Top 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Even though teenagers have a bad reputation for being lazy and wanting to sleep all day, some actually like to have money in their pockets so on weekends they can go shopping or out to eat with some of their buddies. If this is what they are wanting then them getting a summertime job would be a perfect opportunity for them.

Checkout the Top 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens in 2018

10. Housekeeping


I know a lot of times there are the teens that will keep their bedrooms destroyed and refuse to get up and clean it because they apparently are too lazy. It may be hard to believe but there actually are good ones out there that enjoy keeping everything clean and tidy. For the ones that are like this, a summer job being a housekeeper would be perfect for them. They will get paid about ten bucks an hour and it teaches them responsibility and expands their organisation skills. During summer months most tourists begin travel into town so that means hotels are going to need extra hands for keeping the facility clean, that is where the kid comes in.

9. Landscaping

Landscaping Top 10 Best Summer Jobs for Teens

The teens that love being outside during the warm months should consider earning some money by doing landscaping or some type of yard work. There are so many people out there that just do not have time to care for their own lawns and will be willing to pay someone else to do it for them since it saves time for the adult. Think of all the elderly people that have gotten to down in health and just can not do the job on their own. They need help and a teenager is the perfect one for the job since they are young and have all the energy to be able to get everything done like it should be. Not only will it give them some money but also they are going to get a great physical workout from doing it too.

8. Tutoring

Tutoring Famous Best Summer Jobs for Teens

For those of you that enjoy school work or are wanting to be a teacher one day might want to consider becoming a tutor for the summer. There are a lot of kids that go to summer school that will need all the extra help they can get for learning the subjects that they are bad at. This is going to give you a really good opportunity to earn money while helping out some other kids that are horrible at the subjects that you actually excel in. Most teenagers are terrific with technology so if you wanted you could start tutoring adults on how to use a computer better than they currently can. A tutor can earn up to fifteen dollars per hour in the beginning but as time goes on and the more your experience grows so will the pay rates.

7. Nanny

Nanny Most Famous Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2020

The teenagers that have a more loving personality and if they enjoy being around small kids then they should decide if being a babysitter might be a good summer job for them to earn a little bit of spending money for themselves. The good thing is that even though school is out for the summer, parents still have to work since they do not get a three month long summer vacation like school kids and in turn they will need someone to watch their children that are at home because of them being out of school too.

6. Life Guard

Life Guard Top Famous Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2019

If you are a great swimmer and need a little spending money for activities to do while school is out then maybe getting a job as a lifeguard would be a good idea for you. There is a lot of responsibility that is involved in this job though, like making sure no one whether they are a child or adult, drown or get hurt in the water. Anyone over the age of fifteen years old can get a lifeguard certificate so since you will need one of them maybe it is best to plan ahead if you are wanting to do something like this for the summer. You will need to be very mature and act as a professional when on duty. It is very rewarding in the end though because it not only helps develop a great system of how to make decisions in quick responses but also gives the teenager a confidence they have never has.The pay is not half bad either, depending on where you live you will get somewhere between nine to ten dollars an hour.

5. Internships

Internships Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2020

If you are on your way to a job but you need to get into an office to get some practice in ask around and see who is doing internships. Yes it will help you in two ways one with money, two with experience. Some of these jobs are unpaid but you will learn how to do certain things that will help you get a job that will pay you. Complete the internship so if you are asked if you have background work you can say yes. Go to your guidance counsellor and they can help you find the perfect spot to intern at.

4. Food Service

Food Service Most Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2020

Doing something in a food service job will help you be more social with others. If you have problems working around a lot of people see if you can help out a family member that has a business in the food area. You will be able to get out and meet new people that can help you later on. If you get a job like this later on you will be getting close to ten dollars an hour at some places. If you work at a restaurant then you will be able to sometimes get tips. No matter what you will have to face your fears of the social life.

3. Retail Sales

Retail Sales Top Popular Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2019

Wanna get a job that is easy and you stay out of the eye of people? Well this will help you. Go to a grocery store or a business and see if they will let you stock the shelves or if they will let you do clean up. Sometimes the pay is close to thirteen dollars per hour. You sometimes will have to talk to the public but only if you are on the floor and they need help. Do not feel scared to do something like this it will help you in so many ways.

2. Golf Caddy

Golf Caddy Most Best Summer Jobs for Teens

Live near a golf course? Well go everyday and see if they will tip you for carrying the bags for them. It is worth a shot and it could be a good way to earn money while you are out of school. This will help you find the high up people that could possibly help you get a better job that pays way more. Most people who golf have at least a little money. So ask around and maybe someone will have you working for them everyday of the week or at least every other day.

1. Camp Counselor

Camp Counselor Top Most Best Summer Jobs for Teens 2018

This is where you can pick up some cash. All you do is watch over the kids that are there and sometimes help with the adult life to. It helps if you have this to show you can take care of others and not just yourself. Be active with the kids and show them some cool things you know. Yes it is sometimes a boring job but it helps with money in your pocket. The people will let you do this most of the time because camps are always short on hands.

These are just a few of the jobs a teenager can do during the summer. Some will help them in the future with other jobs and will college. So let them get out and drive them if you have to. It helps both of you because they will be making money and not asking you for it every day.

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