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  • Top 10 Movies By Helena Bonham Of All Time

    Helena Bonham Carter was born in London in 1966.Helena is a diva of enormous adaptability and one of United Kingdom’s best and most outstanding actresses. Helena Bonham has received numerous nominations, besides winning others like the International Emmy Award and BAFTA Award. From EM Forster to Harry Potter, Helena Bonham acting career has been awesome. […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Lauren Bacall Of All Time

    We will forever remember Lauren Bacall as a significant Hollywood figure. However, I know movie lovers will be surprised to know that the actress featured in less than sixty features. Lauren is a unique actress because she hardly worked for over one year, as she also took breaks between various projects. The results of her […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Rachel Weisz Of All Time

    Rachel Weisz is a British actress who first earned the attention of the international audience with the role of a spoiled daughter. Bernardo Bertolucci’s Stealing Beauty movie released in 1996 brought Emily to the limelight when she acted daughter of a sculptor. Weisz was born on the 3rd of March 1971 in London. She spent […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Marion Cotillard Of All Time

    Marion Cotillard’s career is so impressive that it deserves to be marveled at. Since she acted La Vie en Rose, she has continued to win significant awards for her leading roles in American and French films. So talented is Marion that she acts in Polish, English, and French. She has performed in the past, present […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Jeff Bridges Of All Time

    Jeff Bridges is an actor who gets credit for starring in more movies than he should do. His personality of being likable makes him feature in many films, though he still needs an excellent script. Over the course of his four decades’ career, Jeff Bridges has displayed a talent that very few other actors have […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Jessica Lange Of All Time

    Jessica Lange is an actress from America who has worked in theater, film and television. She has received several awards including three Emmys, two Oscars, three Dorian Awards, one SAG and five Golden Globes. Jessica Lange has always been a great actor of the generation. Jessica studied drama in Paris, something that boosts her acting […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Alec Guinness Of All Time

    Alec Guinness was born as de Cuffe on the second day of April in 1914 in London, England. He was brought up by Agnes Cuffe, his mother and worked in advertising while studying Studio and Dramatic Art. He first debuted on stage in 1934 and played classic theater. He was one of the most versatile […]

  • Top 10 Movie By Martin Scorsese Of All Time

    Martin Charles Scorsese is the ‘most Oscar Nominated living director.’ Growing up, he saw his mother act in films and theaters and got inspired to cinemas since he was young. He started watching a broad range of important movies that inspired him to be an actor. Scorsese is credited with ushering in the concepts of […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Gary Oldman Of All Time

    If there exists an actor who has left incredible marks on cinema, that should be Gary Oldman. Whether he is asked to act as a strong pillar of the society in a wild world like in ‘Batman Trilogy’ or should be an unforgettable villain such as he acts in ‘Air Force One,’ Oldman does his […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Julianne Moore Of All Time

    Children author and actress Julianne Moore has made appearances in over 60 films as well as many incredible television shows. She continues to star in many acclaimed movies in Hollywood. Julianne made her film debut with ‘Tales from the Darkside’ in 1990, although her breakthrough performance was to come later with ‘Short Cuts’ by Robert […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Ralph Fiennes Of All Time

    Many actors have always been shoved into one role and get cast again as the same person in many films. However, Ralph Fiennes is unique in that he plays a diverse set of characters. Fiennes enjoys an unpredictable and free spirited career that sees him frolicking in a light-hearted way on the screens with Jennifer […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Emma Thompson Of All Time

    Emma Thompson is an actress with a dazzling and multi-talented personality. Her unceasing caliber has always made her an enigma as well as a crowd pleaser. She plays broad comic moments with an effort that always remains infectious. However, she also can show irony and a bone drying brain, with her searing vulnerability melting the […]