Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis Of All Time

Daniel Day-Lewis is the ‘greatest living film actor,’ and what best can explain that than the fact that he is the only actor to garner ‘Three Academy Awards’ for the ‘Best Actor.’ Despite Daniel working infrequently, he delivers an exceptional performance every time he performs. He has an awkward lifestyle because he lives in Ireland with his family and dislikes the press, studio businesses, and spotlights. So professional is Daniel that he requested for twelve months to read about Abraham Lincoln to enable him to understand the role better. Here are ten of Daniel’s best.

Top 10 Movies by Daniel Day Lewis of all time

10. The Boxer

The Boxer

In the film titled ‘The Boxer,’ Daniel Day-Lewis acts as a fighter who returns to his beloved world before he had a long jail stint. In the entire film, Daniel Day is always in contrast with Emily Watson. A strong, tough film with incredible boxing sequences, it is beyond doubt that Daniel must have trained very hard for the movie. He got to the peak condition for the beautiful picture.

9. The Unbearable Lightness of Being

The Unbearable Lightness of Being Top 10 Popular Movies By Daniel Day Lewis

The above movie presents one of the unique performances that Daniel does in a superb way. He acts as Tomas, a doctor from Czech who seduces ladies with the opening line ‘take off your clothes.’ Day-Lewis affects a Czech accent and is at the center of a very powerful study of a transitioning world in the 1960s. Full of sexual chemistry and severely sexual, ‘The Unbearable Lightness of Being’ is an exceptional piece of work.

8. The Last of the Mohicans

The Last of the Mohicans Top Movies By Daniel Day Lewis

‘The Last of the Mohicans’ is a terrible physical and tremendously brilliant performance in which Daniel is always running, moving, fighting, walking, always in a particular motion. Day-Lewis acts as Hawkeye who is the hero in the novel by Fennimore Cooper James. He is terrifically a pioneer hero who fights who wants to take away the land that he loves a lot. The Michael Mann directed excellent movie is popular due to Daniel’s performance.

7. The Age of Innocence

The Age of Innocence Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2020

‘The Age of Innocence’ is a film with Martin Scorsese as the director. The adaptation of a book by Wharton Edith talks about the New York society set up around the end of the 19th Century. A guy is already engaged and should be married soon, but he is fascinated with a Countless. Their love and passion are high, although they know it is not possible to have each other. In the same society, a look or a gaze starts dangerous rumors and gets you into trouble. What a ‘superb performance.’

6. In the Name of the Father

In the Name of the Father Most Popular Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2019

‘In the Name of the Father’ is based on a true tale. Day-Lewis plays a young guy who is convicted of the bombing, a false accusation that gets him into prison. His dad is also implicated into the same issue, and the two of them are in jail but in different locations. However, he manages to come to the side that his dad is and they plot to lash back at the state, which overturns their ruling. Daniel is intensely brilliant and very intense.

5. Gangs of New York

Gangs of New York Popular Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2019

The film is a large performance that remains over the top and showy, something that makes it work. Daniel is confident in everything that he does is always as we see in this film. Bill, the butcher, always remains on stage because he knows that his interests must be protected. Daniel is vicious, ferocious and unkind, making the film a stunning piece of art because of his film domination, we can say that Day-Lewis overpowers the movie.

4. The Crucible

The Crucible Most Famous Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2018

‘The Crucible’ is an excellent performance that few people expected from Daniel. He plays John Proctor, Arthur Miller’s conflicted hero in this superb play called ‘The Crucible.’ The movie is a McCarthy-ism allegory that is set during the ‘Salem witch hunt’ in the year 1992. Day-Lewis knows that the ladies who allege that they are seeing the devil. He decides to expose them but sentences himself to death by doing that. His roar concerning his name emanates from deep inside his soul, thus being frightening.

3. My Left Foot

My Left Foot Famous Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2018

Day-Lewis acts as Brown Christy whose body gets tormented and twisted by a disease called cerebral palsy. Daniel Lewis became a revelation and gave a historical performance that won him the first awards. What thrills fans about Daniel’s performance here is his eyes burning with mischief and intelligence throughout the movie. The mind behind the limitations and the body are always visible.

2. Lincoln

Lincoln Top Most Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2018

Daniel Day-Lewis plays Abraham Lincoln and makes us see the former president, despite him having died hundreds of years ago. He acts to perfection and makes everyone believe that he is the real Abraham Lincoln. The president speaks to some black soldiers in the first instance he appears in the movie. Trying to focus on Lincoln’s two final months, the film shows him as a father, president, and husband. With smart brains and shrewd, he knows which button to press to force the Congress to pass an important bill, which is something that he does.

1. There Will Be Blood

There Will Be Blood Most Top 10 Movies By Daniel Day Lewis 2018

Daniel Plainview is the character that Daniel Day-Lewis is assigned to play in the film. Plainview is a person who is led by contempt for humanity and greed. Film historians consider Daniel’s delivery as one of the greatest that the movie industry has ever experienced. He is comparable to a lion because of the way he stalks the screen as if he is predating by sizing up all the people he encounters. Daniel uses an impressive voice that sounds like John Huston’s, something that makes us remember his twisted character in ‘Chinatown.’

Daniel day Lewis is exceptional in many ways, which makes him a lovely actor. Without saying much about a legend who you have heard a lot about, his tactic of acting is few movies makes fans long for him. His ability to imitate people is also magnificent, or what else could you say about his role in Abraham Lincoln? Daniel, you are the best.

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