Top 10 Movies By Penelope Cruz Of All Time

Hollywood has taken a long time to figure out what it should do with the underrated talents of Penelope Cruz. However, the actor continues to flex her comic muscles together with Baron Sacha Cohen. However, Cruz never wants to leave her home country and has starred in an excellent comedy called ‘The Queen of Spain.’ O celebrate Penelope’s role as an Interpol agent acting as Valentina Valencia in ‘Sequel,’ here are ten of her best movies.

Top Ten Movies by Penelope Cruz of all time

10. Don’t Move

Don't Move Penelope Cruz Top Most Popular Movies 2018

‘Don’t Move’ is one of the best action thrillers that the Hollywood has ever produced. In the movie, Penelope Cruz plays a destitute lady who is in an affair with a crust physician of a higher class. The role of the doctor is played by Castellitto, who seems to blend perfectly well with Cruz. Castellino Sergio is the film’s director, and he ensures that the movie does not last for more than 125 minutes. The actors of the movie are Claudia Gerini, Penelope Cruz, Natalia Barcelo and Sergio Castellito.

9. Bandits


The movie is not very different from its title: there are villains in the film. Two bank robbers go on with their daily activities of terrorizing people and kidnapping them. They happen to seize one girl and hold her for ransom. Strange enough, both of them fall deeply in love with the girl and the mission changes. The movie is directed by Levinson Barry and it plays for 123 minutes. The actors of the film are Billy Bob Thornton, Bruce Willis, Troy Garity and Cate Blanchett.

8. Head in the Clouds

Head in the Clouds Penelope Cruz Top Most Famous Movies 2019

‘Head in the Clouds’ is one of the most sweeping romantic dramas of the 1930s that was set in England. Other locations where the film is configured to include Gilda Besse, Spain, and Paris. John Duigan is the director of the incredible movie that plays for around 132 minutes. The stars in the film include Stuart Townsend, Charlize Theron, Thomas Kretschmann and Penelope Cruz.

7. Vicky Cristina Barcelona

Vicky Cristina Barcelona

In ‘Vicky Cristina Barcelona,’ two ladies head to Spain for a summer holiday where they become enamored with one painter. Without their knowledge, the man’s former wife is just about to get into the picture, not forgetting that he has a tempestuous relationship with the woman. The 96 minutes’ film is acted by Scarlett Johansson, Rebecca Hall, Christopher Evan Welch and Javier Bardem.

6. Sahara

Sahara Penelope Cruz Top Ten Movies

Dirk Pitt is a master explorer who goes on a lifetime adventure to seek a lost ‘Civil War Battleship’ called the ‘Ship of Death.’ The mission takes him to the West African deserts as he helps a WHO medical officer who is respected and honored by a ruthless dictator. Breck Eisner directs the 124 minutes’ thriller film. The actors on board are Penelope Cruz, Matthew McConaughey, William H Macy and Steve Zahn.

5. Captain Corelli Mandolin

Captain Corelli Mandolin Penelope Cruz Top Popular Movies 2017

There are many impacts of war, some being direct and some being indirect. The movie looks at such indirect effects of the same by looking at the impact on marriages. In the film, a fisherman goes to fight alongside the Greek army during the second World War. Unfortunately, his fiancée gets into an affair with a local commander from Italy. The movie has Madden John as the director while the actors are John Hurt, Nicolas Cage, Penelope Cruz and Christian Bale.

4. Nine


The film views the life of a fellow film director who goes by the name Contini Guido. The famous director has problems both personally and professionally. The relationship between him and other people is so dramatic that it dominates a bigger part of the movie. He relates in an absurd way with his mother, wife, mistress, agent and muse. 118 minutes is the length of this film that is directed by Rob Marshall. The actors are Sandro Dori, Marion Cotillard, Daniel Day-Lewis and Penelope Cruz

3. Vanilla Sky

Vanilla Sky

In ‘Vanilla Sky,’ a vain and self-indulgent publishing magnate gets his happy life upended after a fatal vehicular accident with his resentful lover. The film is emotional and has less to be celebrated, something that probably makes it a thriller. The director of the movie is Crowe Cameron, and it plays for 136 minutes. The actors are Penelope Cruz, Tom Cruise, Kurt Russell and Cameron Diaz.

2. Blow

Blow Penelope Cruz Top Ten Movies 2017

‘Blow’ is an educative, emotion, thrilling and moving the film. The movie is about George Jung, the guy who established a cocaine market in the United States of America. The tale is based on the activities of the 1970s, but watching it makes you feel like the same happened yesterday. The director of the movie is Demme Ted. The actors are Franka Potente, Johnny Depp, Rachel Griffiths and Penelope Cruz.

1. Gothika

Gothika Penelope Cruz Top Famous Movies 2018

The doctor becomes the patient at times. In this movie, a repressed lady psychiatrist wakes up to a fact that she is a patient in an asylum where she served previously. She, however, does not know the reason why she is there or what she has done to deserve being there. Mathieu Kassovitz is the director of this 98 minutes’ movie. The actors are Penelope Cruz, Halle Berry, Charles S Dutton and Robert Downey Jr.

Penelope Cruz New And Upcoming Movies 2017-2018

Murder on the Orient Express

Murder on the Orient Express

It is beyond doubt that everyone is talking about this film all over the world. However, the movies have not yet released and will be out on 2017. One thing that makes the film famous is the fact that Penelope Cruz is in it, and we are anxiously waiting to see her role. In the movie, a Wealthy person from the United States travels using the ‘Orient Express,’ the most prestigious train in the world. The movie is acted by Daisy Ridley, Penelope Cruz, and Johnny Depp, among many other minor characters. The writer remains Agatha Christie while the screenplay is by Michael Green. Kenneth Branagh is the director.

For an actor to feature in a film like ‘Murder on the Orient Express,’ she must be very exceptional. Cruz Penelope is one of those rare actresses who the world continues to celebrate.

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