Top 10 Most Famous And Best Travel Blogs

In the current world, we all want to feel independent in everything we do be it cooking a new meal, prepare or assemble different equipment you can tell everything you want to do independently. The one thing that everyone would want to do is travel around the world without having the complication of getting lost. Thanks to travel bloggers, who have gone around the world have shared their experiences around the world. They review for you the best hotels and the best destinations to visit.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Famous And Best Travel Blogs in 2018

10. Nomadic Matt

Nomadic Matt Top 10 Best Travel Blogs In 2017

Starting our listing today is the Nomadic Matt that was created by Matthew Kepnes. If you want to travel on a budget, you should get to visit this blog. It has informative information on the best way to plan your budget and about the best oversea jobs, all of which are meant to ensure that you will have an affordable travel. The writer is known as having written the article: ‘How to Travel the world on 50$ a Day’ on New York bestseller. You will get all information you need to ensure your travelling is pocket friendly.

9. The Blonde Abroad

The Blonde Abroad Top Most Travel Blogs In 2017

This blog is about travels and lifestyle. It has been awarded as the best solo female travel blog. The writer Kiersten Rich has travelled to over 50 different countries and she has shared with the world about travelling around. It also provides you with the female solo travel and travel lifestyle. Yah there is a lifestyle that you have to follow to make your travelling worth the experience. It also features photography and festivals from around the world. It is more suitable for female solo travellers.

8. Travel FREAK

Travel FREAK Top Most Popular Travel Blogs In 2018

In this particular one, the writer Jeremy Scott Foster focuses on beautiful photography from all over the world. It has been acclaimed as an adventure travel site. The writer has not only focused on the best places to go, but he gives you an insight of the best times and the worst times you will face will travelling there. What makes it interested is that Jeremy has been featured by Travel+ Leisure and National Geography and has been travelling the world as a freelance journalist, blogger and digital influence.

7. P.S. I’m on My Way

P.S. I’m on My Way Top Famous Travel Blogs In 2018

It has been known to focus only on the things you are meant to learn when you are out the in the world exploring it. Its writer is Trisha Velarmino. She has also focused her writing on the different cultures, languages and food and the feeling you have when you share in another culture through the food, their language and engaging in their way of life. You will be offered with the best information on how to live in different places in the world.

6. LandLopers

LandLopers Top Most Famous Travel Blogs In 2019

This one is the best in offering you the best information about luxurious travelling. Its writer is Matt Long a renowned traveller who has travelled in all the seven continents and has been to 70 different countries. He has been awarded amongst the best bloggers. He focuses on writing about the experience of travelling around the world when you are driven by the curiosity to discover what else is found out there in the world. Visit the blog to get the best information on luxurious places to visit.

5. Be My Travel Muse

Be My Travel Muse Top Best Travel Blogs In

Yet another blog that focuses on solo female travel. It does not only provide you with information to roam around the world but also on how to make it adventurous. The writer Kristin Addis was a former investment banker who decided it was enough sitting down, sold all her things, and decided to travel solo all over the world as she satisfied her desire on adventure. She offers you the best destinations, resources for your travels and outdoor adventure.

4. Travels of Adam

Travels of Adam

This is about the experience of its writer Adam Goffman. It features unique personal stories from around the world. On the site, there is a city guide on travelling from Bangkok to Berlin. What has made this site or blog particularly popular is the addition of other topics on festivals, cultures and art museums in different places around the world. For the lover of exploiting different culture around the world, they should visit here if they want to know the best cultures in the world.

3. The Modern Traveler

The Modern Traveler

This blog has been noted for focusing on luxury travelling. Its writer Leah has a belief that healthy living when complemented with travelling is the best food for the soul. In her articles, she offers you the best information on the best hotels, activities around the world and on the best foods to eat when in different places of the world. In my opinion, this is the best pace to get adequate information when you want to ensure you will remember every detail of your trips in the world.

2. A Luxury Travel Blog

A Luxury Travel Blog

Unlike other blogs that focus on the adventure of the writer, this one purely focuses on the luxurious destinations that have been visited. Its writer is Dr. Paul Johnson who has been on the travel industry for about 25 years and 10 of these years have been spent or focusing on his blog. He has been awarded as the Best Travel Influencer by WIRED magazine. His blog has been awarded as one of the best for luxury. Visit here and get the best information and resources to help you.

1 Trip101 Blog

Trip101 Blog

The reason why this one has been awarded number one is due to the fact it has been attributed to a group of travel writers. It has resourceful information to give you an inspired travel around different places in the world. If you are enthusiastic about having adventure outside your home country, visit this site and get the best information that is meant to facilitate you with best and meaningful way to explore the world.

As I conclude these are the top ten best travel blogs for you. You need to visit any of them if you are looking to find the best information, photos and experiences of different travel bloggers in the world. After getting information from these sites, you will independently travel the world.

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