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  • Ten Best Home Remedies For Sunburn Treatment

    Sunburn come as a form of radiation burn which affects the living tissue such as skin, which results from overexposure of ultraviolet (UV) radiation from sun. Common sunburn symptoms in some animals and human include reddish or red skin that will be hot to touch, general fatigue, mild dizziness and pain. When you get excess […]

  • Ten Most Dangerous Female Gangster In The World

    Crime is related mostly with mobster and gangster, but when people talks about gang leader, what comes to mind are nasty looking men. When wives and mothers are arrested for mob activity people tend to wonder. However, these women is a living prove that also women gangsters can work like men mobsters and they can […]

  • Ten Oldest Civilizations In The World

    In this world that we are living in, there are very many ways in which civilization happened or in other words ways in which civilization took place. There are some of the civilizations that are very old while others are young or in other words they happened very recently. This old civilization happened in various […]

  • Ten Biggest Traitors Of All Time

    Betrayal is a rough thing. Nobody wants to be betrayed by anyone; especially when that individual is a trusted confident or a person that is loved. In history, there have been plenty of the greatest religious, political, military and social figures that have been betrayed by someone important to them. The following list will highlight […]

  • Ten Scariest Types Of People

    It takes all kinds of people to run the world, as the saying goes, but there are surely some people that most would agree are hardly beneficial to the population in general. Arguing this case on any moral ground would, and has, stymied many an individual when it comes to the necessity of who is […]

  • Ten Japanese Serial Killers Ever

    A serial killer is someone who takes life from more than one person in cold blood. Such murderers in most cases are not of sound mind. Their actions in most cases can be linked to traumatizing experiences in their lives. Serial killers in most cases target victims who have certain similar characteristics. In most cases […]

  • Top 10 Mothers Who Killed Their Children

    A parent’s worst nightmare is something bad happening to their child. That is why it is so inconceivable that newborn babies are more likely to die at their mother’s hand than their fathers. Mothers are supposed to be the protector of their children, putting their life in front of their own. Even in the animal […]

  • Ten Worst Beauty Pageant Winners Of All Time

    In a beauty contest, all the contestants are of course beautiful. Being a contest there has to be a winner and mostly some beauties are not as beautiful as others and so they don’t deserve to be crowned. A winner also has to be a role model to many and conduct themselves in their best […]

  • Ten Most Memorable People In The Bible

    The Bible is not just one book, but a collection of 66 books, with all sorts of people in them. Some are heroes, and some are not. Some are good, and others are evil. It is a book that shows humanity in its true form–warts and all. Except for God the Father and His Son, […]

  • Ten Magicians Killed While Performing Magic Tricks In History

    Magicians are just normal people that perform mysterious practices before their fans. They do this to draw attention of viewers and gain fame. Magicians earn income through funny ways of life. Currently, these people are not many as they used to be. Magic tricks are however, interesting to some people and they love watching them […]

  • Top 10 Most Dangerous Nuclear Accidents Ever

    Nuclear accidents or disasters also referred to as radiations accidents are known to have caused many deaths and destruction of properties. Nuclear reactors were first created in the year 1954 and since then there have always been a debate on their matter. With time measures have been put in place on prevention of nuclear accidents […]