Category: Nature

  • Top 10 Largest Trees on The Planet Earth

    These trees are very big and can be seen anywhere they are grown at. They tend to keep growing and they can reach heights so big that they can sometimes be very dangerous. They are sometimes very rough and some of them are smooth. Some have leaves that are huge and can shade a lot […]

  • Top 10 Fastest Growing Plants in The World

    It is common knowledge that tree and plants grow, but what is not common is rate at which these plants grow. Growth in plants is not something one can expect to see change on daily basis; rather, it is slow and gradual and can only be noticed in weeks or months depending on the type […]

  • Top 10 Most Beautiful Flower Species in The World

    God made so many things that make nature very beautiful which consist of endless species consequently it enhances beauty in Mother Nature. Naturally, things look attractive from afar that catches eyes for example caves, falls, escarpments, forests and so many others. Amongst all these beauty we should precisely not forget bouquets of flowers which are […]