Top 10 Most Expensive Minerals In The World

This planet is blessed with quite a variety of minerals that are very important to our day-to-day activities. They are used to make raw materials that are very important for us. Without some of the minerals, it is will be very hard to do important things like travelling, since we depend on petroleum or even. There are very valuable minerals in this world. They thing that makes them very valuable is the fact that they are hard to mine them or and the fact that they are very rare on this planet. This is the list of the most important minerals.

Here is the list of Top 10 Most Expensive Minerals In The World in 2018

10. Rhodium


Because it is very rare and it is in great demand especially to our industries, the mineral ranked to be among the most valuable minerals. It is highly catalytic and that is why it is used in automated processes in industries. Russia and South Africa are the ones known to produce the highest quantity of Rhodium. It is sold at an average price of $ 56 per gram.

9. Painite


It goes for around $ 60000 per carat. It is that expensive because it is the rarest mineral in the world. The British were the first ones to discover the mineral back in the 1950s. The one who discovered it is a dealer of gems called C.D Pain. It has a red-orange or red-brownish color. This is due to presence of iron in it. It said to be the most valuable unusable mineral. It goes for $56 per gram.

8. Diamond


Diamond is a very valuable stone that plays a very important role in the jewelry business. It goes for about $55000. It is the hardest substance in the world. The other type of diamond metal is used for drilling. A natural diamond that is formed at very high temperatures and pressure. They are brought near the earth’s surface by volcanic actions.

7. Black Opal


We have quite a number of opals. The black opal is the one that stands out to be the most valuable since it is very rare and it is very costly. The green opals are easy to find and for that reason they are not as expensive as the black ones. Australia is the country that is known to produce very many valuable black opals. Other countries include Ethiopia and many others.

6. Platinum


Al over the world this mineral is plays a very important role. Despite the fact that it is very rare, the world cannot do without it. It is this mineral that makes high quality cables that are used in supply of electricity. This is because it does not rust and it is durable. Compounds that contain platinum are used to fight against cancer. The above are some of the few reasons why it is a very important mineral.

5. Gold


Most of the people consider gold to be the most precious and expensive mineral. The truth of the matter is that there are three more minerals which are more valuable than gold. This mineral that is highly valued. It is mined in quite a number of places all over the world and it has very many uses but the most known use is that it used to make very important jewelry. It goes for $56 per gram.

4. Rubies


Rubies are just gemstones. They are believed to be the most expensive gemstones in the world. That attractive red color they have is because of the presence of chromium. Burma is the country that has supplies the largest quantity of the mineral. The ones from this country re called the rubies for Mecca.

3. Jadeite


For those who are not familiar with the name, the mineral is also referred to as Mysterious mineral. The mineral is very rare and very hard to mine that is why it is very expensive. The only places that it is mined are Mexico and Guatemala. The price of the precious stone increases as time goes by and right now, it is estimated to be $ 3 million for every carat.

2. Blue Garnet


They are known to come in a variety of colors. These colors include purple, blue, brown, yellow and red. The blue garnet is the one that is considered to be of great value. It is among the most recently discovered minerals. It was discovered in 1990 in Madagascar. To this day, some countries have discovered the minerals and they have made great income from it. These countries include United States, Turkey and Russia. Currently the precious stone is sold for $1.5 million per carat.

1. Lithium


Moreover, at the top of our list is the mineral that was discovered in a pace called Stockholm by Johan arfvedson on August back in 1817. Lithium is a very important ingredient in the manufacture of batteries that are researchable. Without this essential mineral, the rechargeable batteries could not come in to a reality. The country that produces the highest supply of lithium is Afghanistan. That is why it is referred to as Saudi Arabia of Lithium.

These minerals are very rare to find and this makes them to be of great value. They are very expensive to purchase.

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