Top 10 Movies By Janet Leigh Of All Time

Janet Leigh was the only kid of a young married couple. The American actress was disadvantaged by her father’s changing jobs, something that made her shift from town to town. She was a bright child and always skipped grades in school. Janet took dancing and music lessons and became a public debut at ten years, being a marching band’s baton twirler. She always spent the afternoons in the local movie house which she called a ‘babysitter.’ After growing up, she started active acting and here are ten of her best movies.

Top Ten Movies by Janet Leigh of all time

10. Little Women

Little Women

In ‘Little Women,’ we come across Josephine, Meg, Beth and Amy. They are the little women who join with their mother to keep the home alive as their dad is busy serving the Union army at the time of the civil war. The eldest sister Meg is the second mother to the troupe. The tomboy called ‘Jo’ acts as the head of the house. Being the frailest among the four, Beth is comforted by gentle music while the youngest one called Amy longs for good things in life. ‘Little Women’ is a simple story of four girls who become women.

9. The Vikings

The Vikings Top Ten Movies By Janet Leigh

In ‘Vikings,’ two men are fighting for the affection and love of a princess who has been captured. One of the guys fighting is a slave while the second one is a Viking. Will the Viking use his power to win the girl or will the slave persist and get determined until he takes the princess home? Richard Fleischer directs the 116 minutes’ film about fighting for romance. The actors are Tony Curtis, Kirk Douglas, Janet Leigh and Ernest Borgnine.

8. Pete Kelly’s Blues

Pete Kelly's Blues Popular Movies By Janet Leigh 2020

The film looks at the city of Kansas in 1927 when Pete Kelly has a jazz band that plays nightly at a speakeasy. However, a local gangster moves in on them, and Kelly only gives in after their drummer is killed. That, however, means that he must take the alcoholic girl who is dating the gangster as one of his singers. Sooner, Kelly notices that he made a grave mistake by selling out that way and Ivy is the only decent thing in his life. Jack Webb is the director of the movie written by Richard L. Breen. The actors are Janet Leigh, Jack Webb, and Edmond O’Brien.

7. Harper

Harper Most Popular Movies By Janet Leigh 2020

Lew Harper is a cool private investigator who gets hired by a wealthy matron from California. Despite having done the job for many years, Harper now faces a dangerous and complicated operation. The woman wants this investigator to trace her kidnapped husband. Jack Smith is the director of the 121 minutes’ film. The actors are Lauren Bacall, Paul Newman, Arthur Hill and Julie Harris.

6. Houdini

Houdini Top Popular Movies By Janet Leigh 2019

‘Houdini’ is a movie that tells about the tragically short and spectacular career Oh Harry Houdini, an illusionist, and magician. The tricks of this magician always defied safety and explanation. His expertise shocked and thrilled people from all over the world. Marshall George is the director of ‘Houdini.’ The actors are Torin Thatcher, Tony Curtis, Angela Clarke and Janet Leigh.

5. Act of Violence

Act of Violence Famous Movies By Janet Leigh 2020

In ‘Act of Violence,’ we meet a vengeful and embittered POW who decides to stalk his ex-commanding officer after betraying his men. The fellow officers had planned to escape from a ‘Nazi prison Camp’ where they had been held hostage, but the plan failed because there were some traitors. Fred Zinnemann directed the 82 minutes’ thriller that you can never afford to miss out.

4. Touch of Evil

Touch of Evil Most Famous Movies By Janet Leigh 2019

‘Touch of Evil’ perverse and stark tale of kidnapping, police corruption, and murder. The vices are rampant at a notorious border town in Mexico. The drugs trade is suspected to lead to murder and kidnappings after deal go sour. The police are supposed to enforce the law but are unfortunately corrupt and assist criminals in some instances. Orson Welles is the director of the 95 minutes’ movie. The actors are Janet Leigh, Charlton Heston, Orson Welles and Joseph Calleia.

3. The Naked Spur

The Naked Spur Top Famous Movies By Janet Leigh 2018

In ‘The Naked Spur,’ a bounty hunter attempts to bring a killer to justice, a task that is not easy as earlier thought. He must accept and take the assistance of two strangers who are less trustworthy. ‘The Naked Spur’ shows how hard it is to make the wrong does get the punishment they deserve. Anthony Mann directs the 91 minutes’ movie. The actors compose of Janet Leigh, James Stewart, Ralph Meeker and Robert Ryan.

2. The Manchurian Candidate

The Manchurian Candidate Most Movies By Janet Leigh 2018

In ‘The Manchurian Candidate,’ a former war prisoner gets brainwashed while as an assassin who is unwitting. The scheme is to involve in an international conspiracy about communism. John Frankenheimer directs the unbelievably incredible thriller movie, and it runs for 126 minutes. The actors included are Laurence Harvey, Frank Sinatra, Angela Lansbury and Janet Leigh.

1. Psycho

Psycho Top Most Movies By Janet Leigh 2018

In ‘Psycho,’ a secretary from Phoenix does embezzle over $40,000 from a client of her employer. He then goes on the run and boards a remote hotel whose management is held by a young man. The young man is however dominated by his mother and follows all her instructions. Alfred Hitchcock is the director of ‘Psycho,’ and it goes for 109 minutes. The actors are Janet Leigh, Anthony Perkins, Vera Miles and John Gavin.

Janet Leigh died in 2004 but left us those incredible movies for us to watch. May her soul rest in eternal peace.

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