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  • beijing-museum-of-tap-water

    Top 10 Extremely Weird Museums in The World

    Ever wonder what happens to all the things that did not make it to the world’s best museums? Well this is where they all go. They go in museums that make no sense and well they are just extremely weird. If you think these place are weird then just go see them and see how […]

  • the-biltmore-estate-north-carolina-top-10-most-beautiful-wedding-places-in-the-world

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Places in The World

    Of course, the gown, the cake and the flowers are all important. But it’s the venue that packs the biggest style punch. Look below at the top 10 best wedding places in the world. They are our favorite spots. List of Top 10 Most Beautiful Wedding Places in The World 2017 10. New York Public Library, […]

  • san-marion

    Top 10 Smallest Towns In The World

    Many people enjoy living in cities that are big because they have plenty of entertaining things to do. They have a lot of options for dining out, movies, activities, and many other enjoyable things. But, other people would rather live more low key. That is why a small town is a great place to be […]

  • yellowstone-caldera-united-states-of-america

    Top 10 Most Active And Dangerous Volcanoes in The World

    In the olden days, people believed that when a volcano erupted it was a punishment from the Gods. But in today’s time, we all actually know that the eruption is from the magma being caused to go up from the mantle which has vents in the crust of the earth. Even though we know all […]

  • patiopoulo-perdikaki-road-greece-top-most-dangerous-roads-in-the-world

    Top 10 Most Dangerous Roads In The World

    It does not matter who you are, if you have operated a vehicle then more than likely you have come across road conditions that are unsafe. Most of these can come in completely different forms of hazards like drunk drivers, bad weather, or just a accidental error made by others. List of Top 10 Most Dangerous […]

  • the-wynn-las-vegas

    Top 10 Most Popular Casinos In The Us

    If you want to be somewhere playing games for money then one of the ten on this list would be a great place to visit. Some of them could be costly but if your bank account can afford the business then why not go off and enjoy a nice relaxing weekend away. Maybe you could […]

  • mount-mihara

    Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World

    People who take their own lives have been believed to have contacted evil spirits of dead people or are just tired with living. There are many suicide destination noted in world today. top 10 of this weird places are studied below. List of Top 10 Weird Suicide locations In The World 2017 10. Overtoun Bridge This […]

  • china-national-film-museum-cnfm

    Top 10 Best Film Museums in The World

    These museums hold a lot of information. You can see everything you will want to know about. Wondering how it all come about? Well if you go you will find the history of how all the advancements started to come along. The very first films was made with some of this technology and trust me […]

  • thailand

    Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College

    Checkout the list of Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College in the world as of 2017. These places are some of the greatest places to go after you get out of college. List of Top 10 Best Destinations to Travel After College 2017 10. Turkey They have monuments that are beautiful to view and the […]

  • great-pyramid-of-giza-egypt-top-most-popular-wonders-of-the-ancient-world-2018

    Top 10 Wonders of The Ancient World

    This world has many different wonderful objects and places that can be seen. Not only they are beautiful but they all have a significant meaning as to why they were made or built. These ten wonders listed are all from the ancient world and have incredible architecture and stories that go along with them. If […]