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  • Shilpa Shetty & Raj Kundra Top Popular Bollywood Actresses Who Married for Money 2018

    Top 10 Bollywood Actresses Who Married for Money

    Most people say that money is not just everything but only thing. Bollywood film industry most of people who are they are women especially those who are very beautiful. These ladies have found ways to have rich men. Researchers have said that most beautiful actresses have been married to rich men because of money. One […]

  • Shania Twain

    Top 10 Most Famous Canadian Celebrities

    Canada have been known worldwide because of it beautiful nature and wonderful people. They are so many celebrities in Canada starting from music industry to film industry. Many of these celebrities are very successful and are very talented. They are popular all over the world for their beauty especially women of Canada. Below is a […]

  • Carlos Leal Top Most Famous Swiss Actor of All Time 2018

    Top 10 Most Popular Swiss Actor of All Time

    Over a long period of time, Swiss has emerged as that country with some of the finest actors and actress of all time. Besides beautiful valley, Swiss has contributed the best personalities in both fashion and entertainment industries. To be a star in acting industry takes more than skills, one need looks as well as […]

  • Charlize Theron Top Popular South African Actresses 2018

    Top 10 Best South African Actresses

    South African women have really made a mark in film industry across Europe, America and many other countries. African film industry is growing at alarming rate giving hard time to India’s Bollywood as well as American film industry Hollywood. They have become very successful not only because of their beauty but also of their talent […]

  • Luli Fernandez

    Top 10 Most Beautiful South American Models

    There are many models that hail from United States of America. Most of these women have grown successful and are now featured in many lists and competitions worldwide. We are going to study about some of these beautiful models in this article. We will even venture slightly on their efforts to success. Ten of them […]

  • Juliet Ibrahim

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Ghanaian Women

    Ghana is known for having most beautiful females both in Africa and internationally. Most of African women their beauty is often associated with physical attributes such as well- cultured, curvy, education but mostly they should have kind heart. It is no different with Ghanaian women because if you meet them you can see that they […]

  • Vishal Dadlani and Shekhar Ravjiani

    Top 10 Best Bollywood Music Directors

    India is a beautiful country that is popular amongst many people worldwide. It is recognized for many reasons. Some of these reasons are songs and films produced in this wonderful nation. These tracks and movies are highly featured worldwide for their unique and wonderful roles played by most talented people. In this article, we will […]

  • Maria Gregersen

    Top 10 Most Glamorous Danish Women

    The ones who came up with the wise saying that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder might have actually gone wrong at some point. One thing that Danish girls are known to have is beauty. To every male, these girls are irresistibly beautiful. That is why am taking this chance to purely speak […]

  • Constanza Piccoli Top Most Popular Beautiful Chilean Women 2018

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Chilean Women

    Every country in all of the seven continents, boast of having beautiful women and Chile is not an exception to this fact. It has so many beautiful model and actresses that are known all over the world. Chile is one of the places in the world that beautiful and outstanding natural resources. Their women are […]

  • Woonsen Virithipa

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Women in Thailand

    People say that beauty lies in the hands of the beholder. This means that one may see a girl to be beautiful but the other will view her in a very opposite way. There are girls who have gone against that saying and without reasonable doubt, they are very beautiful. These ladies are very few […]

  • Angelina Jolie Top Most Beautiful American Women in 2017

    Top 10 Most Beautiful American Women

    America is known for many things including sports and being a super power. They also boast having very beautiful women. Below is a list of these women with outstanding beauty and great body attributes. Here is the list of top 10 Most Beautiful American Women in 2017 10. Cameron Diaz She was born on 30 August […]

  • Amanda Schull Top Most Popular Beautiful Female Dancers in The World 2018

    Top 10 Most Beautiful Female Dancers in The World

    Women dancers are destined to entertain audience with their skills and styles. These women perform either in music videos, films and also live on stage. They happen to have very attractive body shapes due to exercises. The following list consists of top 10 most beautiful women dancers in the world 2017. 10. Sofia Boutella Born […]