Top 10 Movies By Lauren Bacall Of All Time

We will forever remember Lauren Bacall as a significant Hollywood figure. However, I know movie lovers will be surprised to know that the actress featured in less than sixty features. Lauren is a unique actress because she hardly worked for over one year, as she also took breaks between various projects. The results of her tactics were tastefully cultivated filmography with few stickers or bombs. Here are ten of Lauren Bacall’s best.

Top Ten Movies by Lauren Bacall of all time

10. The Mirror has Two Faces

The Mirror has Two Faces Top Most Famous Movies By Lauren Bacall 2019

At the age of 71 years, Lauren was nominated for the Oscars for her role in ‘The Mirror has Two Faces’ as the selfish mother of Barbra Streisand. The lonely hearts romantic drama puts the actress in a vinegary and contrite characterization, making her a hot favorite. The movie sets Bacall to win a ‘Supporting Actress Oscar,’ although Juliette Binoche ripped her the award for the role Bacall played in ‘The English Patient’ as Juliette Binoche. Shocked and happy, Binoche dedicated the award to Bacall.

9. The Fan

The Fan

From the year 1966 to 1988, Lauren made only four films and many TV movies. ‘The Fan’ is a modish thriller that had the actress as a screen and stage siren known as Sally Ross. She tries to fend the deranges attention of Michael Biehn, a psychotic fan. The film was remade by Tony Scott in the year 1996, with Snipes Wesley as the baseball hero of Robert De Niro. However, this version is notorious for having been released after the murder of John Lennon in his apartment.

8. Harper


Bacall decided to tip her hat to some Bogart days in the contemporary private eye flick called ‘Harper.’ This time, she takes the character of a housebound and disabled wife who is interviewed by Paul Newman. She brings her baritone concept back and casts as a tragic client, not a love interest. She displays a mocking self-pity during the ‘Big Sleep’s’ as a general ‘Steenwood’ character.

7. Written on the Wind

Written on the Wind

After a long time association with the film noir during the 1940s, Lauren Bacall successfully shifted to melodrama and color in the 1950s. She worked with people like Vincente Minnelli in ‘The Cobweb,’ a 1955 word soap and Sirk Douglas in the archetypal romantic obsession. Bacall behaves the best Lucy Moore Hadley, a level headed who falls in love with both Rock Hudson and Robert Stack the alcoholic

6. Key Largo

Key Largo Top Most Popular Movies By Lauren Bacall 2018

‘Key Largo’ is the final and fourth collaboration that Lauren Bacall does after ‘Dark Passage’ in 1947. The stormy Florida night hostage drama with John Huston calls the shots. Bacall is very dutiful as the widow to one of the Bogart army friends. In tight belt and long skirt, she is upstaged by Trevor Claire and remains staunchly sensible. Trevor won an Oscar in boozy moll as Edward G Robinson.

5. The Shootist

The Shootist Top Ten Movies By Lauren Bacall

Bacall managed to put glamour in the all-star movie called ‘Murder on the Orient Express’ in 1974. In the 1970s, the only other movie role was that of a keeper, acting John Wayne’s landlady widow in this film. With her hair bunched below the scarf, she showed a temper down and severe playing, with a compelling and touching old lady-ness. The movie is famous, and it made Lauren famous as well.

4. Birth

Birth Top Ten Movies By Lauren Bacall 2017

In one of the most incredible scenes in ‘Birth,’ Bacall alleges that she never liked Sean. Acting the mother of Nicole Kidman, she gets a thick and weird skepticism at the fact that her dead son in law is reincarnated as a boy aged ten years old. As we expect with Bacall, she does that with a grave weariness that shows nothing can ever surprise her. The role perfectly fits her.

3. Dogville

Dogville Top Popular Movies By Lauren Bacall 2017

In ‘Dogville,’ Bacall clutches a broom which she can quickly shoo you out using her storeroom as the sweeping flour. Lauren takes the character of Ma Ginger as they experiment tragedy. A colored pine completes her appearance, and she acquires a hardened mien of a person who has been exploiting other town folks for many years. Why should the exception of Nicole Kidman ‘s Anna be made?

2. The Big Sleep

The Big Sleep Top Famous Movies By Lauren Bacall 2018

The character of Vivian Rutledge with the infinite unflappability sets the tone for everything that would subsequently be done by Bacall. The plot is labyrinthine that even other females look for her attention, although the screen time allocated to Lauren is very limited. The first scene that she plays is a joy with a withholding quality that does perfectly establish a romantic tension that is evident to the deep mysteries of the movie.

1. To Have and To Have Not

To Have and To Have Not

In 1944, the Warner Bros required a new female actress who could match Humphrey Bogart perfectly. That assignment was a heck tall order that stressed the directors. However, they managed to find a 19 years old lady from the Bronx after being spotted on the Harper Bazaar’s cover. Guided by Howard Hawks, her sly, leathered, and sly performance took even Bogart aback. Lauren remained a stern candidate for many stellar films.

Lauren Bacall Most Fascinating Movies

1. Confidential Agent

Confidential Agent

At the period of the Spanish civil war, a courier attached to the Republican goes to England to buy coal. Those on the fascist side threaten his life, but he also faces local hostility. Herman Shumlin is the director of the film that has Robert Buckner and Graham Greene as the writers. The actors are Lauren Bacall, Charles Boyer, and Victor Francen.

2. Misery


A favorite author is rescued from a car crash by a fan who loves his novels. However, the care received is the start of abuse and captivity. Rob Reiner is the director of the movie that is written by William Goldman and Stephen King. The actors include Kathy Bates, James Caan, and Richard Farnsworth.

Lauren Bacall may be dead, but her legacy remains alive in us. May she rest in eternal peace.

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