Ten Most Beautiful Hottest Yemen Women

Yemen is a popular Arabian country that is popularly known as Republic of Yemen. Its capital city is Sanaa and uses Yemeni Rial as their currency. There are many things to talk about this country but successful women of what we are to discuss in this article. Ladies of this wonderful country are beautiful. They have different profession and careers. However, their looks are what we are concerned about. Study the ten most beautiful ladies of Yemen in list below.

10. Manel Filali

Manel Filali Top Most Famous Beautiful Yemen Women 2019

Manel Filali is rated in tenth position of this article and is amongst beautiful woman of Yemen. Born in 1981, this amazing woman is a well recognized singer and talented model from Algeria. I know you are wondering why Algeria is mentioned in this article of Yemen women. Manel’s father is from Algeria while her mother is from Yemen. This great combination gave out to this beautiful public figure of all time.

9. Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen

Sharon Cohen cannot be forgotten in this list of most beautiful women from Yemen. She is rated in ninth position of this article. Cohen has a beautiful, curvy ad good looking body shape that attracts many people out there. Her hair is long and always well maintained to give her votes when on stage. Sharon was born on 1st February, 1992. Both of her parents are from Yemen and therefore hold a strong background from Yemen. She is a talented singer of pop music and many people worldwide love her music. We all appreciate her beauty hence featured in this article.

8. Inbar Bakal

Inbar Bakal Top Most Popular Beautiful Yemen Women 2018

Inbar Bakal is another well known hot and beauty of Yemen. She is black in complexion and is rated in eighth position of this list. This amazing woman of Yemen has many titles of professional careers. Some of these titles are television presenter, talented singer, songwriter, film producer, director and many others. It is because of these careers that she has remained successful all through hence featured in many articles and competitions. Inbar is recognized worldwide for modeling for big fashion brads worldwide. Fans drop positive reviews in her social media pages.

7. Noa


Her full name is Achinoan Nini but is popularly known by her stage name, Noa. This amazing woman from Yemen is talented in many things and was born on 6th February, 1969. Noa is a popular and successful singer and actress of all time. Many people recognize her beauty when she is performing live on stage, her body curves are always clearly portrayed in her long and tight dresses. Research shows that this woman was born in Israel but they moved to Yemen when she was still a young girl. Noa is a true definition of beauty hence featured in this list.

6. Iman Salem

Iman Salem Top Popular Beautiful Yemen Women 2017

You cannot miss to recognize this beautiful woman on stage. She is normally described by her long and well maintained hair, gorgeous and sexy eyes, good-looking lips and many other beautiful and attractive facial structures. Iman was born in 1976, in Kuwait and this is her current hometown. She has stayed here for long time waiting for a breakthrough in modeling and singing. Acting came first that these two and therefore had to continue working for it. Iman is also a television presenter and this career cannot be omitted in this list. we appreciate her beauty and good looking nature at large.

5. Balqees Ahmed

Balqees Ahmed Top 10 Most Beautiful Yemen Women 2017

Balqees Ahmed was born in 1988 and she is a true citizen of Yemen. This popular and talented woman of Yemen has many features to talk about especially in this list. We are however going to look at few of them. She has high singing abilities that have led her to be recognized by people of Yemen and entire world. Ahmed has written many songs so far and will be released to market when they are ready. This is an amazing lady that has gained a lot of recognition and reputation all together in Yemen and surrounding countries. She is extremely beautiful.

4. Rana Alhaddad

Rana Alhaddad

Rana is in forth position of this article. She is amongst beautiful women not only in Yemen but also in entire world. Rana Alhaddad is a talented model and singer. Her songs have gained her a lot of reputation in Yemen. Many people are always after her live performances. Some even come to witness the beauty of this amazing woman. Many things have contributed a lot to where this woman is here today. Some of her features are hardworking, determined, passionate and lover of what she does as a career.

3. Jenna Dewan

Jenna Dewan Top Famous Beautiful Yemen Women 2018

Jenna Dewan is always defied by her gorgeous, unique ad good looking eyes. She is a white lad from Yemen but has pure dark brown hair that is long and well maintained. Jenna loves make-up and jewelries. They have become part of her life and she can hardly walk around streets without them. Dewan is blessed with a beautiful figure that portrays her curves especially when in tight dresses.

2. May Hariri

May Hariri Top 10 Most Beautiful Yemen Women

May Hariri is another beautiful woman from Yemen. She is rated in second position of this article. Hariri is a beautiful and talented singer and actress of all time. Her eyes are described to be Smokey and good. May Hariri is a true definition of beauty in this article.

1. Nadine Njeim

Nadine Njeim

Nadine Njeim is the most beautiful of all women in Yemen. She is highly recognized because of her beauty and good looking body structures, Nadine is the current Miss Lenin ad has become very successful in her life these small beginnings. To state a few about her, Njeim is a talented model and singer. She loves her hobbies and careers. Yemen celebrates this beautiful Queen and honors her.

The list above comprises of ten beautiful women from Yemen. They are good looking and have many beautiful physical features. These stars are highly recognized worldwide and they are featured in various positions above. We credit them for growing successful in their careers.

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