Top 10 Movies By Grace Kelly Of All Time

In only five years, Grace Kelly transformed from a bit player to a top Hollywood star whose grace, charm and elegance radiated the screens in many classic movies before she quitted to be the Princess of Monaco. Despite her Career being brief, Grace left incredible marks on cinema. However, her three pictures with Alfred Hitchcock makes us remember her film career. Before the world recognized her as the Princess, she successfully acted many excellent movies, majority of which are from Alfred Hitchcock. The films act as excellent vehicles that do display the talent of Kelly. She also played a Western girl and a society woman as well. Here are ten of her best.

Top Ten Movies by Grace Kelly of all time

10. Green Fire

Green Fire Top 10 Movies By Grace Kelly 2017

Rian Mitchell is a mining engineer who discovers Carrero in Columbia. The product he finds is a long-lost emerald in the mines of Conquistadors. However, Rian must contend with the ‘El Moro’ gang, a notorious local band that is a threat to his life. He also has to counter the love of Catherine Knowland, a coffee planter. Andrew Marton is the film’s director, with the actors being Grace Kelly, Stewart Granger, John Ericson and Paul Douglas.

9. The Swan

The Swan

‘The Swan’ happens to be Kelly’s second to last film in which she embraces her natural blonde role of a princess preparing to marry a crown prince. The film is an entirely fitting portrayal in which Princess Beatrice has few days to enjoy the regal life. The only person who can solve the situation is her sole daughter called Princess Alexandra. The movie’s director is Charles Vidor while the actors are Alec Guinness, Grace Kelly, Agnes Moorehead and Louis Jourdan.

8. Mogambo

Mogambo Top Famous Movies By Grace Kelly 2019

Victor Marswell is a white hunter on a Kenyan Safari when he gets into a love triangle with Eloise Kelly, a seductive American socialite. On top of that, Mars also falls in love with Kelly Eloise, the cheating wife of anthropologist Nordley Donald. The 116 minutes John Ford directed movie is also acted by Ava Gardner, Clark Gable, Donald Sinden and Grace Kelly.

7. The Bridges at Toko-Ri

The Bridges at Toko-Ri Top 10 Movies By Grace Kelly

‘The Bridges at Toko-Ri’ is a film set during the Korean War. In the movie, a Navy fighter pilot has no option but to come to terms with his personal ambivalence with regards to the war. He is also faced with the fear of bombing some bridges that happen to be highly defended. The war drama ends up in total tension in the Mark Robson directed film that lasts for 102 minutes. Apart from Grace Kelly, other actors in the movie include Fredric March, William Holden, Mickey Rooney and Fredric March.

6. The Country Girl

The Country Girl

In ‘The Country Girl,’ a director happens to hire an alcoholic who involves in a romantic affair with the actor’s girlfriend. He believes that the same wife is the source of trouble for the man but still gets into a relationship with her. Directed by Seaton George, the film goes for 104 minutes and is acted by Grace Kelly, Anthony Ross, William Holden and Bing Crosby.

5. High Society

High Society Top Most Popular Movies By Grace Kelly 2018

The movie is about a mysterious and favorite jazz artist called C.K. Dexter Haven. After divorcing his wife, he decides to live in a mansion that neighbors the family estate of Tracy Lord, her former wife. Walters Charles is the director of the 111 minutes’ movie acted by Celeste Holm, Grace Kelly, Bing Crosby and Frank Sinatra.

4. Rear Window

Rear Window Top Most Famous Movies By Grace Kelly 2019

In the ‘Rear Window,’ a physically disabled photographer does spy on the neighbors from the window of his apartment. After some time, he is convinced that one neighbor has committed murder. Hitchcock Alfred directs the 112 minutes’ movie with actors like Thelma Ritter, James Stewart, Wendell Corey and Grace Kelly.

3. High Noon

High Noon Top Popular Movies By Grace Kelly 2017

In this film, a Marshall gets into trouble after his seniors compel him to meet a deadly and returning enemy personally. However, he is afraid to find out that even his town does not accept him. Fred Zinnemann is the director of the 85 minutes’ film with stars Grace Kelly, Thomas Mitchell, Gary Cooper and Lloyd Bridges.

2. Dial M for Murder

Dial M for Murder

A former professional tennis player plans to kill his wife. However, the plot fails to succeed, and he uses a second scheme, one that the film calls ‘Plan B.’ Alfred Hitchcock monitors the 105 minutes’ film as the director. Robert Cummings, Grace Kelly, John Williams and Ray Milland are the actors of the movie.

1. To Catch a Thief

To Catch a Thief

I know that you already have an idea that ‘To Catch a Thief’ is about a thief. In the film, a reformed jewel thief is suspected to have returned to his earlier habits. To prove to everyone that he is innocent, he must get the real thief. Otherwise, he is in trouble. The director of the film is still Alfred Hitchcock. The actors compose of John Williams, Cary Grant, Jessie Royce Landis and Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly’s Most Fascinating Movies

1. Grace of Monaco

Grace of Monaco

The film is a tale of Grace Kelly, a former Hollywood star identity and marriage crisis during a fierce political dispute that was between France’s Charles De Gaulle and Prince Rainier III of Monaco. The looming invasion of France in Monaco in the 1960s dominates the Olivier Dahan directed movie. The writer of the film is Amel Arash while the stars include Tim Roth, Nicole Kidman, and Andre Penvern.

2. Terror in the aisles

Terror in the aisles

Directed by Andrew J Kuehn, ‘Terror in the Isles’ is a compilation of many scenes from crime dramas, horror films and science fiction movies that range from the 1930s to the 1980s. Written by Margery Doppelt, the actors of the movie are Nancy Allen, Donald Pleasence, Fred Asparagus and Grace Kelly.

Grace Kelly is a legendary actress who is still celebrated until today. Watching any of her films makes one get crazy, which is all because her acting is incredible. Grace Kelly, we love you.

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