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  • Park Jae-Sang aka PSY Richest K-Pop Idols 2018

    Top 10 Richest Korean Pop Idols 2018

    Korean pop idol, or K-pop idol, is a term used to describe a South Korean musical artist signed under a mainstream entertainment agency In South Korea, potential idols are commonly cast by agencies via auditions or street casting in order to become trainees. With the development of music industry the number of K-pop idols are […]

  • Ten Worst Reality TV Shows Ever

    Reality TV has extended from cooking shows to talent shows to game shows to dating shows to basically, any imaginable topic. The success of first reality show Survivor aired in 1999 spawned hundreds of these shows. Reality TV can be considered as one of the best and at the same time the worst things to […]

  • Ten Most Unique Singing Voices Ever

    In the entertainment industry especially the music category, you will find that you will easily identify a certain singer by even hearing them hum in their songs. This is because they have unique voices. They have been famous all over the world, as everyone loves their songs all over the world. One unique thing about […]

  • Ten Highest Grossing British Movies Of All Time

    Britain is an amazing and beautiful country located in Europe. This nation is quite known by many people from various parts of this world for various reasons. Some of these reasons are beautiful and natural sceneries for tourist attraction and film production. As for our case, we are going to look at grossing films from […]

  • Top 10 Most Popular KPOP Boys Groups

    KPOP are group of Boys from South Korea that have joined together with a aim of producing high quality and amazing POP music. These people come together with one aim and that is releasing good music to many people in South Korea and other neighboring countries. In our case today, we are going to take […]

  • Top 10 Most Useless Heroes In The DC Universe

    DC universe used to have many heroes that were highly recognized many years back. They used to have great abilities and performed various activities that left many people amazed and desiring to have more of them. We are going to venture on some of the heroes that are no longer useful in the history of […]

  • Top 10 Most Popular Cartoons

    Many cartoon films can be watched and sold in market today. Most of them are produced with an aim of entertaining children and adults. Passionate directors that have a purpose of making this world full of fun and not boredom produced popular Cartoons. It is important to go through this article because of its information […]

  • Top 10 Best Vampire Movies of All Time

    Whether heroes or villains, vampires have been a center of our entertainment. We have witches and zombies, which are all fine and good, but when it comes to horror movies a vampire is the king. This list presents the top ten best vampire movies of all time. List of Top 10 Best Vampire Movies of All […]

  • Top 10 Movies By Robert Downey Jr of All Time

    Robert Downey Jr. is not just ‘Iron Man’ but one of the most incredible actors of this generation. It is not a walk in the park’ to rank ten of the best movies by Robert Downey Jr. The actor’s performances and roles are so versatile that it is almost impossible to make a comparison and […]

  • Top 10 Best Lottery Games in The World

    These are the top ten best lottery games in the world. If you are a gambler then you will love some of these and be able to figure out how to play them just by following this list. They reach high numbers to win money. These may not be in the area that you live […]

  • Top 10 Most Famous Teen Movies of All Time

    These are the best teen films and movies talks about teenagers, high school students and adolescence. In film production, young people and teenagers have been long target in market. This is because they have more time than adults do. In addition, they can easily go around choosing their own movies than children can. Many of […]

  • Top 10 Greatest Horror Movies All Time

    These ten horror movies are some of the scariest ones you will ever watch. You can watch them over and over and they are still pretty scary. You will be scared to sleep because of what they are about or scared to go into the woods. Watch your back and watch what you dream of […]