Top 10 Movies By Ralph Fiennes Of All Time

Many actors have always been shoved into one role and get cast again as the same person in many films. However, Ralph Fiennes is unique in that he plays a diverse set of characters. Fiennes enjoys an unpredictable and free spirited career that sees him frolicking in a light-hearted way on the screens with Jennifer Lopez in a romantic and frothy comedy today. Then, tomorrow he is delivering a fantastic performance on stage taking the role of Antony Mark in Julius Caesar. Ralph boasts of a nomination as the ‘best Actor’ in the 2015 Golden Globe Awards. Here are ten of his sweetest roles.

Top 10 Movies by Ralph Fiennes of all time

10. The Duchess (Playing The Duke)

The Duchess

Acting opposite Keira Knightley, Fiennes represents a cruel Duke in the historical drama called ‘The Duchess.’ His performance was so incredible that even those who failed to give credit to the movie gave credit to Fiennes as a person. Despite being engaging, his character portrays a sexual monster, clammy blackmailer and an individual who is a vulgar brute. The monster acted by Fiennes is vulnerable to drill liners.

9. The Reader (Playing Michael Berg)

The Reader

The tale entangles two lovebirds in crime, passion, mystery and scandal. Ralph Fiennes acts as an advocate who rediscovers the lady he had been in love many years ago, in the same courtroom. The lines and tensions between what is wrong and what is right get blurred as the man thinks of what he is supposed to do. Kate Winslet plays the other lead in the film which received a nomination as ‘the Best Oscar’ in the year 2009.

8. Spider (Playing Spider)

Spider Top Famous Movies By Ralph Fiennes 2018

Ralph Fiennes acts as a character with severe mental illness, which is a tough task. Fiennes did prove his talent by depicting a man who has Schizophrenia in the film. Despite the movie not being popular globally, the director and the actor received credit for their magnificent work. Ralph played a character who many actors would not imagine playing.

7. The Harry Potter (Playing Voldemort)

The Harry Potter Top Most Famous Movies By Ralph Fiennes 2019

Lord Voldemort is the most popular character ever played by Ralph Fiennes. The actor’s creepy rendition of the evil wizard is both mesmerizing and chilling. Many fans may not have been able to recognize Ralph Fiennes’ altered face, although his performance remains brilliant. Because a majority of us have watched the movie, Fiennes, therefore, becomes a famous actor.

6. Skyfall (Playing Gareth Mallory)

Skyfall Top Most Popular Movies By Ralph Fiennes 2018

Despite Fiennes not having the honor to feature in James Bond, he was present in a recent addition of the ‘Skyfall’ series. He plays a new chairperson who fiercely opposes M. That forces M t request for Bond’s help, something that leads to suspense and action in the movie. Ralph Fiennes acts well alongside Bond and even attempts to outshine him, despite the two having changing roles in the film.

5. The English Patient (Playing Count Laszlo de Almasy)

The English Patient

In ‘The English Patient,’ a count does set off across the expansive Sahara Desert in the hope of mapping the area. He must remember the time of betrayal and love as he dies from a fatal plane crash. The English patients have other magnificent actors apart from Ralph Fiennes: for instance, the Oscar winner called Colin Firth stars in the same piece of work, leading to a lovely and thrilling movie.

4. The Hurt Locker (Playing the Contract Team Leader)

The Hurt Locker Top Ten Movies By Ralph Fiennes

‘The Hurt Locker’ is an Oscar-winning film that is shot during the bloody Iraq War. The army men are busy on the battlefield, not fighting but looking for explosives. However, violent and tragic events unravel and the mission turns bloody. Ralph Fiennes was assigned a minuscule role, but the movie, as well as his performance, are so incredible to be skipped on this list.

3. The Grand Budapest Hotel (Playing M. Gustave)

The Grand Budapest Hotel

Ralph Fiennes received the ‘Golden Globe’ nomination for his role in ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel.’ Gustave is the owner of the high-class European hotel known as the ‘Grand Budapest Hotel.’ His hotel is however threatened by many factors: Renaissance theft, war, change, and murder. Fiennes gives grandness to his character and even though he is funny in some instances, he doesn’t take the film as a joke.

2. Quiz Show (Playing Charlie Van Doren)

Quiz Show Top Ten Movies By Ralph Fiennes 2017

The legitimacy of a particular gem is questioned and Charlie the winner is immediately put under investigations, a task undertaken by a famous lawyer. ‘Quiz Show’ is based on a real story and received nominations to four Oscars. Fiennes plays his role in a brilliant way and is always alert to any flicker of resentment and insecurity behind the ready smile of Van Doren. Ralph stunned his fans as a Nazi commandant in Schindler’s list, so his incredible work here is not a surprise.

1. Schindler’s List (Playing Amon Goeth)

Schindler's List Top Popular Movies By Ralph Fiennes 2017

Among the 250 best movies, IMDB rates ‘Schindler’s List’ at position eight. The film is usually rated as one of the best that have ever been made. The film is based on a real tale of a legend who saved thousands of Jews using his factory during the Holocaust. Ralph Fiennes acts as the Nazi who decides to take the Jews to a concentration camp but changes the decision and grants them permission to work for a fee. Despite the part played by Fiennes being minor, it gives the movie a sense of chilling awfulness.

Ralph Fiennes New Movies 2017-2018

The Lego Batman Movie

The Lego Batman Movie

The role of Bruce Wayne is not only to crush the criminals in Gotham City, but he also must take care of an adopted boy. Chris McKay is the director of the movie written by Chris McKenna and Seth Grahame-Smith. The actors on board are Ralph Fiennes, Rosario Dawson, and Jenny Slate.

Ralph Fiennes is the future of Hollywood; the guy will be better than Sylvester Stallone one day. We wish you all the best in your career: Master Ralph Fiennes.

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