Top 10 Tallest People in History

We are all born differently in terms of genetic structure. Others are tall while others are short others are fat while others are thin. All these are as a result of heredity from parent to offspring. Even abilities like high level of intelligence are also genetically acquired. So one should always appreciate the parent no matter he or she has passed on a disability or an abnormality to you. Am going to talk about some of the tallest people in the world who have even passed the scale of being normal to abnormal. Below is a list of the tallest people in the world.

List of Top 10 Tallest People in History as in 2017


BRAHIM TAKIOULLAH Top Most Famous Tallest People in History 2017

This fellow holds the record of being the second tallest person and he is recorded to have the longest feet in the world and he is even placed in the Guinness world book of records and he has the second largest feet in the in history which are over 15 inches. His height is 2 meters and 46cm. He was born in morocco in the year 1982 and the thing that has resulted to his size is a tumor that affected his pituitary glands. The tumor has caused increased level of growth in his system thus his height. His height is mostly viewed as a misfortune because it affects his day to day activities. His mother says that he cannot stand up straight and also he cannot use a car or a taxi because of his height.

9. Don Koehler

Don Koehler Top Most Popular Tallest People in History 2018

The giant is 8 feet. They say that he was growing normally until the age of ten when he started to grow at a very high rate that left everyone surprised. From 1969 to 1981 he was the tallest person in the world. He is not an exception to inconveniences because of his height. His bed was specially designed to suit him. If he visited a hotel room he found it difficult to find a room that the ceiling was high enough for him. His sister is only 5 feet and their difference is 29 inches.

8. Vikas Uppal


India is the home of the great giant that makes people wonder about his height. He is also 8 feet which is equivalent to 2 meters and 51cm. he was born in 1986 in Rohtak in India. They despite the height he is still growing because there is a difference in measurement that were taken in his late teens. Uppal died in the year 2007 during an operation when the doctors tried to remove a tumor in his brain.

7. Bernard Coyne

Bernard Coyne Top 10 Tallest People in History 2017

The height of Coyne is because of a disease called daddy long legs syndrome which is very rare. He was born on July 1897 and his height was not measured but they say by 21 he was 8 feet at 3 years he had increased by 8 feet 2. There are rumors that he might have increased from 8 feet. He is among the few people to have been recorded to have a recorded measurement of above 8 feet.

6. Sultan Kosen


The guy is from turkey and he is said to be a part time laborer in a farm. His condition is as a result of a tumor in his pituitary glands. His abnormal growth rate became noticeable right from the age of ten years where he shot up to 6 feet. Doctors that it was possible to stop the tumour that was causing his abnormal growth rate but unfortunately they it was not possible. They tried all means to try to stop his growth and in 2012 the doctors were able to stop his growth. His height is 2 meters and 51cm. He is one amongst the Top 10 Tallest People in History till 2017.

5. Edouard Beaupre


This fellow is one of a kind because of his incredible strength. At the age of 17 he could lift a 800 pound horse. He had dreams of being a cowboy when he was a child but he changed his mind at his teens. His life entailed lifting heavy horses and he even wrestled the strongest person in the world but he was unfortunately defeated by him because he did not even lay a hand on him. He has a height of 8 feet which is equivalent to 2 meters and 51cm.

4. Vaino Myllyrinne


The giant is from Finland and his height was 7 feet by the time he was 21 years and even at his 30s he was still growing at a very high rate such that by the time of his death in 1963 he had a towering height of 8 feet 3 which is equivalent to 2 meters and 51 cm. he was a soldier in Finland and he is recorded to be the tallest person to serve in the defense forces in the world. He had a disease called acromegaly that leads to a person being huger than normal. He was recorded to be the tallest person in the world in 1940 until his death when he was 54. His height is 2 meters 63cm.

3. John F. Carroll


He was born in a place called buffalo in New York and that is how he got the name the giant of buffalo in most of the journals. His incredible growth started at the age of 16 years and his growth went on until his death. He had reached an incredible height of 2 meters and 63 cm.

2. John Rogan


Having a height of 8 feet and john Rogan is recorded to be the tallest person in history of people who are tall. He experienced sudden growth right at the age of 13 where he gained height at a very high rate. He suffered from ankylosis which is a condition which the joints become very stiff and this affected him very much in his work which but he sold postcards and also photos of himself at a train station. He died in 1905 because of complications from the disease he had.

1. Robert wadlow


The one who is the tallest of them all is Robert who is 8 feet 11. He is the tallest person to ever live in the world. He was born in Illinois in the year 1918 and he suffered from a disease hypertrophy which is a disease of the pituitary glands which makes them produce a very high rate of growth hormones.

So, these above are the Top 10 Tallest People in History till 2017. As I said earlier the excessive tallness is mainly caused by disease that make the body to produce a very high rate of growth hormones so based on that excessive tallness is a disease which does not have a cure.

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