Top 10 Movies By Jessica Lange Of All Time

Jessica Lange is an actress from America who has worked in theater, film and television. She has received several awards including three Emmys, two Oscars, three Dorian Awards, one SAG and five Golden Globes. Jessica Lange has always been a great actor of the generation. Jessica studied drama in Paris, something that boosts her acting career. Here are ten of her best movies.

Top Ten Movies by Jessica Lange of all time

10. Rob Roy (1995)

Rob Roy Top Famous Movies By Jesica Lange 2018

Scotland, the 18th Century: Robert Roy MacGregor heads a profound clan in the Highlands which involves in cattle herding. Rob acquires a loan of a thousand pounds from a guy named Marquis of Montrose to enable him to feed the people of the village during the upcoming winter. Before MacDonald returns the money, he gets murdered by the swordsman called Archibald Cunningham. Rob runs and confronts Cunningham after he rapes Jessica Lange, his wife.

9. The Vow (2012)

The Vow Top Ten Movies By Jesica Lange

Rachel McAdams acts Paige while Channing Tatum plays Leo. The two are happily married and have just wedded and lived together suddenly turns tragic after a car accident leaves Paige in a severe coma. After awakening from the coma, Paige suffers memory loss and does not remember Leo. The relationship with her parents also gets confusing, and she still loves Scott Speedman, her former fiancée. Leo is, however, optimistic that their marriage will be renewed.

8. Cape Fear (1991)

Cape Fear Top Popular Movies By Jesica Lange 2017

Sam Bowden withholds evidence that can acquit Max Cady from a violent sexual offense that involves rape, despite Max spending 0ver 14 years in jail. After the release of Sam and Max knowing about the deceit committed, he decides to stalk and destroy the Bowden family. After practical tries to stop Max fails, Sam knows that he must act outside the law to protect the wife as well as the daughter. The movie is a remake of a classic thriller of 1962 that id directed by Martin Scorsese.

7. Blue Sky (1994)

Blue Sky Top Ten Movies By Jesica Lange 2017

In the 1950s, Hank Marshall is an engineer with the U.S. Army who is assigned to a weapon testing facility that is isolated in Alabama. William happens to cause waves with the superior officers due to Hank’s stance against testing nuclear weapons in the atmosphere. Jessica Lange acts as Marshall’s wife called Carly. She aggravates the situation because of her flirtatious nature and emotional instability. The relocation to Alabama sends her to the base commander called Vince Johnson.

6. The Postman Always Rings Twice (1981)

The Postman Always Rings Twice

Frank Chambers is an Itinerant who gets a meal at a famous roadside restaurant who meets Cora Papadakis, a devastating femme fatale. Jessica Lange acts as Cora Papadakis. As it later comes to be known, Cora is the wife of the restaurant’s owner called Nick. Papadakis gives a job to Chambers after he gets excited for seeing a visitor. Chamber helps himself with everything he wants including Cora. The two guys start a torrid romance and plan a perfect murder.

5. The Gambler (2014)

The Gambler Top Most Famous Movies By Jesica Lange 2019

Jim Bennett is a literature professor who lives a secretive life as a gamble of a high stake. Being a full-time risk taker, Bennett bets everything after borrowing from a gangster and giving his life as collateral security. A step ahead of the rest, Jim decides to pit his creditors against the head of an illegal gambling ring while earning the attention of Frank, a popular paternalistic loan shark. He involves in a deep relationship with a student and has to risk almost everything for a second opportunity.

4. Frances (1982)

Frances Top Most Popular Movies By Jesica Lange 2018

The biopic explores the real story of Farmer Frances, a role played by Jessica range. The mold-breaking and lovely actress from Seattle move to Hollywood and gains notoriety due to her unconventional attitude. After she is lured to New York City under pretense she experiences mental collapse due to alcohol addiction and an overbearing mother. Parents and staff then decide to abuse the institutionalized Farmer. After release, the farmer becomes the host of a TV show until she peacefully dies.

3. Tootsie (1982)


Michael Dorsey is a New York actor who is a talented perfectionist so happens to be so hard on himself as well as on other people that his agent fails to find any work for him. A soap opera audition fails to yield benefits and Michael decides to reinvent himself as actress Dorothy Michaels to win the part. What was originally a short-termed role transforms into a long-term contract. Michael then falls for Julie; a cast makes whose role is played by Jessica Range. The relationship breeds complications that threaten to wreck almost everything.

2. King Kong (1976)

King Kong

A research ship is sent for exploration to an island that is said to be rich in oil. Jack Prescott is a paleontologist who sneaks abroad after hearing strange rumors about the same island. On the journey, the crew happens to rescue Dwan, a role which Jessica Lange plays as the only survivor of a shipwreck. After arriving, they meet some native people who live in fear of a monster known as Kong. The residents decide to kidnap Dwan and offer her as a sacrifice to an enormous ape. The ape is however captured for ‘gala’ exhibit and Dwan is killed.

1. American Horror Story: American Television Series

American Horror Story American Television Series

The movie is created by the creators of ‘Glee,’ although the two shows have little in common apart from that. The show does revolve around the Harmons, which is a family of three who relocate from Boston to Los Angeles to compile past anguish. Without their knowledge, the Harmons move into a haunted house. Demonic creatures, which are known to spook the inhabitants of the houses and devour them. After they live in the house, they discover that a family psychiatrist and patriarch called Ben needs a shrink.

Jessica Lange Most Fascinating Movies

1. Cape Fear

In ‘Cape Fear,’ a convicted is released from jail after serving for fourteen years. He stalks the family of a lawyer who faithfully defended them. Martin Scorsese directs the movie written by John D. MacDonald and James R Webb. The actors are Robert De Niro, Jessica Lange, and Nick Nolte.

Jessica Range is a beautiful actress. The above movies prove that he is talented and magnificent.

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