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  • Park Jae-Sang aka PSY Richest K-Pop Idols 2018

    Top 10 Richest Korean Pop Idols 2018

    Korean pop idol, or K-pop idol, is a term used to describe a South Korean musical artist signed under a mainstream entertainment agency In South Korea, potential idols are commonly cast by agencies via auditions or street casting in order to become trainees. With the development of music industry the number of K-pop idols are […]

  • Choi Ji-woo Most Beautiful Korean Actress 2018

    Top 10 Most Beautiful & Hottest Korean Actresses 2018

    The Korean film industry is growing every day in size and popularity. With beautiful male and female actors portraying complex characters in different types of films – it is building a non-native fan base at a noticeable pace. These films are not only bringing in millions of dollars in revenue and contributing to the country’s […]

  • Cristiano Ronaldo Richest football players in the world 2018

    Top 10 Richest Football Players in The World 2018

    Football is arguably the most watched sport in the world. Rising to top the ranks includes being part of a top team, and performing well enough to earn your place in the starting 11. Some players have done this amazingly well that it translates to a paycheck with enough zeros. While it is no secret […]

  • Ten Most Beautiful & Sexiest Women Of Greece

    For a very long time people have viewed Greece to be the land of the most beautiful ladies in the world. This is because of the goddess Aphrodite who is known to be responsible for the great beauty in that country. It is a place filled with ladies who make men go crazy just by […]

  • Ten Most Beautiful Slovenian Women

    Slovenia is a beautiful country that is found in southern parts of Europe. It has many things to talk about. One of them is beautiful women from this amazing country. They are discussed in this article because of their good looking nature. Slovenian women hail from various careers and have become successful ad famous through […]

  • Top 10 Hottest Swiss Models

    Most of Swiss women are in modelling industries that is where you will find most beautiful ladies who traces their origin to different nations. When it comes to gracing world’s arena for beautiful women Switzerland in known for that. Also it is renowned for its beautiful mountains, peaceful surrounding and valleys. These models have become […]

  • Top 10 Most Ugliest Girls in The World

    They say that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. This means that one person ma view a girl to be very beautiful and the other person may view her as very ugly. The ones that am going to talk about in the list are extremely unappealing to everyone. Some were once beautiful but […]

  • Top 10 Most Hottest Gym Bunnies of Hollywood

    Celebrities have a task in maintaining the public figure started from behaviour way down to physical appearances. It is so unusual to find a celeb who just careless about how she looks. Most of these Celebs have enrolled for gym classes where they get regular workouts to help them maintain their fitness and a perfect […]

  • Top 10 Miss International Winners Of All Time

    The most coveted beauty titles when it comes to international pageant competitions are Miss World, Miss Universe, and Miss Earth, and Miss International. The Miss International pageant is part of the Big Four international beauty pageants and was established in 1960. The first edition was held at Long Beach, California, United States. This was also […]

  • Top 10 Most Popular Italian Fashion Designers

    For both men and women fashion is a fascinating matter. When each and every professional adds his or her own touch of beauty and creativity to a piece of cloth, they contribute to this global field of innovation. Italy, a home of fashion has many fashion houses and very famous designers known all over the […]

  • Ten Most Beautiful & Hottest Female Wrestlers

    People say that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. There are ladies in the world who have gone against these saying. To all men these ladies are totally beautiful and that is why they are ranked as the most beautiful women in the field they are in and some in the world. Beside […]