Top 10 Movies By Michael Douglas Of All Time

Michael Douglas is a guy who has acted in both Bad and era-defining films, something he has always done in an excellent way. In his career that spans over forty years, Michael Douglas has acted stockbroker, gay icon, and president. In the process, Michael Douglas has picked five ‘Golden Globe Awards’ and two ‘Academy Awards.’ He transforms his personality from bland (Ant-Man) to just plain (And So It Goes), something that surprises those who know less about the awful romantic comedies and his unforgettable thrillers. He delivers phenomenal performances, and here are ten of Michael’s memorable highlights from the eclectic career.

Top Ten Movies by Michael Douglas of all time until 2017:

10. Fatal Attraction

Fatal Attraction

Critics described the 1987 movie as tense, something that looks like an understatement. At the time, Douglas was yet to capture the hearts of the fierce critics. However, the brilliant performance that he presented in the flashy and trashy trailer by Adrian Lyne marked his turning point. The role taken by Michael is that of a conceited character being victimized by a sexually aggressive lady. The actor would reprise the trope two more times: in ‘Disclosure’ and ‘Basic Instincts.

9. Wall StreetWall Street Top Ten Movies By Michael Douglas

In Wall Street, Douglas was privileged to get the lead role, despite everyone discouraging the director Oliver Stone against choosing Michael Douglas for the role. However, Douglas delivered a lifetime performance as Gordon Gekko, winning the ‘Best Actor Oscar’ over the role. He builds an evil charm throughout the film and it culminates into the famous ‘Greed is Good’ speech, something that establishes firmly in modern cultures today. At one time, an Australian prime minister called Kevin Rudd referred to those who caused the financial crisis as ‘The children of Gordon Gekko.’

8. Falling Down

Falling Down Popular Movies By Michael Douglas

‘Falling Down’ is a dark comedy that concerns social alienation. Michael Douglas acts as Willian D-Fens Foster, a white-collar divorcee who is out of work and snaps. The divorcee then heads on a spree of violence against the entire society. The movie is controversial, maybe because of the frank depiction of the aggressive, racist ‘angry white male’ stereotypes. Michael Douglas shines than all the other stars in ‘Falling Down.

7. Wonder Boys

Wonder Boys Most Popular Movies By Michael Douglas 2019

‘Wonder Boys’ flopped in Box office despite the multiple awards, positive reviews, a cast by stellar and Bob Dylan’s soundtrack. The terrible marketing campaign is to blame for the performance, although the film is excellent. Michael Douglas acts as a writer and professor undergoing a mid-life crisis, always depressed and stoned. He struggles to write a novel of 2000 pages that includes every character’s horse genealogy.

6. Behind the Candelabra

Behind the Candelabra Top Popular Movies By Michael Douglas 2019

‘Behind the Candelabra’ is a Liberace biopic that released as a TV film in the United States of America. The film won many awards and gained the ‘highest audience rating for a television movie’ since the year 2004. However, the film lacked a theatrical run, something that made neither Matt Damon nor Douglas receives an Oscar nomination for the movie. That was shameful because both the performances received universal praise. The role of a skittish romantic bratty Liberace was tricky, but Douglas made the film a rampant, entertaining and irresistible affair.

5. The American President

The American President Famous Movies By Michael Douglas 2020

‘The American President’ is a comedy drama concerning a widowed president of the United States of America. The head of state falls in love with a lobbyist, someone who would be least expected to like the head of state. The affair looks above board, although everyone knows that ‘politics is perception,’ although it sparks fly, all the same. Rob Reiner is the director of the incredible movie titled ‘The American President.’ The actors are Annette Bening, Michael Douglas, Michael J. Fox and Martin Sheen.

4. Traffic

Traffic Most Famous Movies By Michael Douglas 2018

In ‘Traffic,’ a conservative judge gets appointed by the head of state to lead the escalating drug war in the United States of America. However, the judge is shocked to discover that his teenage girl is a crack addict. Two agents of the DEA protect a valuable informant. The wife of a jailed drug baron tries to keep the family business ongoing. Steven Soderbergh is one of the few directors with the ability to direct the 147 minutes’ thriller movie. The actors are Benicio Del Toro, Michael Douglas, Jacob Vargas and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

3. The Game

The Game Top Famous Movies By Michael Douglas 2018

In ‘The Game,’ Nicholas Van Orton is a wealthy banker in San Francisco, despite being an absolute loner who even spends his birthday alone. During his 48th anniversary, he remembers that his dad committed suicide at the same age. Conrad is Van’s brother who went away as a severe drug addict returns home and gives Nicholas a card that allows access to an awesome entertainment. Out of curiosity, Nicholas attends the ‘Consumer Recreation Services’ event, and strange things start happening to him.

2. Basic Instinct

Basic Instinct Most Movies By Michael Douglas 2018

In ‘Basic Instinct,’ a suspended violent police officer detective is investigating a brutal murder. In the crime, a seductive and manipulative lady is suspected to be the crime suspect. Will the police unravel the mystery or will he succumb to the sexy woman? Paul Verhoeven is the film’s director who makes such an entertaining movie only 127 minutes long. The actors are Michael Douglas, George Dzundza, Sharon Stone and Jeanne Tripplehorn.

1. Romancing the Stone

Romancing the Stone Top Most Movies By Michael Douglas 2018

Here is a movie with an absorbing title that everyone wants to learn what the film talks about. In the thriller, a romance writer heads to Colombia to ransom the kidnapped sister. However, he soon finds herself at the center of a very dangerous adventure. Robert Zemeckis directs the 106 minutes’ movie. The actors are Kathleen Turner, Michael Douglas, Zack Norman and Danny DeVito.


Michael Douglas has acted in both smooth, confusing and challenging roles. He has managed to do the best in all the roles, and that is why we celebrate him today. Thanks, Michael Douglas for your hard efforts in acting that keeps us entertained. We love you.

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