the area that leads to very many people lose their lives. In that particular accident, there were more than five hundred individuals who lost their lives.

5. Banqiao Dam Collapse

Banqiao Dam Collapse

With the remembering of the most famous human-made disaster, this dam is also on the list. This dam is one of the dams that had been repaired and restored again. At that particular time, there was too much rain, and the end results were too much water flowing into the dam. The dam was not too strong to hold too much water hence leading to collapsing. There were over 25,000 who lived near the dam who lost their lives after the fall. More than 145,000 people became exposed to the epidemic disease during that time. It is an incident to be remembered.

4. Halifax Explosion

Halifax Explosion Most Popular Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2019

Halifax Explosion was an accident that was due to a collision of two ships. The two ships were both carrying very explosive that were very destructive. There were enormous tsunamis that were present at the time. At the shore, many people were gathering around to see one of the vessels that were sinking. Unfortunately, there was 18-meter high tsunami that built up and dragged very many people into the water. More than 7,000 were severely injured, and there was also a significant number of people that lost their lives.

3. Bhopal Disaster

Bhopal Disaster Top Popular Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2019

In India there was a pesticide plant that had a wrong place and started leaking. The primary cause of the leaking was a tank that exploded accidentally. In that incident, 8,000 people lost their lives. 200,000 were all admitted to various hospitals to receive treatment since they were suffering from MIC symptoms.

2. MV Dona Paz

MV Dona Paz Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2018

MV Dona Paz is yet another accident that is still fresh in the mind of people. It was a severe accident that occurred on your way to Manila. Two ships were ferrying gasoline collided. As a result, people started jumping into the sea to try and save their lives. The survivors were only 26 while there were more than 15,000 individuals who died in that incident.

1. Benxihu Colliery Explosion

Benxihu Colliery Explosion Top Most Memorable Man-Made Disasters in the History 2018

In 1942 Japan had a large project that involved coal and iron mine. Accidentally they were set ablaze by an explosion of gas. The fire was very massive, and there were only a small number of people that evacuated from the place. Unfortunately, the workers who were in the place did not get a chance to be saved. They all burnt in the site. The site lost more than 1,500 individuals.

Human made accidents have been very many due to the errors caused by man. If inventions still continue, there will be more and more unfortunate situations that will be experienced in the future. The main thing that is required is keenness in all the activities that man is undertaking because they can lead to accidents at any time.

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