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  • Top 10 Cheapest Quad Core Tablets in The World

    From oversized rotator dialer, telephones to a pocket-sized smartphone, which is the leap in technology that we have made over the past few decades. Smartphones stormed the e-market since its arrival and now that they are available at prices as low as 100$, everyone on this planet seems to own a smartphone now. And why […]

  • Top 10 Cheapest Quad Core Phones in Philippines

    A processor is the main controlling part of any electronic device. Mobiles nowadays, more commonly known as smartphones are also provided with one such processor which can be of three types based on the number of individual core units, that is, dual core, quad core, and octa-core processors. Dual core processor has two core units; […]

  • Top 10 Most Expensive Laptops In The World

    Laptops are an indispensable part of our lives now. In the age of technology the speed of life is accelerating so rapidly that we need brand new equipments every few miles to keep ourselves up to date. Moving over from computers the bulky ones with the CRT monitors to the sleek LCD ones with compact […]

  • Top 10 Best Selling Electronics Items in The World

    In this age of technology, electronics items are a part of our daily life. We have countless accessories which need to run on electricity, and they are pretty much indispensable. Without our laptops, our smartphones and our gadgets we are metaphorically blind and deaf, cut off from the rest of the world. The old methods […]

  • Top 10 Most Expensive Phones In The World

    In today’s world phones are one of the most important gadgets one can have. They are not only useful in staying connected with the rest of the world but can also perform a variety of other functions. Smartphones today are getting more and more features and look better than ever before. But there exist some […]

  • Top 10 Most Expensive LED Televisions In The World

    Television has become one of the integral parts of our life. Lots of dysfunctional families are held together by the power of the television. Even if one lives alone in a big house, the presence of a television fills that lonely void. Be it the inane staticish chatter of the commercials, the VH1, or the […]

  • Top 10 Most Expensive Headphones in The World

    By now we have already established that most material goods in the world are more than what they are supposed to or initially appeared to be. On that note, headphones are also not something just for DJs or the occasional rich music lover. Enlisted below are the top 10 most expensive lifestyle headphones which are […]

  • Top 10 Cheapest Smartphones In The World

    Mobile phones are new generation gadget which has made life easy and smart. The mobile phones are in use worldwide for different purposes, mainly for communication. But the smartphones these days are versatile and a complete package. These are not limited to communication purpose, there are lots of features and applications for smartphones. And now […]

  • Top 10 Richest Electronic Companies In The World

    As the world is becoming advanced with time the needs of common is also standardized. Different electronics companies are providing different electronics product to improve life standard and ease in life. There are thousands of electronic companies all across the world which are providing different products to their users like phones, computers, digital electronics components much […]