Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Time

Most people watch movie at their feel time to keep themselves occupied. Some thinks that only Bollywood film or Hollywood movies are interesting, but the fact is that even Swiss and Chinese movies are also winning hearts of many worldwide. Actors and actresses in this film have made incredible job of making these movies to be entertaining and funny.

Below are top ten most popular Swiss movies of all time.

10. Grounding: The Last Days of Swissair

Grounding- The Last Days of Swissair

This is a film about collapse of Swissair, Switzerland’s national airline in 2001. It is written by Tobias Fueter, Jurg Brandli, and Michael Sauter, directed by Michael Steiner and Peter Christian Fueter and Pascal Najadi was producers. It was released in 2006 January. Starring of this movie are Gilles Tschudi, Hanspeter Muller, Micheal Neuenschwander and Laszlo I. Kish. Its music background was played by Adrian Frutiger. This incredible movie is among those you have to try.

9. Strahl


This movie is about detective Herbert Strahl who found it tough to handle life efficiently. It was release in 2004 in Swiss movie industry. This touching film was directed by Manuel Flurin Hendry. Its plot play took place in Zurich, at infamous Langstrasse. It shows how he faced a lot of problems to a point that he went to a depression many times. This movie will make you shed tiers if you are a remorseful person.

8. Journey of Hope

Journey of Hope

It is about Turkish couple called Nur Surer, Necmettin Cobanoglu and Emin Sivas their son who crossed Swiss Alps with illegal ways to go find better living in Switzerland. This incredible movie was released in 1991 and was directed by Xavier Koller, Elemer Ragalyi did the cinematography and producer was Alfi Sinniger and peter Christian Fueter. You have to watch this wonderful film which will live you with a smile.

7. Longwave


Longwave is another delightful movie which talks about a group of individuals who in 1974 visited Portugal. They include Michel Vuillermoz, Patrick Lapp and Valerie Donzelli of radio crew in Switzerland. They are trapped in country’s revolution where they suffer a lot from problems. It was released in 2013 making a lot of critics and was loved by funs.

6. Alpine Fire

Alpine Fire Top Most Popular Swiss Movies of All Time 2017

It is a Swiss drama movie that was released in 1985. Fredi M. Murer directed it, produced by Lang Film. This movie has won an award in Locarno International Film Festival for Golden Leopard in 1985. It was selected as Swiss entry at 58th Academy Awards for Best Foreign Language Film; however it was not accepted as nominee. It received various awards over the years. You have to check out this movie in market today.

5. Heidi


This is a work of friction for children, which was released in 1952 that was based on novel by Johnna Spyri a Swiss author. Originally it was published with two parts as Heidi: her years of learning and wandering and Heidi: how she used what she learned. It talks about events in life of young girl in care of grandfather in Swiss Alps. It was directed by Luigi Comencini and starring bare Heinrich Gretler, Thomas Klameth and Elsbeth Sigmund. It is highly incredible and entertaing movie of all time. You have to try it during this weekend.

4. Ready, Steady, Charlie!

Ready, Steady, Charlie!

This is a Swiss film production that was released in 2003. Starring of this movie is Marco Rima, Michael Koch and Melanie Winiger and was directed by Mike Eschmann. Its parody plot is about military service in Switzerland. It has been most successful movie of Switzerland since 1978 in The Swissmakers. Thius film has also been released in German, Italian and French language. It did well in United States, France, Russia and even United Kingdom. It runs for 92 minutes.

3. Vitus


This is a drama movie which was directed and written by Fredi M. Murer. Vitus was released in 2006 starring of this film are Bruno Ganz, Urs Jucker, Julika Jenkins and Teo Gheorghiu. It talks about Teo as a highly talented pianist at 12 year; his parents are over protective so he seeks refuge from his grandfather (Bruno Ganz). He faked head injury and secretly amasses fortune on stock market. His grandfather purchase Pilatus PC -6 and Vitus returns to piano and performed on Zurich Orchestra Chamber stage for Robert Schumann.

2. Rosie


This is another far-fetched Swiss movie that was released in 2013. It is directed by Marcel Gisler. Starring of this wonderful film are Judith Hofmann, Fabian Kruger, Sibylle Brunner, Louis Krahenbuhl, Anna Katharina Muller and Sebastian Ledesma. It has received lots of critics and numerous awards. You have to watch this movie for its funny entertainment.

1. The Circle

The Circle Top Most Famous Swiss Movies of All Time 2018

The Circle was directed and written by Stefan Haupt and was released in 2014. It is a Swiss movie well depicted on social network which revolves around the circle, a gay publication in Zurich of 1940 to 50. Itr won an award for the best documentary on Teddy Award at 2014 Berlin Festival Film and it has also won several awards and nominations.

In conclusion, these are top ten most popular Swiss movies of all time. They have a lot of fiction and other are very funny. Most of these movies have trended internationally and people who like entertaining film have fall in love with these movies. You have to get one today.

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