Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies In The World

Many crime rates have been recorded in the world today. Many countries worldwide are faced with this problem. Some of these counties are developed but have no further investment because people fear earning more wealth. In this list however, we are going to study 10 most affected countries with robbery crimes. It is always good to learn about them before making a decision of visiting there. Study them in list below.

Checkout the list of Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies In The World in 2018

10. Uruguay

Uruguay Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World

Uruguay is a famous country that is located in Southern parts of America and takes the inner part of beach lined coast. It is known worldwide for many reasons. One of these reasons is robbery Crime. This is a common problem in this amazing country. Many illegal groups are responsible in various dangerous crimes observed in Uruguay. Ecuador is the most affected state of this country. It is evident that government of Uruguay is unable to keep its promise of securing many people’s properties.

9. Ecuador

Ecuador Top Most Popular Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2018

Here is another small country that is located to the Southern part of United States of America. Its landscape is made of natural features that act as tourist attraction sites worldwide. Capital city of Ecuador is Quito. It is amongst small and developed countries that use United States Dollar, which has a lot of value worldwide. Ecuador is featured in ninth position of this article because of having many robbery crimes. This one country worldwide has a failed government. Failed government is due to corruption issues. Government funds and money is not used wisely.

8. Honduras


Honduras is another famous country that has no safety in their citizens. Population of this country ranges from 100000 to 200000. These people are always intimidated by robbery crimes that are common in Honduras. Owning a lot of wealth in this place is not safe at all. Robbers tend to be Jealous ad all they do is to attack them and taking their wealth away. Robbery has brought down the development of Honduras. People in this state are afraid to invest and get more of wealth in their lifetime. Government should take care of lovely citizens of Honduras.

7. Chile

Chile Top 10 Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017

Robbery and killing crime RATES OF Chile is higher than all those featured in various positions above. It has been observed that Groups of criminal and more so robbers kill many people yearly. Robbery rate is estimated to be 467.3 per 100,000 citizens of this state. Government of Chile is working their best to protect its citizens. Research that was conducted in 2016 showed that Chile is amongst non-developed countries with high rate of poor people. Middle classed people Chile own little wealth and are always afraid to make further investments.

6. Brazil


Brazil is rated in sixth position of this article and is amongst popular countries with highest number of robbery rates. There are many other crimes experienced in Brazil. I think you should know little things about Brazil. This country is famous and is found in southern part of United States of America. You may have heard of having many talented and successful footballers such as Christiano Ronaldo. Football is not the only thing to note about Brazil. Crime rates are highly observed in this American country. Rate of robbery and killings is estimated to be 493.5 in every 100000 individuals.

5. Costa Rica

Costa Rica Top Popular Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2017

Costa Rica is rated in fifth position of this article and is amongst states with high rate of robbery crimes. Robbers and other criminal of this beautiful country are harmed with highest advanced guns that they use in scaring people before taking their property. Sometimes innocent and poor citizens are killed for no good reason. It is my wish that government of Costa Rica meets an achievement of abolishing crime and Robbery experience here at high rate. Being a tourist attraction site, Costa Rica is not developed. There are no investments done due to fear that is experienced in many people.

4. Mexico

Mexico Top Famous Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2018

Mexico is also found in United States of America. It is amongst worst countries for one to invest. Crime rate in Mexico is so high than any other country featured in various positions above. Robbery is this popular country is estimated to 627.4 in 100000 people. This is beyond what he government can prevent. The only way to stop this is by hiring soldiers from neighbouring countries and this will more expensive than Mexico’s investments. It is not safe at all for a person to go out especially at night in this nation.

3. Spain


Spain is another popular country that cannot be left out in this list of countries with highest number of crime rate. Spain is also found in Europe. The capital city of Spain is Madrid. This is one of most affected areas of Europe. People of this amazing country are always advised to stays indoors especially at night. Several killings have been recorded in different parts of Spain. It is so sad to learn that innocent people are suffering for mistakes that they did not commit.

2. Belgium


On second position of this important document is Belgium. This country has recorded several crime cases that are preserved for history. There are millions of people I this nation but they have no peace at all in their lives. Crime rate is estimated to be 1, 282.2 per 100000 individuals. It has been a big task for its government to control this problem.

1. Panama

Panama Top Most Famous Countries With Highest Robberies in The World 2019

Panama is the most affected country in terms of robbery and other kinds of crime. It is located in southern parts of United States of America. This small country may not have clicked in your mind but it has highest rates of killings and robbery. Visitors are always advised to be careful with their property.

This document has contributed a lot in making you understand those countries that faced with crimes ad more especially robbery. It is so sad to learn that innocent people go through a lot of suffering in their life. Development of these countries is always shuttered because people get afraid of investing more.

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