Top 10 Movies By Gary Oldman Of All Time

If there exists an actor who has left incredible marks on cinema, that should be Gary Oldman. Whether he is asked to act as a strong pillar of the society in a wild world like in ‘Batman Trilogy’ or should be an unforgettable villain such as he acts in ‘Air Force One,’ Oldman does his best. Gary perfected his craft in Britain before he moved to Hollywood. He brings a sense of personality and intensity to everything he does on the screens. Here are Oldman’s finest ten movies.

Top Ten Movies by Gary Oldman of all time

10. JFK (1991)

JFK Top Most Popular Movies By Heath Ledger 2018

Director: Oliver Stone

Acted in 1991, ‘JFK’ is an incredible and ambitious view of one of the worst incidences in American history, John F. Kennedy’s assassination despite being the then American president. Gary takes the role of Lee Harvey Oswald, a doomed gunman. Behaving as a chameleon, Oldman takes the character and works with it to perfection, being a public enemy because of his inhuman actions. The actions rob the innocence of the citizens and change the country’s history. The work is compelling and relevant despite the small screen time.

9. Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban (2004)

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban Top Popular Movies By Heath Ledger 2017

Director: Alfonso Cuaron

The above movie is one of the best among the many acted by Harry Potter. Gary Oldman acts as Sirius Black, Harry Potter’s uncle who also happens to be a dangerous criminal. Oldman plays with the perceptions that other people have towards his character. However, He is one of most positive in Harry Potter’s universe, which makes the movie interesting to watch. Despite being thought as an unconventional choice, Oldman proved to be spot on especially when he was introduced in ‘Azkaban.’

8. Dracula’ (1992)

Dracula Top Ten Movies By Heath Ledger 2017

Director: Francis Ford Coppola

In ‘Dracula,’ Gary Oldman displays his skill and versatility by playing a very iconic character: Dracula. Evil and seductive at the same time, he does manage to achieve an incredible balance because he never becomes pantomime or hammy in all his approaches. Despite the film having its flaws like the painful British accent that Keanu Reeves attempts to adapt, Oldman becomes the movie’s strength. The actor makes the film work better that it could have done without him.

7. The Fifth Element (1997)

The Fifth Element

Director: Luke Bisson

The Fifth Element’ is a wooly and wild book take to put in science fiction that looks wild from the start. Gary Oldman takes the role of Jean-Baptiste Emmanual Zurg, a greedy and cruel general who deals with many businesses. Oldman dresses strikingly and applies an asymmetrical haircut, making the film one of his best performances. He has a unique style and looks chaotic and colorful, making the movie perfect. The film has nothing meaningful of deep and is a lot of fun to watch.

6. The Batman Trilogy (2012)

The Batman Trilogy

Director: Christopher Nolan

As director Nolan Christopher revised Batman franchise, Gary Oldman took the role of Jim Gordon, a great commissioner. He plays a pillar of moral righteousness in a wild world and is one of the characters that you can trust. Gary proved that he could play more than bad guys and nails the initial suspicion with Gordon. He later earns Batman’s trust and knows The Bat forged an alliance with Gotham.

5. Sid and Nancy (1986)

Sid and Nancy Top Ten Movies By Heath Ledger

Director: Alex Cox

‘Sid and Nancy’ is the second movie that the British director called Alex Cox worked on after doing an incredible job with ‘Repo Man in 1984. The movie is a powerful and explosive biopic about Sid Vicious, who played bass for ‘The Sex Pistols,’ a favorite punk band in Britain. Oldman brilliantly acts like a guy who passed on at twenty-one, something tragic to the entire world. The performance granted by Gary Oldman is unforgettable and compelling, receiving lots of compliments.

4. True Romance (1994)

True Romance

Director: Tony Scott

The film is a script by Quentin Tarantino and the work of Oldman in ‘True Romance’ is evidence enough that it’s not the time allocated to an actor but what the actor does with that little time. Gary has many scenes that were almost unrecognizable with many dreadlocks and a blinded eye. He plays a drug dealer called Drexl Spivey. The guy is dangerous, evil, a psychosis on screen and a genuinely crazy man. In a gallery full of rogue characters, Oldman stands out. He involves in a confrontation with Christian Slater who acts as Clarence. Dennis Hopper acts as a regular character, making the movie lovely.

3. Nil by Mouth (1997)

Nil by Mouth Top Most Famous Movies By Heath Ledger 2019

Director: Gary Oldman

In one of the few movies that Oldman directs, he decides to create a brutal and shattering examination of domestic violence. In the film, demons that have disturbed a child since childhood are exorcised in an unflinching view of drug abuse and alcohol and the impacts of those behaviors on the family. Featuring committed and astounding performances by Kathy Burke and Ray Winstone, ‘Nil by Mouth’ is a disturbing and confronting cinema at its best.

2. Leon: The Professional (1994)

Leon The Professional Top Famous Movies By Heath Ledger 2018

Gary Oldman works with a French director called Besson as he plays Stansfield. He is a severely corrupt and amoral policeman who killed a member of Mathilde’s family. (Natalie Portman). Though quietly spoken, the movie is an exceptional psychotic that Gary ever plays. The truly despicable character did an unnerving performance, creating a new gem in Gary’s catalog.

1. Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy (2011)

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy

Director: Tomas Alfredson

Gary Oldman works with Tomas Alfredson, the Swedish director known for stunning ‘Let The Right One In,’ the vampire movie. He makes it again by the take on ‘Cold War Spy’ book written by John Le Carre. The movie has a lovely sense of feel and control for a material that is wonderfully illustrated by Gary Oldman’s exceptional work in the film. He acts an espionage veteran who is forced from retirement to flush a Soviet agent who works with the ‘British M16.’

Gary Oldman New Movies 2017-2018

1. The Hitman’s Bodyguard

The Hitman's Bodyguard

The highest-ranking bodyguard in the world has a new client, and that happens to be a hitman who testifies at the ‘International Criminal Court.’ To get to the trial on time, the two must leave their differences behind. Patrick Hughes directs the movie written by Tom O’ Connor. The actors are Samuel L. Jackson, Ryan Reynolds and Salma Hayek.

Gary Oldman is an Oscar nominee who acts like a strong glue that holds the tale together. He is like the fine wine which gets better with age.

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